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How to Draw a Cartoon Koala

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How to draw a cute cartoon koala in less than 3 minutes! Be sure to check out my channel for lots of other drawing tutorials:) My website: www.doodlekat1blog.blogspot.com My Etsy: www.doodlekat1.etsy.com Got a request? Leave it in the comments below! New videos coming out soon:) -Doodlekat1 ............................................................... Apple: http://full.sc/1gKTvMI Bat: http://full.sc/1gKVnow Bee v2: http://youtu.be/t4k4x7-5_h4 Birthday Cake: http://full.sc/1eS3VTM Bumble Bee: http://full.sc/1gKTWXg Bumble Bee: http://youtu.be/Q95mNCrHDnM Bunny: http://full.sc/1eS6uW2 Bunny: http://youtu.be/GbzdvshvId4 Butterfly: http://full.sc/1gKURan Candy Cane: http://full.sc/1eS2Nzr Car: http://full.sc/1gKTzfo Castle: http://youtu.be/23Y2PlwQJoY Cat: http://youtu.be/xlDmk5WdaHk Caterpillar: http://full.sc/1eS45um Cherries: http://full.sc/1gKRbFq Chick and Bird: http://full.sc/1gKVqRs Chick: http://full.sc/1eS6TYA Chicken: http://full.sc/1eS6mWq Christmas Holly: http://full.sc/1eS3au5 Christmas Tree: http://full.sc/1eS525U Coffin: http://full.sc/1gKS7JZ Corn: http://full.sc/1gKQBHK Cornucopia: http://full.sc/1eS2bKg Cow: http://full.sc/1gKUYm3 Crab: http://full.sc/1eS6bdM Cupcake: http://youtu.be/qgHLsXbgsCI Dinosaur: http://full.sc/1gKValh Dog: http://full.sc/1gKV519 Duckling: http://full.sc/1gKUCfk Duckling: http://youtu.be/vG-K0hM40g4 Easter Eggs: http://full.sc/1eS2xAH Flower: http://full.sc/1eS3QQ0 Fox: http://youtu.be/x4lfxxYQx34 Frog: http://full.sc/1gKULPL Ghost: http://youtu.be/1TTZEQmJ8I8 Gingerbread Man: http://youtu.be/aAbZNfXEI-U Giraffe: http://full.sc/1eS6ipF Goldfish: http://youtu.be/oLgwCfslKss Grasshopper: http://full.sc/1eS5ZLJ Guitar: http://youtu.be/trljzReOHoY Halloween Candy: http://full.sc/1gKS4xS Hamster: http://full.sc/1eS5scp Hermit Crab: http://full.sc/1gKQP1x Hippo: http://full.sc/1eS5gdj Horse: http://youtu.be/e3BN6OjC9I8 Houses: http://youtu.be/40Rxv-j9OLY Ice Cream Cone v2: http://youtu.be/EfudzTjHzXw Ipod: http://youtu.be/bgC0DGrC2DA Jack O'Lantern: http://full.sc/1eS3FUL Jellyfish: http://full.sc/1gKVfFy Kangaroo: http://full.sc/1eS5ilp Koala: http://full.sc/1eS3JUx Ladybug: http://full.sc/1eS6Mfm Loch Ness Monster: http://youtu.be/QyEMGvHCOO4 Manatee: http://full.sc/1gKQsnM Mittens: http://full.sc/1eS2HrQ Monkey: http://full.sc/1gKUJaG Monster v2: http://youtu.be/5ZWAX6deuwc Monster v3: http://full.sc/1eS1ErJ Monster: http://youtu.be/yTCbf93Cmwk Mouse: http://full.sc/1eS6EwH Mouse: http://youtu.be/vG-K0hM40g4 Narwhal: http://full.sc/1gKTYP5 Owl: http://youtu.be/SlUzioDn7A8 Panda: http://full.sc/1gKVhNP Pear: http://youtu.be/_G8SxPyVMAk