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Coach doesn't want black student athlete kneeling during game | WWYD

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In New York and Kentucky, a black student athlete, inspired by Colin Kaepernick's kneeling, wants to kneel during the National Anthem. His coach tells him he's off the team if he does. WATCH FULL EPISODES OF WWYD: https://abc.go.com/shows/what-would-you-do Watch brand new WWYD episodes on Friday at 9PM on ABC! ►https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SUlwc... Subscribe to WWYD ► http://bit.ly/WWYDSubs Check out some of the Best WWYD? Episodes ► https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Htytu... Follow What Would You Do? across the web! Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/wwyd Twitter: https://twitter.com/WWYDABC Instagram: https://instagram.com/wwydabc/ What would you do when you think no one is watching? What Would You Do? (WWYD?) explores the varying answers with the help of hidden cameras capturing individuals who have been placed within seemingly everyday situation that quickly go ary. The individuals on this hidden camera show are forced to make tough calls when directly faced with situations of racism, violence, hate crimes, and other hot button cultural issues. Catch John Quinones reporting on these individuals as they make split-second decisions to intervene or mind their own business. WWYD? airs Friday nights at 9|8c on ABC. What Would You Do? (WWYD) is a hidden camera show, hosted by ABC News correspondent John Quinones, in which unknowing bystanders are placed in uncomfortable, and often compromising real world scenarios in public. WWYD’s hidden cameras focus on the average person’s responses and reactions to these issues of social responsibility. Topics such as gay couples being affectionate in public, date rape, racism and racial profiling, interracial couples, abusive parents, drunk driving, and harassment of the homeless are touched upon in this series. What will you do? Would you choose to intervene in these situations? Watch and join the discussion.
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Text Comments (12412)
Osamah Mousa (2 hours ago)
From Iraq watching this show, but personally believe that they should standup to the flag, because what I know about America, you have right to speak out and protest and make a right way to get your own believe to all, and you can use the social media. Sorry for interfering
NileshR12 (6 hours ago)
A kneeling is a noviolent protest that is completely civil. WE ALL have the right to protect in a civil noviolent matter no matter what!! So this is a load of bullshit if someone tries to stop you from doing that
YouTube BlendZz (13 hours ago)
It was white people
Bubba (14 hours ago)
I'm not aloud kneel to protest,ok fine I will assasinate the president...
Sonic Broom (22 hours ago)
PING hat guy is the greatest ever
pusher1012000 (23 hours ago)
Racist bastards are everywhere fuck yall
Sam SánchezZ (23 hours ago)
I did not knew until today that the USA flag was a living breathing thing to be disrespected. 🤣 Some people are crazy and the lack of identity make them attached to anything in order to feel they belong or are part of something.
Unknown YouTuber lol (23 hours ago)
This country imo is worse now than it was than when it first had a constitution. Political wise. The country stresses over shit like this which isn’t been close to anything bad. He’s just kneeling, not firing a gun
Barry Schultz (1 day ago)
That's our flag, man.
Anton Vickrey (1 day ago)
Wait...taking a knee is seen as disrespectful? My coaches have taught me(especially when someone gets hurt) we get down so that we can hold them up. If we kneel at the flag that should be proud, we see the flag no matter what angel we are at. Maybe people fighting for equality, blacks and white, would like to see another side of that flag. Maybe even a brighter side.
Chris Diaz (1 day ago)
I was raised Catholic. Kneeling is not disrespectful in my culture.
Jaydeen Merur (1 day ago)
First woman was so sweet and polite
Jaydeen Merur (1 day ago)
Lmfao I find it funny how people tried to make Nike look stupid by burning their Nike gear yet they only made themselves look stupid since they already purchased it so Nike doesn’t give a fuck what they do with it😂
Joshua Aleman (2 days ago)
So dumb this shit happened when the America population at its highest. And police violence and all violent crime per capita is all time low.
Raine (2 days ago)
imagine bieng petty enough to care more about a piece of cloth than other people getting brutally beaten and even sometimes killed
Alex Jones N (2 days ago)
That’s not very right. Because people fought for us to live and what take a knee and disrespect them. Taking a knee is just bringing up racism.
