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Text Comments (16733)
Elaine Reiko (18 minutes ago)
I hate mom!
Olga Annasdotter (2 hours ago)
In The VR Day When The Kid Pushed Gramps i Think Gramps Was Scared 🤔✋
Joy simona (5 hours ago)
Can you play another one please
GAZEL GTI (7 hours ago)
And its japanesse
GAZEL GTI (7 hours ago)
Its game of doraemon That test is the test of nobita and the mom is tamako nobi
Cristina Elizarraraz (9 hours ago)
You made this 1 day before my bday
GoldenPlasma 50 (13 hours ago)
17:18 T U R N O N C A P T I O N S ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Gamer Morgan (14 hours ago)
Omg ha ha ha 😂
Claribel Noboa (15 hours ago)
Talk to your brother and then single video is trying to contact you he literally threw a picture of you guys together and your family
Kristen Dougherty (16 hours ago)
Day 20:mom becomes a mage.
Kristen Dougherty (16 hours ago)
Comment below mine it is day 13 not 31 there are only 30 days in the game.
Jerry Wilcox (17 hours ago)
U gave g a vin mask not a h mask so yeah
Nicholas Lyons (22 hours ago)
Gay Kev (1 day ago)
alicia solomon (1 day ago)
What happen to mincraft vides
Starlight Luna (1 day ago)
9:01 i feel sorry for the mum when the sister squashed her NOT THATS WHAT U GET
rxq 007 (1 day ago)
Theres A Part 2 Dan! PLAY IT NOW
Megan Suta (1 day ago)
Help. Read more
Megan Suta (1 day ago)
Dan give bijou mike a shout out
Aaya Elmhurst (1 day ago)
Why are their leaves in your house
bananaboba butt (1 day ago)
Roses are Red Violets are blue am I sad? maybe you are too
burnthepit_40 (1 day ago)
Your mom is the elephant
No parking in the halls dealtention for you when will you leaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrn
bana1220 bana1220 (1 day ago)
Wait... How can you make a video on youtube with no technology!? Illuminati confirmed!!!
John Guilmette (1 day ago)
I love your vids
Capt Camtastic (1 day ago)
A *BULL*etproof blanket
Capt Camtastic (1 day ago)
I love your channel DanTDM❤️💎⛏🛒
Dan can you please play SKYWARS on roblox
Dan at 17:51 it is not a zero it is an O and it means OUTSTANDING
Night Shade (1 day ago)
Day 1: Mom hides it in team fortress 2 and then the gameboy was destroyed
maldita HD (1 day ago)
You are not the best YouTuber dan Watch chad’s roast vid about you you’re gonna RAGE
Po ke (1 day ago)
Mom doesn't inside the ball on when she hear the noise he came there
Monica Naranjo (2 days ago)
D a n i s T h e
Bia Mireles (2 days ago)
What's a tick
Yumi Lupin (2 days ago)
Not too sure if this is true, but I think in Korea they put check marks on your answers when they're wrong and circles on answers that're right. Not sure though.
Matthew Perry (2 days ago)
13 year old brother
Matthew Perry (2 days ago)
whenever my mom takes my 13 year olds tablet he cries and sceams
Squiddy Inky squid (2 days ago)
Little did he know he was going to be in a movie
Nada Migahed (2 days ago)
XD funny reaction from Dan XD
Sergiu Mocan (2 days ago)
Was GM mask
Nik Mohd Fadil (2 days ago)
At 7:01 dan said a mum?
Minh Phan (3 days ago)
Climb the rainbow taste the rainbow
Karyl Cummings (3 days ago)
U did a Fortnite reference
Joey Meirinho (3 days ago)
*Tapping Intensifies* 11:35
Joey Meirinho (3 days ago)
That Sound Tho 10:15
Jack Mauser (3 days ago)
18:38 mom fell for the old "step on the... thing prank"
Marshall the firepup (3 days ago)
That's not cool. His mom dose not allow him to play his game?! But she is allowed to play Angry birds?! BULL CRAP!!!
