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How to Deal with Being a Flat-Chested Girl

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Watch more All About Breasts videos: http://www.howcast.com/videos/37658-How-to-Deal-with-Being-a-FlatChested-Girl With the average woman a 36C, it can suck being the flattest girl in the room. Here’s how to make the most of what you’ve got! Step 1: Change your thinking Instead of disliking your breasts, think of the benefits. You can go braless; clothes look better on flat-chested women; and small breasts age better: When your big-busted friends are wearing their boobs on their knees, you’ll still look perky. Step 2: Stand up straight There’s a reason the good posture motto is 'Stomach in, chest out'--standing up straight not only makes you look 10 pounds thinner, but a full cup size larger! Step 3: Choose the right clothes Choose the right clothes. Shirts with small V-necks or asymmetrical necklines will make your bust appear bigger, as will lace, breast pockets, wide lapels, and bold patterns. Step 4: Pick the right bra Pick a bra that will boost your cleavage, like a gel, padded, or push-up bra, or just one that fastens in the front. But don’t go overboard--keep it believable. Step 5: Pick the right fit Be sure the bra fits. The bottom of your bra should be right underneath your breasts; just hiking them up a bit inside your bra can make them look bigger. Tip Don’t stuff! Not only can tissue, toilet paper, or padding fall out, it will also make your bust look bumpy, misshapen, and just plain odd. Step 6: Do push-ups Do at least 10 push-ups every day. The exercise will not only help your posture and sculpt your arms and back, it will also promote breast growth by developing the pectoral muscles, making the bust more round and full. Step 7: Create an illusion Create the illusion of cleavage when wearing low-cut tops by brushing a little brown eye shadow or blush between your breasts. Did You Know? Roughly 80% of women wear the wrong size bra.
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Text Comments (1409)
Shinigami Kitsune (15 days ago)
I lowkey wear between an A-B cup (but I'm closest to a small B), and to be honest, *I just came to terms with it after years of struggling with myself and the dissing* *by other people and so-called "friends." In the end, it's your body, not theirs.* *So long as you can love and take good care of yourself, it's all good.* *Appearances are only skin-deep when it comes to the heart and its motives.*
Chenel Dickerson (1 month ago)
My breast is big and saggy
Chenel Dickerson (1 month ago)
I don’t have flat chest
Crystal Kasai (2 months ago)
But hey, atleast jogging doesn’t hurt 😁
Chara Frisk (2 months ago)
Omg I love you all <3 T-T
geo ines (2 months ago)
is been 10 years
Aaiz Ibrahim (3 months ago)
why is this on my recommend?
The-Trustees (3 months ago)
I can tell you all one thing. The BEST things come in small packages, especially plum to apple sized breasts. My 2 cents. I wish there was a small chest dating site. :)
Itsyaboi Aubs (4 months ago)
Kazum180 (5 months ago)
Flat chest is best
•Tiara• (1 month ago)
Kazum180 no
super psycho (7 months ago)
That dont matter man!! woman look cute in flats chest😍
Rosegenevieve 00 (9 months ago)
This video sucks because it tells you how to make others like you instead of how to make you like you
Sans the human (11 months ago)
I'm 12 and I wear 34 C or 38 C ........yeah😂
Pink Poni (1 year ago)
She's considered flat chested? Well no wonder people call me a boy 😂😂😭😭😭
MiMiRose (3 months ago)
Pink Poni awwww ;(
BitterSweet HBDD (1 year ago)
Why am I here if I'm 11 with a Bcup.. And how did I get here ._.
Peixuan lim (1 year ago)
Push ups don’t even work for me since mine are almost nonexistent well
Beyonce Obsessed fan (1 year ago)
I'm 13 and all I have is nipples. These are some more tips: - wear your bra underneath your crop top to make it look bigger - stuff cotton inside there - wear tight shirts - wear lighter shirts as well - eat more carrots and pees
DIY GIRLS (1 year ago)
I'm 11 years old and I'm still flat..whyyyyyy??