Raine (3 days ago)
i like it how some people care more about a piece of cloth than other peoples equality
Brian Brown (3 days ago)
The third verse of the national anthem regarding slaves, slavery and the death of them is the facts. I would NEVER stand up and salute the flag or the national anthem of this country. Respect is mutual and I would NEVER join the military for a country that doesn't respect me or those that look like me The Original Native Copper Toned Carbon Male and Female of The Earth. The true global parents.
Jahanian Khan (3 days ago)
That second man is very disappointed oh my god. Give him some milk.
Leather Neck (3 days ago)
Hey if you're burning your Nike stuff please give it to me I can burn it more efficiently, especially size 14 trainers and xl size clothing
Leather Neck (3 days ago)
I rather have a thousand school shootings than one disrespectful young black boy insulting the 🇺🇸 🦅
Awais Ahmed (15 hours ago)
That's why ur countries a shit hole it's a flag it's not that important ffs
Danielle Pair (3 days ago)
I'm from Kentucky and I'm embarrassed.
Jesiah Ruiz (3 days ago)
It’s just disrespectful as fuck. I get that people are kneeling because of the police brutality against African Americans and that’s fucked up too. But you also have to think of the people that died for this country. And people serving the country at the moment. They give up everything.
Awais Ahmed (15 hours ago)
What cause theyre kneeling and fuck the army they go to other countries and kill innocent people and steal all the resources
The Chase Murray (5 days ago)
The coach is right respect the flag
Trinity (5 days ago)
Did they just waste $100+ on buying Nike then burning it. Thats funny
Denver _ (5 days ago)
I live in canada and I believe they should kneel like that lady said it's a good way to draw attention to issues in the country
Myrtle xx (5 days ago)
Can someone please explain to me the situation? What does kneeling mean?
King Lay (5 days ago)
The man in set 2 is fucken shit
the first man didn't even come up with another way that Jacob could protest
Christopher Maksimik (6 days ago)
I’m about to say something that that will offend someone, I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America and to the republic for which it stands one nation under god indivisible for liberty and justice for all
Ryan Hinchy (6 days ago)
I think everyone should stand for the anthem no matter what
DoGs RuLe (6 days ago)
Y’all are so fucking retarded. Saying stuff like how is disrespecting a piece of fabric worse than disrespecting a person?!?? WHAT! EVER HEARD OF SYMBOLISM?!?!?!! The flag symbolizes our country, the people who fight to protect it, the people that made it what it is today, freedom, and independence. When you kneel to that flag 🇺🇸, don’t put your hand to your heart; you are disrespecting all of what I said. Shame on you.
Stumpster 1 (6 days ago)
Reading these damn comments makes me realize how retarded people are.
Hunter Hey (7 days ago)
Can’t blame the coach
Kyle Thompson (7 days ago)
I would love to see this with some variations like a black coach and a white player or a white coach with a white player or a black coach with a black player. Also if they could do it in a more liberal state so you could see different opinions.
Jackson Zongolowicz (7 days ago)
It’s not a piece of fabric. It represents are soldiers that died for us to live in freedom. Yes there are a select few of cops that do bad things but not every cop. There was a black guy who pointed a fake gun at a cop but it didn’t have that orange cap so it looked real and the cop shot him and then there were protests and shit.
Jackson Zongolowicz (7 days ago)
Jackson Zongolowicz (7 days ago)
They’ve only been treated this way because of how stupid they act in front of the police
Gavin (7 days ago)
You should be able to take a knee, but I do not agree with what they were doing.
ZipGB8 (7 days ago)
At 3:34, damn right m'am. The kneeling has nothing to do with the flag. They are protesting against the injustices and racism from police officers. The proof is in the pudding. Bully cops who think they can treat African Americans across the country however the fuck they want to.
Eldar Franke (7 days ago)
I dont really care about the flag.... I mean is it something you should be proud off?
Cherise Davidson (7 days ago)
See... the military isn’t fighting for the flag... they’re fighting for the people. And if the people we are fighting for can’t treat us like humans... then actions need to be taken. It was a veteran who actually suggested the kneeling. I think people forget that.
Aly Badry (7 days ago)
I got a photoshop ad where an idian man edits a photo and add a girl in it ..... why do i keep getting dumb ads
Todd (7 days ago)
I will gladly stand with my hand over my heart and teary eyes when Old Glory waves and the anthem is played. Too many men gave everything they had for this country. And dishonoring the flag is dishonoring them. There’s a time and place for peaceful protest. When Old Glory flies is not that time. These people act like they’re in the segregation era.