Pencil: http://full.sc/1gKTmZD Penguin v2: http://youtu.be/Ev9BfgsziIo Penguin: http://full.sc/1eS6zsC Peppermint: http://youtu.be/zFOWuHOi55k Pig: http://full.sc/1eS75a7 Pineapple: http://youtu.be/JG78s1vjm3E Planets: http://youtu.be/uugLkPZq5dQ Platypus: http://full.sc/1eS58KI Polar Bear: http://full.sc/1gKTQPr Porcupine: http://full.sc/1eS6d5j Potted Flower: http://youtu.be/FWyBiw0uwu4 Puffer Fish: http://youtu.be/lanBRg7TLJc Pumpkin Pie: http://youtu.be/T7oJoIDqtMk Ram: http://full.sc/1eS6Vzv Reindeer: http://youtu.be/VISoOKBkVFw Sailboat: http://full.sc/1eS4YTK School Bus: http://full.sc/1gKTtV3 Shark: http://full.sc/1eS64Pf Skull: http://youtu.be/7iLt9DgNmgc Sleigh: http://full.sc/1gKReB2 Snail: http://full.sc/1gKVtMV Snake: http://full.sc/1gKSWlY Snowflake v2: http://youtu.be/Ngcpuoy03hA Snowflake: http://full.sc/1eS21ma Snowman: http://full.sc/1gKTGYr Sock Monkey: http://youtu.be/xuFqjl_Xdp4 Sombrero: http://youtu.be/J-o6ixTlvgs Spider: http://full.sc/1gKUAnF Squid: http://youtu.be/HnZCY983gzs Stocking: http://full.sc/1gKRike Sun and Clouds: http://full.sc/1gKPYOr Sushi Roll v2: http://full.sc/1eS2jJN Sushi Roll: http://full.sc/1eS2jJN Taco: http://full.sc/1eS3OaO Tiger: http://full.sc/1gKVEIa Top Hat: http://full.sc/1n9fkDk Toucan: http://full.sc/1gKTNmL Train: http://youtu.be/mZz6JchFluM Tree: http://youtu.be/LMqc3OqeYfI Turkey: http://full.sc/1eS3fhf Turtle: http://youtu.be/dTjnc_3oHoo UFO: http://full.sc/1eS6QvJ Umbrella: http://full.sc/1eS4Pjj Valentine's Heart: http://full.sc/1eS48q3 Walrus: http://youtu.be/MyfBo6SjCQU Whale: http://full.sc/1gKV0KJ Whale: http://youtu.be/oFQ3-tQ-Q8g Wolf: http://full.sc/1eS40Xx Wreath: http://full.sc/18grJld
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Text Comments (74)
David Mcginnis (1 year ago)
Eva Aranda-Martin (3 years ago)
I LOVE THIS IT IS SO CUTE I WISH I CAN DRAW LIKE THAT SO CUTE That is so cute that i want to hug it so cute.
Olivia Mae (3 years ago)
Marcel Beumer (3 years ago)
you not real good😈😂
Marcel Beumer (3 years ago)
that from me is beautifuller😈
Chelsea (3 years ago)
what ever this is good but its so boring the videos are so short
Talya's LPS TV (3 years ago)
Koalas don't have tails 🐨 ( BTW I'm not trying to be mean 😊👌🏼👍🏻🌸❤️📱🚫☑️
Talya's LPS TV yes they do
Martina Johnsen (3 years ago)
You are Real good
Dano Laflamme (4 years ago)
I mean that's so awesome
Dano Laflamme (4 years ago)
That's so so awesome. = ) : D .. I see you
annmarie alexander (4 years ago)
a minoin
Brunilda Figueroa (4 years ago)
Tams Chin (4 years ago)
thank you it turned out good
Jacy Burnett (4 years ago)
or maybe chip and dale i like chipmunks
Jacy Burnett (4 years ago)
could you draw a cartoon lion cub? p.s your drawings are so cute!