Condwiramurs Tally (1 year ago)
DIY GIRLS you are still young, don't worry. My breasts started to grow when I was 14. To AA cup...
J CG (1 year ago)
Flat girls are the best but say it out loud and other guys will call you a pedo.
Skrax (1 year ago)
Only one way to deal with it, commit suicide
Just another Potato (1 year ago)
You think you guys are flat, but I still wear training bras. Everything else is too big 😂
Hi I’m Tired (1 year ago)
I have actually nothing, less than the girls in the video, and all of my other friends say the same thing and it pisses me off cuz they have waaaaay more than I do. I just wish there was a video to show how to accept it, and not change who you are.
Gray Leprechaun (1 year ago)
36c is considered flat-chested. Then I might be none-chested. 😂😂😂
•Tiara• (1 month ago)
Gray Leprechaun They didn’t say it was flat chested. Also, flat and none chested are the same.
thyssenm (1 year ago)
Step 1, be happy with what you have and stop trying to be something you aren't. Plus, some guys actually find small breasts more attractive!
Brian OToole (1 year ago)
When I met my gf, it didn't take long for me to fall totally in love with her. She is truly an amazing woman. My one concern what that she appeared to have bigger breasts than I like. I was quite relieved to find that she wears padded bras and is actually an A cup. She was worried that I would be disappointed by her small breasts. She truly is the perfect women in my eyes. And not just because of her small breasts :)
Ariel Espinoza (2 years ago)
Okay there is a difference between flat chests and small chests. If she has a flat chest then I have indents
Rachel g (2 years ago)
She's right about the push ups though (;
Ari (2 years ago)
I wanna be flat chested
Ari (2 years ago)
+Eddie Wu ????
Diana Maguicay (2 years ago)
t . (1 year ago)
+Skidword Tentukals lol
Simone Lemoné (1 year ago)
Tiana Perkison stawpppp😂😂😂😂
t . (2 years ago)
Dynasty burks (2 years ago)
um im not flat more busty why am i here
Mia GT (2 years ago)
flat chests matter
Shock Master (2 years ago)
Step 1: stop reading magazines. Every page you turn and read, makes you feel uglier & fatter.
Karen Eln (2 years ago)
This is not how to deal with it. This is how to fix it. I dont wanna change myself, i just wanna accept who i am.
Chanel Oberlin (8 months ago)
and gtfo of this video
Caroline (1 year ago)
_prettyrosa (2 years ago)
Jungkookie is life aye kpop fan :D
Kaitikai (2 years ago)
Jungkookie is life exactly :(
scott ford (2 years ago)
I love smaller breasted Women,<3
Kiah Varner (2 years ago)
If she's flat chested then what am I😫
Veena 4 (6 months ago)
Lisa re does that really work ??
Giselle Hernandez (1 year ago)
Elise Berryman girl samee 😢
Elise Berryman (1 year ago)
Honestly same. Then I have boys who body shame me about it 😢
Lisa re (1 year ago)
I found the best way to increase your breast size naturally  at *4BiggerBreast .Com* I personally tried this program and get results that’s why I am recommending this website to all of you
t . (2 years ago)
an 8 year old or a boy
william lawson (3 years ago)
all I wanted to know is how to replace the power steering hose on my car.
Bella Wolf (2 years ago)
Mimi Tatsuya (3 years ago)
Step one: cry
palette sans{Female} (11 months ago)
Mimi Tatsuya yes I cry everyday
Emy lopez (1 year ago)
I cry so i hated too
i lish (1 year ago)
Always :(
Am I the only one who thinks shes actually blessed with a nice body?
•Tiara• (1 month ago)
Obsessed VIP and Blackjack Yes
MrCalhoun (3 years ago)
If you don't trick men in believing that you have big breasts, you will not have babies and your genetic programming will not further contribute to the advancement of world history.
