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USA Men (Samuel) | 100 Years of Beauty - Ep 12 | Cut

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Text Comments (10369)
Abrar Zahin (6 hours ago)
1960 is shaggy
Jasa Buat Logo ! (1 day ago)
Name of this model please
2010 Is the best looking good
Out of Depression (1 day ago)
Dr. Disrespect
Emmanuel Warapp (2 days ago)
I feel gay after watching this.
chocolateaddict (2 days ago)
you can se his nipple at 1:12
Rodri gallego (2 days ago)
In the 1980s why he scracthing his nose? because of all the coke?
babarsher's world (3 days ago)
Inaccurate crap. And who wasnt to see how you fix it anyway?
Zane Salamah (3 days ago)
I’m so glad my har is most like the 1940’s
Yasinsong (3 days ago)
Can I just say, this man is gorgeous 😍
Lara Ward (3 days ago)
1940s "gasp"
ii Sailingmermaid (3 days ago)
ALEXX (3 days ago)
anne hathaway is that u?
Noelia (4 days ago)
0:12 the male version of Emily ratajkowski 0:51 Dave Grohl?
Timothy Dukes (4 days ago)
This video was how they decided on who would be a good candidate for time travel.
Cheryl BombShell (4 days ago)
that hair is going to have a whole lot of crust because that hair gel
Amanda Pans (4 days ago)
0:21 is my screensaver !! 😍
리에 (4 days ago)
1940에서 치여버렸네..하악ㄱ..존잘남
HamzatheFarhat (5 days ago)
I feel like if If you have an attractive face. You can choose whatever hairstyle you want
Ricardo Andino (5 days ago)
Well people now we got it. You are not ugly xd just poor.
lupe garcia (5 days ago)
1940s,1980s,2000s. HOT,Hot, Hot
Justin Montoya (6 days ago)
Am I the only one who loved the 60’s look
nadia ibrahim (6 days ago)
VARUN.N RAO (6 days ago)
Just look how many times the simple long hair keeps returning. Most popular hair style since 10,000 B.C
Westley West (6 days ago)
It seems like everyone loves the 1940s & 1950s hair, now don't get me wrong I think it's awesome too but imo I love the 1980s hair!
Owen Campbell (7 days ago)
The 2010’s version would have looked nice if he didn’t put it up into a man-bun
I like my Bunny Girl (7 days ago)
How dare you have a American in the video instead of one of the colour. Are you assuming people of colour can't be Americans? How fucking unreasonable can you be? And you have a thin white male as a model? What about the LGBTQ. Huh?! People with touch bodies with more mass are under represented. And what's with the 1940s military look!? Women worked in military too. How dare you make a video of American beauty without transgender people, people of colour, bi racial people and people with more mass?
Bow Hello (8 days ago)
1960 *SHAGGY*
Casper The Great (8 days ago)
Doesn’t it seem that nowadays men are growing there hair out and women are cutting theirs short
Kenny G Choonit (8 days ago)
Naw u forget the Mike Tyson split. That's in now
Kyle Robinson (8 days ago)
Sexy in them all
spøøkie (8 days ago)
2019 *waves and fade*
Gray Chapman's Pipe (8 days ago)
1960s and 70s looks like George Harrison aah love it <3
john lennon (7 days ago)
@Gray Chapman's Pipe lol I thought I was the one to think that
Leonel Cabrera (9 days ago)
That 70s hair was my grandpa when he was young
Hayden Cook (9 days ago)
Man the sixties were bad
英吉鬼塚 (9 days ago)
Muhd Frid (9 days ago)
2000s look like gay
Shrvan Kumar (9 days ago)
0:46 wtf
Gallant Abbey (9 days ago)
1980's doesnt look like that fucktard!
IDrees Shah (9 days ago)
0:19 stop where you want you got a different style
IDrees Shah (9 days ago)
This is all about your hairstyle how you manage it 👌
Rosemary C (10 days ago)
the 2010's is the pineapple hair!!
l alvis (10 days ago)
Why do like, eight of them look the same?!?! 😡
Aéla Dénibar (10 days ago)
Et sinon on peut parler du mec qui est vraiment canon? 😍😍😍
Frickin TIFFANY (11 days ago)
*2000s and 1940 look = 🤭🔥😍🤤*
Memeush The Mushroom (11 days ago)
0:38 - *JESUS*
Heyaitstur (12 days ago)
1910s okay I see you Freddie Mercury!!
seshdarko (12 days ago)
starts with no beard and ends with a beard
Jigs Javinez (13 days ago)
My problem is hairdressers, not haircut.
