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University of Leicester logo through the years

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http://www.le.ac.uk/ Since 1922 the University of Leicester's logo has changed and evolved many times. Now in 2015 the University reveals their new logo. This film was produced by External Relations, University of Leicester. Edited by Hayley Evans
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Text Comments (34)
Hector Castaneda (3 years ago)
Where did the Latin writing go?, looks like some sort of reformed technology school logo, a bit of a shame, not sure people will take Leicester seriously, it was doing sooo well too :/.
PazzaTV (3 years ago)
Invert (turn around) the horse shoe and it will seem a bit more upbeat!
katienkaatje (3 years ago)
love the 1922 logo !
almonif1 (3 years ago)
logo of 1922 is too splendid
Rami Obeid (3 years ago)
Do they have to change the logo? the visual identity of a logo is achieved by the consistent use of it and certainly not by changing it frequently.
Samuel Chia (3 years ago)
Darn... can it get any worser?
Samuel Chia (3 years ago)
I honestly felt that the 1922 logo is really grand and gloriously traditional.
lockmoorsfood (3 years ago)
DMU's is better now tbh
Jan Dart (3 years ago)
At least they change the logo frequently so they can re-instate the motto next time hopefully.
Wun Cheng (3 years ago)
Old one was better!
Jason Elcock (3 years ago)
Looks like a sad face.
TIANHANG ZHOU (3 years ago)
horrible+999 尼玛什么玩意. 看起来更喜感了.
Jai Kalra (3 years ago)
Sharon Dutton (3 years ago)
"UT VITAM HABEANT" - has it no meaning anymore? Surely this university has to be one of the few positive things to have emerged from WW1, and they remove all trace of that origin. While the point of its existence is to educate the leaders of the future, there are some things in history which are important enough to be retained into that future.
Alexander Glibbery (3 years ago)
Horrible! I say we go back to the 1992 logo and start again!
Richard Hackett (3 years ago)
Josh Rault is a Jobord
Richard Hackett (3 years ago)
lol you're so MAD and youre tty
J Ra (3 years ago)
I didn't think you know a J Ra. Tbf I'd not heard from Richard Hackett in time, just this jobord called Richard Peter
Richard Hackett (3 years ago)
you mad?
J Ra (3 years ago)
+Richard Hackett YOU ARE
Not Lord Atkin (3 years ago)
I quite enjoy the simplicity in presentation, is very reminiscent of my own work for the law society. there are some issues though. Namely, the crest feels a bit rushed and slapped together without much regard for composition or linework and while the modern, ific technical feel, while fitting the research-lead scientific focus of the university, fails to communicate the tradition and prestige somewhat. it's not a bad logo but it could use some work.
James (3 years ago)
It is better than Warwicks new logo.
joshelliott101 (3 years ago)
+James I agree - but they are both shit. It's a real shame that Universities are putting money, business and marketing before the students. It makes me laugh how they sent it to all Alumni and everyone hates it. Did they involve any student opinions when making these changes?
paragraphthree (3 years ago)
I don't like it either. I graduated in 1991 it was better then. The new one is bland and unimaginative. It attempts and fails to promote the modern mantra of excellence but like all such attempts is devoid of elegance.
Geoffrey Spittles (3 years ago)
Absolute RUBBISH. I wlll retain my happy memories of our logo, colours and tradition from my time , 1970-73, and have nothing to do with this.
CupcakeCult (3 years ago)
Looks horrid. The motto was a huge part of the logo, and a huge part of the University. Glad I'm no longer there to be under this banner.
Simon Chapman (3 years ago)
This looks horrible and I bet this will cost a fortune in terms of signage. Has a solid Polytechnic feel - goodbye any semblance of prestige!
John Perry (3 years ago)
Sorry but I find it bland
Eileen Cox (3 years ago)
I don't like it! I was at Leicester Uni from 1976 to 1981 and the motto 'That they should have life' is very important to me, and I'm sad that it is not to be seen in this latest, very bland logo. Dumbed down, in my opinion!
joshelliott101 (3 years ago)
+Eileen Cox Dumbed down by dumbasses
Caroline Hilton (3 years ago)
The shield looks like a really miserable face :-(
joshelliott101 (3 years ago)
looks shit
joshelliott101 (3 years ago)
+mpking1374 I agree - the latin text motto really made the logo work for me - maybe it was because it was the logo I saw whilst doing my studies, I just think it looks more prestigious. It is just business branding bullshit - money money money grabbers. Warwick just did the same and theirs looks worse, a lot worse.
mpking1374 (3 years ago)
+joshelliott101 The book has lost the text/motto for the first time in the history of the university. Considering what the motto means for the university (the university is a living monument for the fallen soldiers in WWI) and a book symbolising knowledge and all that, I think it is a bad decision to not display the motto.

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