Maryam Hussain (3 years ago)
This isn't dealing with it. It's hiding it. Get it right!
firewalker117 (3 years ago)
ladies you are all beautiful... a decent man will let you know that
Aherela Stoner (2 months ago)
Mine died a long time ago 😑
oceanblue722 (1 year ago)
OR WOMAN!!!!......hey it could be gayer.
Lyn M (1 year ago)
Skrax That's what I'm saying lol. I'm tired of everyone trying to say that everyone is beautiful, in reality some of us just aren't. Hmm.. people also argue that they mean inner beauty but they say it when others think they are ugly physically. Why isn't being seen as caring, smart, or talented upheld more than being beautiful?
Skrax (1 year ago)
God damn lie!. Not everyone is beautiful, it's just reality. Some people are flat chested..
Lyn M (1 year ago)
Yeah right, in my dreams.
SquidDoesMinecraft (3 years ago)
Omg she is beautiful 😊 I don't see why you have to try to trick guys though. I would never make fun of something someone's born with especially breast size. I just hope a girl doesn't judge me. I'm not the biggest in men category.
E. (3 years ago)
+SquidDoesMinecraft All the 'smaller' guys I've been with were awesome in bed, do Not worry, we love you :-*
Joe User (3 years ago)
This video should be retitled: HOW TO TRICK A MAN INTO CARING ABOUT YOU!
Neon Lights (3 years ago)
+Alex Man Oh, that's what you mean. Thought you were against flat chests in general
Eimy Torres-Gardon (3 years ago)
U hhhhhh yeah your not flat.... :P
Zaxaroula1 (3 years ago)
36C is flat? Then I'd like to know what I'm considered if I barley fit in an A.
•Tiara• (1 month ago)
Zaxaroula1 it says the average woman is a 36C, they never said it was flat
Dead Inside :'3 (4 months ago)
A cereal box
Ivy Black (1 year ago)
Zaxaroula1 Flat
Sofia (1 year ago)
Zaxaroula1 same thi
BastaGenug (3 years ago)
Best way to deal with being an A-cup cutie, or a B-cup beauty is to accept it, and get on with living flat and happy.
•Tiara• (1 month ago)
Shoshii They said if you’re a B cup cutie live on being flat and happy
•Tiara• (1 month ago)
BastaGenug B cup isn’t flat. It’s small. But it still sucks. KMS.
Condwiramurs Tally (1 year ago)
A isn't also flat chested. Maybe AA is close to being flat but there are really women who have chest like a boy.
Shoshii (1 year ago)
Giuliana Lucchesi Since when did they say that?
Giuliana Lucchesi (2 years ago)
Since when is B flat?
purple sassy (4 years ago)
My chest is small but not flat helpful 
Danielle Kwong (4 years ago)
Lol I stuff mine but fails XD
Kara Morgan (4 years ago)
I would be flat chested if I wasn't fat.
Katelyn Marsh (4 years ago)
Another perk: many designers design for boyish figures. You have more of a chance to be a model than your big busted compatriots.
iCheetah (4 years ago)
fail, this is so sad
The Dude (4 years ago)
When your big busted friends are wearing their boobs on their knees.. You'll still look perky! Haha. Gotta love the bright side!
