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Just Watch It: The History of Nike in 3 Minutes

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The team behind Portland-based Nike's marketing has been coming up with innovative ads since 23-year-old graphic designer Carolyn Davidson invented The Swoosh in 1971 (she was paid $35, but don't worry, she received stock options later). Watch the video above to see the evolution of the sports brand named after a victorious goddess, from the very first "Just Do It" ad to the crowning of His Airness, Michael Jordan. Read the story: http://www.fastcocreate.com/3037800/just-watch-it-the-history-of-nike-in-3-minutes Follow us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/FastCompany Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/FastCompany Follow us on Instagram: http://instagram.com/fastcompany [Photos: RANDALL FUNG/CORBIS (PORTLAND MAP); MARY EVANS/GRENVILLE COLLINS POSTCARD COLLECTION/EVERETT COLLECTION (NIKE GODDESS); AFP/STRINGER (RONALDO); PASCAL GEORGE/STAFF (BRAZILIAN TEAM); JOHN MUNSON/STAR LEDGER/CORBIS (GIANTS LINEUP); ALL OTHERS COURTESY NIKE.COM]
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Kevin Juanico (3 months ago)
What application did used this vid? Pleaae.🙏
poo01235 (4 months ago)
Very informative, but did anyone know that when Nike was bout to become bankrupt and shut down, a breakfast waffle maker idea saved it? There is a very nice video about it here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P8kP8iF-LH4&t=21s
Robert Martin (7 months ago)
U can not read shit because this fucking text is running through to damn fast. Who had the idea of switching the text so damn fast. Absolutely discusing
Blah YouTube (8 months ago)
francis Ng (8 months ago)
Now, I got it - why Nike did this insane Ad........Nike knows that US is in trade war with China & doing an anti US ad campaign will win China market of Nike products. Nike thinks is a bigger market that have not being captured. US is an old market and have matured. Still is a slap at US faces done by Nike to US.
Nicholas Leon (1 year ago)
I don't wear Nikes any more
Eski (1 year ago)
Carolyn Davidson was homeless before and then became a graphic design student. Other people have probably said that but still
Doug Grinbergs (1 year ago)
Text flashes by too fast. (:-( How about narration instead?
Steve Jobs (1 year ago)
Just do it came from a Serial killer who said let’s do it
Krishna kumar (1 year ago)
✓ Just do it.
Owen Prince (2 years ago)
That's what it says @pacific northwest
MaidenAir (2 years ago)
the ad at 0:56 was pure gold
Navya Mehta (2 years ago)
The video is rushing faster than anything! I'm unable to read the content too 😕. Can you please make it a bit convenient for viewers the next time?
Jason Magik (2 years ago)
Real talk, Nike product quality is completely shit. Perfect example of a company built on a brand and the "if it looks good they'll buy it" mentality. It's essentially a Chinese shoe. You know those shitty no brand Chinese shoes you can buy on eBay? Slap a check on it and it's a Nike. They are pretty much the same thing.
Brian Linwell (2 years ago)
Here's a good add for Nike. A kid is holding a basket ball a good distance from the hoop. He looks doubtfull. A famous basket ball player looks at the kid and says "Don't be a doubty...just do it". The kid shoots it through the hoop. The famous player smiles at him. " Just keep doing it". Yes I just invented the word doubty. Hey Nike, wanna give me some stocks too? How about you, Sony?
Brian Linwell (2 years ago)
Hey.Do me a favor doubty. Ask Sony. Just do it.
Brian Linwell (2 years ago)
Way back when the earth was young my sister asked me how to flip a burger patty. I said just do it. Sony asked what to name its game console. I said Playstation and I told them exactly how to pronounce it. You heard this before? No. Got Doubt?
Gaming_With_Em xox (2 years ago)
yep that's my great grandma alright yay!!!!!:-)
LlamaTaless (2 years ago)
You mean 2:45 minutes?
V1 (2 years ago)
cr7ei (2 years ago)
Pokemon Go lol
ryanpiyo (3 years ago)
Without Onitsuka Tiger, there would be no Nike today.
Jason Quilang (6 months ago)
and no cortez
Pacific Northwest (4 years ago)
Nice video. A few historic quibbles. Bill Bowerman did not sell shoes out of the trunk of his car; Knight did. The first cleat bearing the Nike name and Swoosh logo was released in 1971 but it was not an original design. It was purchased from a footwear factory in Mexico. The first line of Nike footwear was released in 1972. Carolyn Davidson was NOT a student of Bowerman. She was a graphic design student at PSU and she was hired by Phil Knight. "There is no finish line" was NOT the first print ad, and it was first published in 1977. John Brown & Partners created the first Nike TV ads, but they aired only in the Northeast during Big East basketball broadcasts. Wieden (correct spelling) + Kennedy created the first nationally televised Nike commercial, which aired in October 1982 during the New York Marathon. Cross-training actually became popular in the late 1980s, and Bo Knows debuted in 1989. But from that point forward, no more quibbles...although Nike's rise to challenge adidas for worldwide dominance in global football is a major milestone not included.
Feathered Gladiator (2 years ago)
thanks for clearing thing's up appreciate it. it's important to know the right details not just the story.
-:King:- (2 years ago)
Pacific Northwest to much to read
Naviii R (4 years ago)
$35 in 1971 is worth $205 in 2014?

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