Deadpools LilMonster (14 days ago)
Omg....please keep that hair long....yum!
Danny (15 days ago)
Y'all are getting wet over the 40s one but not acknowledging the 90s style 😍
Hope King (17 days ago)
1930's yes please.
Paradox WETRY (17 days ago)
_iconic justin beiber look_
Abdullah Chandiwala (17 days ago)
I'm a straight male in my 30's and I have no shame in saying this, that is an extremely beautiful man
Ricky Urban (17 days ago)
1970 looks like Isaac Caldiero from ANW
cringy life227 (17 days ago)
Gta haircuts in real life
Christo Wijayanto (17 days ago)
0:06 his face same like freddie mercury
Nosson Meester (18 days ago)
0:38 my father
Pedro Fernandez (18 days ago)
Davd Grohl
Elton Tong (19 days ago)
2010 looks like aqua man
Chris Spreitzer (19 days ago)
Dave Grohl in the 1960's?
Lucy (19 days ago)
What a nice smile! I loved the 40’s and the 60s (although that look was definitely more late sixties) And my least favorite was the 2000s
Eden Chang (19 days ago)
1930’s and 1940s had me dead like daddy
Cremor Lol (19 days ago)
0:41 he looks like Jesus
Carl Elias (20 days ago)
1960s maaaaaan ✌️
Max King (20 days ago)
If you had left him at the 70s stage no one would be complaining
Crystal Girl (20 days ago)
1940 and 2010 look good to him
A update is needed pls 👍🏻 :)
Olivia Sher (20 days ago)
At 0:39 he looks identical to George Harrison
Trizzy Locked&onTop (20 days ago)
Aqua man is looking fresh
Skelett 11 (20 days ago)
Beauty man perfect face lol
Hamfish (21 days ago)
0:52 im sorry this is dave grohl
GW_Sam_Gaming345 (21 days ago)
Hes naked lol i was pausing near the end and i saw a little bit of his hairy peepy
1xrxaxrxex1 (21 days ago)
u forgot emo neegas
broccoli (21 days ago)
who tf were they going for in the 80s
broccoli (21 days ago)
Irianna (21 days ago)
0:34 Shaggy from scooby doo 😂😂
oguzabay (22 days ago)
en sonunda can yaman oldu çıktı pezevenk.
HalfBlood_Prince4 _ (22 days ago)
His Instagram?
HalfBlood_Prince4 _ (22 days ago)
0:22 look at this smiling I am going to eat him
HalfBlood_Prince4 _ (22 days ago)
He is very handsome If I see him with long hair and beard and O wouldn't find him sexy but after saw 40s give me him
Sulviana Tendean (23 days ago)
Steve Mano (24 days ago)
Love hairy men, am so gay.
prerak sharma (24 days ago)
The fact that he pulls off every look annoys me a little 😂
Jane Winter (24 days ago)
Alright. Who is this handsome man ???
Pedro Fernandez (24 days ago)
Desde luego que esta mejor con barba el pavo
floRida (24 days ago)
0:38 WeLL yOu cAN teLL by tHE waY I USE mY walK i'M a WomanS maN.
Paradox (24 days ago)
How did he get his beard and mousty back
Patriot Brad (25 days ago)
My haircut is pretty much from 1910... is that bad?
Freddygotfingered (25 days ago)
That's what pretty boys would wear might as well just put feminine men
Amanda Legarreta (25 days ago)
I want him
Thicc Fortnite Skin (25 days ago)
0:30 shaggy what happened?
Spencer Hall (26 days ago)
1940s and 2000s are the best imo
ELITE-DELTA -117 (26 days ago)
Just a normal gta 5 hair salon session.
Mr. Beast (26 days ago)
2010s is Rhett 100% Rhett
ImJaRa (26 days ago)
0:58 he looks like grant gustin
Joaco Gonzalez (26 days ago)
2010 and after its degrade 2010 para adelante el peinado de moda es el degrade
phoenix lamp (27 days ago)
Can we go back to the 40s and 50s looks for guys? What we have now is not nearly as good
DyFo Viewer (27 days ago)
I am the only one who thinks this guy looks like Ashton Kutcher 😂🤷🏽‍♂️
마지막싶새 (28 days ago)
Who is he???????????

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