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Tamiya Repsol Honda RC213V 1/12 scale model kit build-up video by David Thibodeau, Part 7

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Part 7 of the Tamiya Repsol Honda 2014 RC213V build-up video David Thibodeau. In this episode Dave is showing us how to clear coat and polish some of the bike's body parts.
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Text Comments (162)
Rocky Perez (23 hours ago)
*We never got the finished product photos :(*
play boy sx (1 month ago)
Pls tell me that who makes the most detailed bike models in world money is not an issue pls help I want Yamaha r1
Tom Nelson (1 month ago)
Beautiful work!
ARBU (3 months ago)
I don t ike Tamiya. Because it easy break .
frank mousseau (3 months ago)
where did you get the jig to hold the bike
R Fitra (3 months ago)
crazy!! very nice work A W E S O M E
poiXquared (3 months ago)
Great work but I cringe every time you pronounce Tamiya as "Tamaya" it's "Ta-mee-ya"
Dwayne Beninger (3 months ago)
Were you able to find anything out from your end?
Dwayne Beninger (1 month ago)
I have called your new help line 11 days in a row and no one has called me back.... you have stopped replying to me here... WTF? Am I ever going to see my paint and polish?
Dwayne Beninger (1 month ago)
Almost December... no paint... no tracking number... and now you won’t even give me the respect of a reply.... why is it so hard for you to get this right???
Dwayne Beninger (1 month ago)
I have 17 more colours in my wish list... you would think replying to me might be important
Dwayne Beninger (2 months ago)
Still no paint no tracking number and no reply from you... I am starting to get very frustrated again
Dwayne Beninger (2 months ago)
Still no paint.... tracking number please
吉利哥 吉利哥 (4 months ago)
Where can. Buy this bike
Gravity Colors (4 months ago)
Ok, so just go to www.gravitycolors.com and purchase the paints there. Here is the link to those colors: https://www.gravitycolors.com/?s=repsol&post_type=product
Gravity Colors (4 months ago)
I don't understand what you want to buy. If you want to buy that model kit, then you can find it on ebay. If you need the paints for the model kit, you can go to www.gravitycolors.com and buy them there. If you want to buy the real bike, I dont think it is for sale as it is a unique race bike, not for sale for the public.
吉利哥 吉利哥 (4 months ago)
+Gravity Colors I want to buy
吉利哥 吉利哥 (4 months ago)
+Gravity Colors ?
Gravity Colors (4 months ago)
The real one?
OvieTEC RB-HONDA (4 months ago)
Andy Bewick (4 months ago)
Fabulous news, I am massively looking forward to it!!!!! Thank you!!!!!
Andy Bewick (4 months ago)
Hi David, are there any plans to do another video? I have watched all your videos and have loved every one of the. You have taught me so much!!!! Thank you.
Gravity Colors (4 months ago)
Yes, we are working on a new video series of the new Tamiya SF70H F1 kit. Coming soon...
john casey (5 months ago)
Lovely scale model bike i use to build these years and years ago i love motorbikes real do but i love the work that goes into these scale beautys lovely work, and just a great passion for these people that are into this
Apa cuma saya Yang dari indonesia
Dicky Faozaro (5 months ago)
Wow 😗
Jean Marc Galzy (5 months ago)
Très beau travail mon ami et de bonne explication très intéressante pour moi Très beau modèle honda repsol J adore ta vidéo je suis abonné de FRANCE 👍 Very good work my friend and good explanation very interesting for me Very nice model HONDA repsol I enjoy watching your video this is a pleasure for the eyes 😎👍 I am subscribed of France And I would be proud to have you as subscriber too 👍
SgtPickledic (5 months ago)
Wow, mind blown!
bulls eye (5 months ago)
Do a Daytona 675r
Dwayne Beninger (5 months ago)
Any chance you could reach out to Gravity Color and have him send my paint? Order #10013 placed Feb 1-2018 it’s almost August and still have not seen my paint... thanks appreciate anything you can do
Dwayne Beninger (2 months ago)
No paint no tracking number and no reply from you.... I am starting to get very frustrated again
Dwayne Beninger (2 months ago)
Why is it so hard for you to get me my paint? And now you can’t even get my tracking number... please advise
Dwayne Beninger (3 months ago)
Gravity Colors will you look into it from your end please... see if you can find out where it is?