Jennifer Wilkie (4 years ago)
T 1aazss $
KemoKa77 (4 years ago)
*Laughs EVILLY and Grins* Girls, don't worry. I am here to ease your sorrows and turn your complaints into celebrations. Truly, the less, the better. Here's what I mean. The Perks of being Flat-chested: 1. Small, compact and easy to work with 2. No pointless, dead weight to haul around. You will weigh on average around 3 whole kilos less. 3. Which means you don't have to deal with cumbersome, annoying and *expensive* bras. 4. Which in turn means that you will have no back pain 5. or painful strap marks. 6. Because there's no fragile tissue, you can train a flat chest to be tough as a rock the same way you can a hand or a leg. 7. A flat chest doesn't bounce around all over the place, so it is easy to run. No Gainaxing or anything. 8. For the same reason, you can jump around as much as you want and be perfectly fine 9. You can fit into much narrower spaces. 10. It isn't (or shouldn't) be embarrassing or awkward when someone comes up and thumps you in the chest in a "hey, what's up?" sort of way. 11. Nor should it be embarrassing or awkward if someone (in this case, a guy) walks in while you're changing and accidentally catches you bare-chested. If both of you are rational, level-headed human beings who understand everyone has a body, you'll both go "Fair enough" and go about your day. 12. Even if you actually get into a fistfight, your chest isn't really going to be damaged that much beyond bruises and scrapes. 13. Your boyfriend will look you in the eyes instead of staring at your chest. 14. And when you hug, you'll be closer. 15. And when you kiss, you'll be closer. 16. when you reach for something, your chest won't get in the way. 17. You'll have a lower center of gravity 18. which means better balance. 19. You have about as much chance of getting breast cancer as a guy. (that's right -- MINIMAL) 20. you'll be quicker on your feet. 21. You will naturally run properly (instead of the girly run) 22. You can swing things harder (baseball bats, cricket bats, sticks, etc.) 23. It should be alright to go to a normal beach without a shirt or anything like that if you have a flat chest. It's fine for guys, why not for flat girls? 24. Clothes for you are cheaper (negligibly, perhaps, but it does tend to happen) 25. You can chest-bump your man-friends or fellow flats. 26. When showing someone up, you can thump your chest, going "What!" 27. You are appealing to much nicer guys who aren't so obsessed with looks (us) 28. You can lie down on your front. 29. It's not a freaking eyesore. 30. You get props for modesty - whether people tell you or not. 31. You look cool in trench coats, jackets, all that good stuff. 32. Deciding what to wear and putting it on is a snap. Grab the tshirt, pull it on and you're gold. BE PROUD OF YOUR FLAT CHEST!!!
•Tiara• (1 month ago)
KemoKa77 No
LoveTheWorld (9 months ago)
Number 11 men dont find you attractive thanks
LoveTheWorld (10 months ago)
KemoKa77 you my friend are clueless and all those reason make me want to drown a puppy
Billie Kid (11 months ago)
Thanks this totally made me feel better!!!😄😚😚😙
KimLuvsToSmile (5 years ago)
cheroflip (5 years ago)
Small brests are sexy. Most men like small brests, they dont turn in to tube socks like big ones.
Jordan Sadler (5 years ago)
Thanks a lot this really helped me because I am flat chested and people tend to make fun of me at school and I think this will boast my confidence
wesley hill (5 years ago)
This has really helped me in my time of need :) much love bros xxxxxxxxx
EmilyAndLizzyTv (5 years ago)
Lucky! I got no ass and no boobs. -.-
bailey moore (5 years ago)
Totally using this I'm made fun of at school and people come up to me and say hugging me is like hugging a wall so totally using this thanks
emochromo (5 years ago)
Or just stuff your bra with socks XD
helghastelite (5 years ago)
1:35 ; you're welcome.
Anna ML (5 years ago)
Exact same thought.
Aaron Brownlea (5 years ago)
O.k.,When you are 77, and perky, get a date.Bad advice.
Yasmin Mohamud (5 years ago)
This is flat chested? Okay, then my breast are literally nonexistent
LB Crew (5 years ago)
how did I get here again?
ItaloCanadese (5 years ago)
My first serious girlfriend was tormented with the 'I wish I had bigger boobs thoughts'. After another great date, I drove her back to her house and I went in to have a quick chat with her brother. She me gave a kiss and went in the kitchen. While talking to him, I could hear my girl's sisters asking her about clothes she just bought. She was reduced to tears. They were making fun of her A cup size. Her own sisters! We went back out and spent the rest of the night just talking in my apartment.