Louis Sosa (7 days ago)
Fucking racist white people
Don't be a sheep 🐑
ALEX THE ANIMAL (8 days ago)
Its taco time
- Drakeypants - (8 days ago)
I 100% agree with the coach! If you kneel, stop it. Get some help.
Lgreen2k (8 days ago)
We put so much attention on racism when there is so many more problems in the world no racism isn’t just something to throw to the side but
Lgreen2k (8 days ago)
You don’t put your hand on your chest to support racism you do it to honor the people who fought for us
Кубик Рубик (8 days ago)
I dont understand whats wrong with black guy kneeling? Is it only white who can do that or what. Explain pls
solen Coseteng (8 days ago)
Jehovah’s witnesses do not even recognized or participate in National Anthem same as the Amish but most Americans are ok with it.
CaveSpider 63 (8 days ago)
Yes it is there right to take a knee, but theres people who cant stand at all and are dead because they where fighting for there freedom and safety. I personally would give them a warning and if the did it again i would kick them off the team. And yes they are trying to go against police brutality (in which i do not support and am very sorry if that has happened to you) but they act like every police officer is bad they say "you got to look at the big incidents" one thing dont speak for everyone in the police force. If a black man robs a store does that make every black man bad no it doesn't.
Tyler Robinson (9 days ago)
This is such bullshit. No one should sit out the anthem ever. Also, explain how the fuck kneeling is gonna stop racism. There are always gonna be racists from all cultures. Kneeling to your own countries flag not only does jack shit, but it’s flat out disrespectful to the poor bastards who DIE for you.
Ex-Phire YT (9 days ago)
It’s not nikey we don’t go around riding our bikey
Immaculate Plays (10 days ago)
“ i dont care if your black, brown, or YELLOW” bruh what
KYoutube's Bad (10 days ago)
*"you don't understand, freedom isn't free"* Well freedom has the word free in it.... And racism has the word race in it and also has to do with race Same with the word plagiarism And the other word....that has to do with gender😓
Flixx (10 days ago)
And I agree with the coach
Jacob B (10 days ago)
Right but people get killed in the army to protect you at least you can do is stand it’s a polite thing to do
King Kung Foo 115 (10 days ago)
Also you should not kneel for the flag since we saved you from slavery
Arnold reagon (9 days ago)
Martin Luther king jr. Saved them not the americans
But the line "the land of the free" is racist because at the time this song was made African-Americans we're not free. So the song basically lied.
King Kung Foo 115 (10 days ago)
Anyone who is Black I don't mean to be racist, but you guys don't know how good you have it in America and the fact that you think we are treating you unfair is just dumb! Yeah, you were picking cotton, but that was 200 freaking years ago and you are talking about it like it was yesterday, again not being racist just stating my opinion, because you could have it worse.
Dumb racist fuck.
Chopper7272 (10 days ago)
And if a actual student does this, he isn’t going to get a scholarship 😂
SANCTUARY (11 days ago)
I actually wouldn't mind coaches banning any athlete for kneeling. My reasoning is very simple; the entire reason this trend started was based on a combination of lies and misinformation.
Glerii (11 days ago)
Freedom of speech is apprently wrong now
Rudy (11 days ago)
I haven't watched an NFL game or highlight for two years. I won't support being Anti-American, Anti-Military or Anti-Democratic! Cheers-Rudy Di Maggio
kaos yt (11 days ago)
I am in complete support of raising awareness for African Americans in this country they are treated horribly for no good reason. But I also think that if you want to stop what is happening doing something that pisses off half the country isn’t a very good way to be more liked. I personally think it is a little disrespectful to kneel during the national anthem the flag is not the problem in this situation there is no reason to disrespect it. As that women said in the restaurant you will get more done by making a change then a statement I think that is the perfect and right way to approach our problem.
Wow America you took it to far
Mohammad Oof (11 days ago)
The Kentucky is white people
secureteam12 (11 days ago)
Anybody taking a knee during the national anthem is a complete dumbass
Reborn Blaze (11 days ago)
Taking a knee during the national anthem is the most disgusting thing that you could do during a game streamed across the country. Police brutality is fake! People saying that those people died for no reason is a lie. CHANGE MY MIND. Also sub to Steven crowder.