Gravity Colors (4 months ago)
I am getting the same, last scan was in Miami International airport. I will find out more at the post office tomorrow.
Dwayne Beninger (4 months ago)
Gravity Colors ya when I run the number it shows as in transit last checkpoint in Florida Aug 19... I was hoping they might tell you more
Dennis Patrick (5 months ago)
Do you do builds to sell? Would you consider doing a Ducati?
David Thibodeau (5 months ago)
Dennis Patrick contact me at [email protected] for commission builds
Justin Thorsson (5 months ago)
looks great! where did you get the jig stand your using to hold the bike ?
David, Was the Moto GP bike jig self made by you or by someone specifically for you or are they produced for resale if so where can I obtain or place an order for one ? That stand is a absolute god send and must have for anyone that builds a lot of bikes. I’m getting ready to build a version of said bike custom to Nikky Hayden’s repsoil moto gp bike ☹️. My hero. (Can ride around the track 120+ and take massive road rash and walk away yet he can’t ride a pedal bike in public without loosing his life. Still struggling with his loss yet today. If that jig isn’t for resale would you be kind enough to take some close up stills of it and send to me that I can try to replicate and fabricate one myself for future builds. Absolutely love the jig. Thanks in advance for your help.
peter ago (5 months ago)
i want that
Diego Jimenez Perez (6 months ago)
Wow, the paint job and level of detail is just amazing, congratulations!!!
Jeff Wagner (6 months ago)
Damn looks like you could just jump on it and take off ,good job on detail .AWESOME
Into The Mystery ⓭ (6 months ago)
cranky1812 (6 months ago)
Amazing work
NSVG VelcroUrBum (6 months ago)
very cool
DEeMON (6 months ago)
being a non modeler, at this level anyway, what is the total investment in a finished model like this?
DEeMON (6 months ago)
The end result shows it. Very nice
Gravity Colors (6 months ago)
If you add up everything, the price of the model kit, paints, detail up photo etch sheets, and other detail up parts, then it is around $200-300
Tony Stadele (6 months ago)
nice job I am inspire to do it to , are you going to list all the color you used for this kit ? in your website or add a link to it
Gravity Colors (6 months ago)
You are very welcome!
Tony Stadele (6 months ago)
super thanks
Gravity Colors (6 months ago)
Gravity Colors (6 months ago)
All you need is the Repsol Orange and the Repsol Red and the Titanium white, those colros are all on the website
ekoturnip (6 months ago)
Great work, love the attention to detail....will you build my Cagiva C594 model for me? :P
David Thibodeau (5 months ago)
ekoturnip contact me at [email protected] for details
Aleksndr Rebolledo (6 months ago)
Sebastiano Davanzo (6 months ago)
It's very good but I'm getting dizzy watching. Can you possibly hold it still?
Robin Maynard (6 months ago)
Brian Chenevert (7 months ago)
Could you tell me if the Gravity Colors is a scam. I ordered my paints on the 1st and it is now the 15th and no paint. I also contacted in E-mail and they never got back to me.PLS let me know.
Everything Millie (7 months ago)
Hi David , Did you do another video after this one ?
David Thibodeau (5 months ago)
Everything Millie no it is done
Loco Sport (8 months ago)
Hello. I offer a mutual subscription. I also love scale models.
channel papy (9 months ago)
this is almost artwork !
Hinterland Customs (9 months ago)
Great work, thanks for the informative video!
Reza Jailani (9 months ago)
amazing work! great attention to details. is there a part 8 on this build?
Fraser Hall (10 months ago)
Is there not a video of you spraying the exhausts? Part 6 is the panels then it jumps to this.
Neil Delaney (11 months ago)
Is there a video to how to do the exhaust effects
Bat Man (11 months ago)
colin miller (11 months ago)
Quite a breathtaking piece of model building!
Para Scale Modeling (11 months ago)
Has this build gone off the rails and no more coming?