Marcus Horne (3 days ago)
This is mom she is the fatest PIG 🐖 🐷 👗🤳🏼 👖
Don Sherlock (3 days ago)
6:19 mum: please rate in App store😹✌🏻✌🏻
Julia F2009 (3 days ago)
This is a trick!!! READ MORE
Julia F2009 (3 days ago)
✓arent good that means it's rong
Baileyrae Almond (3 days ago)
It’s a fake story not real Reilly loves his Xbox
Baileyrae Almond (3 days ago)
This is a story of the same thing but a iPad version Reilly: I love my iPad so much Mum: GET OFF YOUR IPAD NOW Reilly:NO MUMMY he screamed NOoOOooOOOOOooooOOOooooooOoOoOoooO Mum: I BUYED A PHONE 📱 FOR YOU Reilly: I don’t want a PHOnE I WANNA GET A OVER IPAD SO I CAN MAKE ACCOUNT AGAIN SO I CaN FRIEND MYSELF AND PLAY Mum: sells the phone and gets a iPad Reilly: he changes mind we’re is my phone what she buyed Mum: I selled it and got u a over iPad Reilly: I want a phone now Mum: il get u both The fake story
Jason Bui (3 days ago)
Can u play more thief simulator
DiamondEnchantx 12345 (3 days ago)
Red cloth Green cloth AND MOM CLOTH!!!
Ryguy Studios (3 days ago)
imagine this game on a 3DS or just a DS Because the mom took away his ds
William Vaaras (4 days ago)
William Vaaras (4 days ago)
I 💙 DanTDM!!!
William Vaaras (4 days ago)
corbin herrmann (4 days ago)
that is not a super hero it's Jason
Tina Dinh (4 days ago)
It’s been a long time since I watched you, I watched you since I was 5
Julio Cruz (4 days ago)
this is so funny lol 🤣😂
Iyla Postlethwaite (4 days ago)
Is bijuu mike your twin bro?
megan jones (4 days ago)
Iyla Postlethwaite mabyyyyyyyyy
On lv 29 I thought the game in the bubble mark was da awnser.
Epically (4 days ago)
Thats not a game its my life
That’s not a super hero it’s JASON VOORHEES
Jacob Patterson (4 days ago)
hi I’m a fan
Jacob Patterson (4 days ago)
Shamari Miller (4 days ago)
my to
Masters At-Hacks (4 days ago)
Day50: Steal the diamond DS
Charmaine Petrus (5 days ago)
How did mom fit in a balloon?
Dawn Kaufman (5 days ago)
she had a char
Sarah Bunker (5 days ago)
good vid
Atomic Nugget (5 days ago)
Bull et proof
El Quica (5 days ago)
11:15 mum is in the fridge Lol 😂
Nya nya kitties meow (5 days ago)
Day 10000000000000000000000 MaMi!!!1111111!!!!!!!!!!!!1111!!!!!! *Plays a million times*
Sophia Tomikawa (6 days ago)
Purin is a Japanese pudding
ScaryYoutube Videos (6 days ago)
The solid ice block part was Minecarft when you mine / punch the block
jaybil2006 (6 days ago)
Wow lol
Eggpie_614 (6 days ago)
Nai ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Lola Sebastian (6 days ago)
jalpaca Shxbdiej (6 days ago)
It's on the right
Ronald Nelson (6 days ago)
Actually its a murderer
Tommy Callandrillo (6 days ago)
That game is violent
Frisk , (6 days ago)
17:20 turn on captions XD
julia biggs (6 days ago)
play more hiding neighbor
Jason Kumfer (6 days ago)
thats definetly my mom
Holly Knackmuhs (6 days ago)
My. Mom. Stole. Mine. To
Zanele Ndololwana (7 days ago)
Christine Karaitiana (7 days ago)
why mum why'd u have to steal my nindendo swich at the end why >:(
Maryam Alhammadi (7 days ago)
I could not stop laughing omg it so funny
Zanele Ndololwana (7 days ago)
Ellison Livingstone (7 days ago)
this game is mad o mad
TheMLGamerBoi21 (7 days ago)
Pause at 12:19 and look at the pelican mouth I see mom. FBI OPEN UP
Amy Ly (7 days ago)
With the power of the finger I can do anything!!! in day 16
TheReal FortniteKing (7 days ago)
Day 32: Mom hides behind the Sun and die
Landen Frazier (7 days ago)
You did not turn him into a hero you made him Jason from Friday the 13th
Kristina Muradyan (7 days ago)
Roses are red violets are blue roses are red so I'll kill you
Kristina Muradyan (7 days ago)
Roses are red violets are blue thanos is Purple so Kevin is too
Galaxykitty103 (7 days ago)
Roses are red Violets are blue Mom makes no sense And she ain’t any fair :>
Freddie 31 (7 days ago)
How to prank ur friends Read more

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