Beaner.Boi (11 days ago)
l i b e r a l s
mountain dew doritos (11 days ago)
Say no to racism
Andrew Torres (11 days ago)
Noo trump
Lea G (11 days ago)
Azlyn Milligan (12 days ago)
Don't disrespect the flag
Azlyn Milligan (12 days ago)
Kneeling during the seremony is just wrong, if you don't t respect this country leave and you should be able to kick people out for being disrespectful during the flag and if you don't like being free then leave
snake plissken (13 days ago)
if ya dont have the right to peaceful protest,than you only have a colorful rag that looks pretty but stands for nothing
a҉n҉t҉ TM (13 days ago)
Of course a piece of shit white bitch with saggy tits down to her legs is rasict
a҉n҉t҉ TM (13 days ago)
Of course Pussy Cock Donald dick is in this video with his rasict ass
Keko • (14 days ago)
Years ago just “ wearing “ the American Flag as a Shirt, pants, ETC.. was considered disrespectful. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with Kneeling if you understand and realize what you are kneeling for.
Jay Porter (14 days ago)
Forget the flag. There is no justice for black people in the united states. At all
DeadPool (15 days ago)
Say it with me..Fuck racism!!
Cannon Turner (15 days ago)
Second dude knows what’s up
BIGDADDY MARTIN (15 days ago)
Fuck the first dude and the second dude
Mac Fresh (15 days ago)
time and a place lol . was it a time and a place when kids are getting killed
Rosie Parker (15 days ago)
How about a baseball bat to the knees, then you kneel all you want disrespectful piece of crap.
Squidward Tentacles (16 days ago)
When people fought for our freedom the fought for us to sit or stand.
ninjaguy2511 (16 days ago)
Politics really do need to stay out of sports though, I liked the real reactions tho. There is a saying where sports were a man's way to get away from the house and politics.
JF Gaming (16 days ago)
This is America.
Murica yeaaa 285 (16 days ago)
Here’s my repsonse to Kapernick taking a knee for the anthem. This shows him being ungrateful. Kapernick could’ve made a simple tweet about police brutality, but Kapernick had the absolute nerve to be disrespectful to the many brave soldiers that fought died and put their lives on the line for America and thus our flag! How ungrateful! That’s just not right! Think I’m wrong? Convince me otherwise, but if you’re going to respond to me, be respectful. I don’t respond to disrespectful people.
Michael Stevenson (16 days ago)
They shouldn’t be allowed too play if they are going too take a knee
jsc2991 (16 days ago)
They be bugging over this flag shit. We can kneel if we want. It's nothing disrespectful..acting like he said I'm gonna burn the flag
A Treemote (16 days ago)
So what he's black a dark skin colored he can't knee because of race that's racist I would rather get shot for freedom of all of my dark friends.... I can't rhyme or sing but hey... I hope this leaves a message....
Wynter Brooks (17 days ago)
Okay my thing is they are talking about how it’s disrespecting the flag and America but they people who run America are not doing anything to stop the reason they are doing it.Silencing us instead of our problem.
David Rivera (17 days ago)
I am confused af as to who's side to go with
Chip (17 days ago)
Kaperdick better get off his fucking knees and stand for our flag Their is no fucking thing as police brutality and get your knees off the fucking god damn ground, police brutality is a made up term.
Yoo Toob (17 days ago)
I earned my combat patch and I say keep kneeling. I fought for your right to take a knee.
Makenna Cuebas (17 days ago)
Don't disrespect the flag for police brutality that doesn't exist. If you believe so strongly in a lie, gtfo of our country.
Max S (17 days ago)
They’re probably more shocked that the coach took his player out to lunch 😂
Cangel Tibon (17 days ago)
If I’m protesting the fact that my country isn’t protecting me I think the least offensive thing I could do it burn, step on and kneel at the flag. Why should I stand hand over heart for an country allows its laws enforcement to kill its citizens? It’s not disrespecting the military supposedly the military fights to uphold the laws and values of the country, I’m pretty sure free speech and freedom of expression is in our values. I want to ring the neck of people who tell protesters to do it in another way, what other way, a way that’s easy to ignore and will change nothing.

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