Bee Bri (11 months ago)
tbh, that makes me so sad):
TheRhythmGoddess (5 years ago)
do guys even pay attention to other things like personality or how pretty she is? ugh. it doesn't matter the size of a girl's chest. that is not everything. and for the guys putting down the girls who do have smaller breasts, hey it's not our fault that you have to use a microscope to find your penis. so you wanna make other people feel bad because you are lacking something. yeah stop being douchebags and GIVE IT A REST!!! tch..and you wonder why guys like you have no girlfriends...-_-
devonike (5 years ago)
I look Vaginas too. Is that wrong?
devonike (5 years ago)
That is not true. Not all guys care about chest size. But you have to realize that some women care about dick size. You can't care about dick size, but expect a guy to not care about chest size.
devonike (5 years ago)
Me too. I don't care about chest-size.
devonike (5 years ago)
Not all guys care about big assess and big boobs. I don't really look for those things.
devonike (5 years ago)
It shouldn't matter.
devonike (5 years ago)
Don't worry.
devonike (5 years ago)
I know how to deal. Don't worry about it. Not all guy care if a girl has big or small breast.
EpsilonMK12 (5 years ago)
Lyana (5 years ago)
It suck
Lyana (5 years ago)
Im a 32 a
Francis Brown (5 years ago)
Being flat chested ain't right. I'm a 23 yr old woman, and yes, Asian and I can't even fit into a A cup. It sucks
Storylife SL (5 years ago)
flat chested is very sexy too
legendofnintendox2 (5 years ago)
i want a flat chest
sean2314 (5 years ago)
Are you fucking serious? How on Earth is she "not flat chested"?
Melanie Bieber (5 years ago)
She's not flat chested so that's not even fair lol
Abigail Warren (5 years ago)
This video is mean :(
SunnyPrincess owl (5 years ago)
My bra size is 30B, I actually wish I an A cup. I WANT to be flat chested, I can't go bra-less, and I'm a very free person, so I don't always want to wear a bra. Girls who can go bra-less are lucky!
Kim Pilgrim (5 years ago)
ugh. shes not flat!
Mitchell W (5 years ago)
padded bras are false advertisement
Taras Koblash (5 years ago)
Hi! I'm Alyssa.I did -20 lbs past 2 weeks.More here hddiet.gs\#oSbF
elrichzann (5 years ago)
Eyeluv then date me im not picky i would take a small chested im saying votes say the flat chest and stuff were voted turn offs pineape was my peraonal choice
elrichzann (5 years ago)
Biggest turn offs : Flat chests, Huge ass mega melon titties, ginormous badonkadonk ass, amd Pineapples
Bunnii Bunzz (5 years ago)
idk how i have small boobs lol my mom, sis, all my girl cuz from both sides of my fam have big breasts....im the odd one out v.v *sigh* thnk God for the big but lolol
Valeria Cerrato (5 years ago)
I'm SO glad there are other people JUST like me out there that actually hate their digusting 12-year old boy chest!! Most girls just worry about looking "pretty and shit" hahahaha I don't even get how dudes can like girls like me with NO boobs :S
ApplePenguin789 (5 years ago)
when she was doing push ups,her breasts were bouncing LOL
Abigail Warren (5 years ago)
I have mine thanks for making me feel bad
SoniaLuna16 (5 years ago)
Yes, we are disgusting, so what?
Maryonic777 (5 years ago)
sean2314 (5 years ago)
Watch out youtube, we've got a moral crusader on the loose. Flat chested women are disgusting, it's probably the biggest turn off possible.
Lee Nore (5 years ago)
I wish mine were a little bigger. Mine look like a middle schoolers and im almost 17!..but hey..I gotta ass so I guess I can't complain lol
GummieBearsAteMySoul (5 years ago)
I wanna be flat chested gawd i cant even wear tank tops or shirts without my breast looking BIG Im only 12 years old i have 32B
sean2314 (5 years ago)
Flat chested women are fucking disgusting.
Raul Rojas (5 years ago)
you know what people..I prefer a flat chested having a great ass..so It doesn't matter..most flat chested tend to have a great ass..that's the tendency..so come to me all flat chested women XD
WatchdogDisciple (5 years ago)
Vaginas.........MORE than nuff said.

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