Rachana Reid (4 years ago)
i love your drawings you do real good i'm..... well ok
Sirena Jewell (5 years ago)
I love yur drawings their so simple
ang mm (5 years ago)
ang mm (5 years ago)
Draw a person
ang mm (5 years ago)
How do you draw a koala standing
Stephen Sanders (5 years ago)
A Polar Bear Cartoon Please!!!!
ang mm (5 years ago)
Draw a grizzly bear
jamesroxyful (5 years ago)
Awesome I love ur channel becuz they look good and they're easy to draw
Brianna Pampuch (5 years ago)
Can you draw a monkey
michele saunders (5 years ago)
arr can you draw a lion
Bella Phong (5 years ago)
hartanta hartanta (6 years ago)
so cute like your sound ;)
joe bob (6 years ago)
YOU ROCK!!!!!!!!!
icerock547 (6 years ago)
teach us how to do a unicorn
Kianna (6 years ago)
Do you still make videos? Anyway , I SUBBED!!
Anastasija Zab. (6 years ago)
aww :3
potato (6 years ago)
can u do a squirrel
annabanana09807 (6 years ago)
How did I JUST find these now?!?!?!? You're great!
iuvelps (6 years ago)
the starting looked like a platupose
webkinzmoma (6 years ago)
Can you please do a maple leaf?
Alyssa Chase (6 years ago)
Can u plz draw a squirrel
DarkAngelKricket (6 years ago)
Post more videos come on plz
Mica Ella Borcen (6 years ago)
so who cares?
TheDrawingCreation (6 years ago)
What camera are you filming with? Great Drawing!!:)
Alyssa Chase (6 years ago)
Make a squirrel :D
TheFimoDiva (6 years ago)
Fun2draw makes things seem ULTRA hard when she draws, and doodlekat1 always makes everything really easy and good. So, please, stop being rude and get a life:)
שני סדרס (6 years ago)
yoou sooockk fun2drow is moch more goodd frooom youuuu
Aaliyah M (6 years ago)
A zebra
Aaliyah M (6 years ago)
A zebra or giraffe
AtkenRocks (6 years ago)
Yeah! Make a cartoon girl or boy!!
PetLoverz5540 (6 years ago)
guinea pig
Baboo Willis (6 years ago)
What camera do you use?
LumLad (6 years ago)
Could u draw a leopard plz?
Kyanne Summer (6 years ago)
am so sorry you have to do sth with your cuticles stop biting them because we cant concentrate on the koala, it makes hair stand, thanks for the video though.
Jasmine Mar (6 years ago)
Can You Draw A Cartoon Girl And Boy?
Jay Victor (6 years ago)
Cool! =)
rockmanbeastify (6 years ago)
thanks so much i even commented a bear or something like that thank you so much for taking my request
SilentAssassin (6 years ago)
Can you draw a cartoon dragon?
Mega Dino (6 years ago)
If u can draw anime because thats like the best form of drawing and if u can make in an anime person please
maria pelegrin (6 years ago)
Btw ur an amazing drawer,u should draw for a little kids show
maria pelegrin (6 years ago)
Can u draw a cartoon zebra or cheetah or giraff or all
Laura Fullmer (6 years ago)
Can you please draw a my little pony or a unicorn please??
LizzyJonse (6 years ago)
Plzz draw a doll :)) This is so Kawaiii !!!!
Beatriz Andrade (6 years ago)
trains, i like trains, draw death the kid please? you will get a million more subscribers if you do..... :) it is ok if you don't though.
lena-willert (6 years ago)
Pls draw a unicorn :)
Koalakid72 (6 years ago)
jocelyn uwu :3 (6 years ago)
Can you please please please please draw One Direction? That would be so amazing if you did :)
AMG (6 years ago)
Cartoon duck
TheMissMusic2 (6 years ago)
Plz draw a cartoon dog! :)
Hugo Montiel (6 years ago)
Draw a truck
Alyssa Chase (6 years ago)
Can u plz make a squirrel I -3 squirrels
Chloe Francisco (6 years ago)
I can tell that she got a new camera :D
Iloveyhu Gonzalez (6 years ago)
Its true!! You made the cutest thing on earth CUTER!!!! :DDDDD
Ur back YAY plzzzzzzzzz Do my request nobody ever dose my request plzzzzzzzzz do a cartoon mammoth plz or a lion
sullivan scott (6 years ago)
Do a turtle
Clarissa Lopez (6 years ago)
iJustDraw2 (6 years ago)
Cool (:
Alfredo Nicolas (6 years ago)
that's my fave animal

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