Gravity Colors (11 months ago)
one more final chapter is coming, the model is completed
JGT 46 (1 year ago)
Hey Nice Video! What colors did you use for the exhaust Pipes ?🙋🏽‍♂️
Chris Bouwmeester (1 year ago)
I ordered the Gravity paint. Did you mix the Gravity red and yellow to get the orange for the wheels?
Chris Bouwmeester (11 months ago)
Yes I did. Very good paint. I ordered it from the USA.
JNManix (11 months ago)
Did you receive your paint from when you ordered it?
Casey stoner 27 (1 year ago)
Awesome bro good job !
Claude Baron (1 year ago)
WOW man when it come to details, you're a real maniac!!., and I meant that in a good way lolllllllll Never saw a better details model , you should win trophy with that 👍👍👍👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻
johnnyrvf (1 year ago)
Love the attention to detail! The wire on the handlebar rubber grips is sweet! I’ve done that on many full size race bikes! The exhaust painting is a masterpiece! As is the carbon fibre. This is the BEST model of anything I’ve ever seen!
hoji dekablue (1 year ago)
hi can you make tutorials on carbon shiny fininsh of your your masterpiece
Juan Rios (1 year ago)
I had not seen these series, but I was captivated by the "almost real" factory finished look of your build..! Its amazing..! I bought the complete set of Top Studios for the Senna McLaren MP4 Formula car by Tamiya in 1/12. I dont have the skills to handle such intimidating kit yet..and I see you use a lot of those sets here..I might learn something from your vids..thanks for sharing your art...
Amazing work , I watched all videos it is inspiring. Thanks for sharing David.
a very detailed model. Regards my friend
lee barlow (1 year ago)
Stunning work looks great mate
Rick Battaglia (1 year ago)
Can't find the marco modeling jig... what is the jig that's holding up the bike called?
Jeff0000 (1 year ago)
Superb work!
Robert 990 (1 year ago)
Hello I am interested in your motorcycle support during the assembly dd ta Honda Or you bought it thank you for the answer Robert
Scale Model Therapy (1 year ago)
Amazing build! I admire your work. Question: Do you replace the Tamiya screws with some aftermarket bolts? Thank you.
Scale Model Therapy (1 year ago)
Thank you!
David Thibodeau (1 year ago)
wavelet yes I used too studio screw PE heads and glued them over the screws for more realism
Whiteys Workshop (1 year ago)
Amazing build!!!
big boy modeler (1 year ago)
Very nice dave
Looking great mate, another superb video👍👍👍
Richard Campbell (1 year ago)
Looks sweet! Very nice.
mike dillard (1 year ago)
"outstanding work"........
Looks real good
lee barlow (1 year ago)
Stunning work looks awesome mate
VisionONE24 JORGE (1 year ago)
Bike looks incredibly real. Your work is so inspiring. Just exceptional. Thank for sharing all your techniques.
Chris Claypool (1 year ago)
Wow!! Your level of work brightens my day and your vids are truly appreciated😀
Chan man (1 year ago)
Amazing details painting thanks David to share this build
James Vozar (1 year ago)
I`ve not seen better work period, amazing job.. next level.
shaun swesey (1 year ago)
Dave,thanks for the update,very very very nice work my freind!,thNk you for sharing!
Jeka Gulyaev (1 year ago)
Really great job David, especially on exhaust pipes and carbon fiber parts! What about tyres? You promised to show how to make real slicks in one of the previous episodes.
Poco Pico (1 year ago)
This is what I did to remove the tyre seams: 1. I sanded the seam with #600 grit sandpaper until it's no longer visible. 2. Then I wet-sanded the entire tyre with #2500 grit sandpaper. 3. Wiped the tyre with a "rubber restore solution", like the stuff used for car tyres. I used "303 Aerospace Protectant", which is not too glossy and gives a nice look. The end result was pretty good (by my standards). Hope this helps.
David Thibodeau (1 year ago)
Jeka Gulyaev I did? I don't remember that.. :)
Didier Fellous (1 year ago)
Amazing work Thanks David to share this build
Didier Fellous (1 year ago)
Thank you for your compliment
David Thibodeau (1 year ago)
Didier Fellous your build was excellent as well
Amazing details painting my friend...
John Gomes (1 year ago)
The bike is looking tight

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