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Man Bun Boy & Underpants Girls Lose BMW

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Man Bun Boy has a very nice Bimmer, but it's no match for the All Star Tow Truck. Now he'll have to add the impound fee on top of his lease payment. *READ THE FAQs BEFORE COMMENTING* MUSIC: Thank You R.G.E., Joe Bagale The Hero Steps Up, Dougie Wood First of the Last, Silent Partner READ THE FAQs BEFORE COMMENTING: Q: Why are cars towed from your lot? A: Because they're parked illegally and take up space our customers need, 24 hours. Q: But it's night-time. Businesses are closed at night. Do you really have to tow at night? A: Yes. This business is NOT closed at night. It's very common for techs to visit in the overnight times in order to do maintenance on servers and systems. It's also possible that deliveries may need to be made during after-hours times. Q: You suck. A: That's not a question, but I get the point. And I've heard it all before. I understand you think you've got a witty, original insult for me. You probably don't. Save yourself the humiliation. Q: Do you read the comments? A: Sometimes against my better judgement, generally, yes. Q: Why don't you just rent out spaces and make money? A: Because that would eliminate parking spaces for the real customers of the business. It's not worth the few bucks. Q: Do you get paid a fee or kickback for the towed cars? A: No. Q: Are there signs posted about not to park? A: Yes. No fewer than 6. Usually more if they're not damaged or destroyed. Q: How many cameras do you have? A: More than 60. Some you can see, some are hidden. Q: What kind of cameras do you use? A: A lot of different kinds, based on the application. Q: Do you feel bad for these people who get towed? A: Most of the time, not really. Q: Why are you making fun of the people who get towed? A: I'm not. I'm posting the videos because I think they're entertaining and educational. Q: How come you never post videos of cars that belong there? A: Because that wouldn't be entertaining at all. It would be completely boring. Q: Why don't you stop people from parking? A: Sometimes we do! It all depends on if we are able to catch what's happening live, but the company's techs have their jobs to do and are not always available to have their eyes glued to the parking lot cameras and be able to run outside.
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Text Comments (1142)
thelma lou (4 hours ago)
And the girls were never seen again.
Sloppy Turtle (1 day ago)
Clearly, circus freaks. But didn't the circus stop touring in 2016?
Paul Osicne (2 days ago)
Soyboy millenial and the girls who prefer to date these girly men. Pfft millenials.
cristivoiculescu96 (2 days ago)
Thought his dressing style was bad. Then I saw those 2 girls he came back with and now I think I'll need to puke, but not while walking
Aliciaek (3 days ago)
Stew 16315 (4 days ago)
To all you people making mean comments about his sisters - oh - um - never mind.
Stew 16315 (4 days ago)
I have been subscribed for a while and been going thru the videos a lot. Now I'm wondering about the outcome of these mental midgets going to the tow lot and what kind interactions they have with the employees there. I understand you have simply contracted out the towing function but it might be interesting to go a step further. edit - after I posted this I started reading previous comments - looks like I'm not alone in wondering.
Mark S (4 days ago)
Watching these videos renews my love of nuclear war.
anon6116 (4 days ago)
How did civilization exist without cellphones?! 😱
Elliott Avant (5 days ago)
I'm thinking that the gent with the bun had a great time after they reached their destination. I mean, a REALLY great time ..
BlueJayRobin (5 days ago)
Truck #8...I *knew* it! ------ Fanny Pack? Underwear? I know that if they'd take off their underwear? *I'd* pack their fannies!
Scott Steele (5 days ago)
The Tow Truck operator is surgical.
catgirldo (5 days ago)
Yikes. I worry about anyone who has "walking and puking" as one of life skills. As for all of your questions, Mr. Gtoger, you need to confess right now that you hired these folks from some street theater and they were trying to reenact "Mudd's Women." Granted they were not as well costumed or as sober, for that matter, but nonetheless - they gave it everything they had. But - I am distressed that they have insulted the entire Star Trek francinse with their attempt. I'm happy this was a free performance but sadly I do not think any of these folks have much of a career in the entertainment field.
Katy Williams (6 days ago)
If I'm walkin along and I start to puke, I stop walking, you know. Sometimes I take a step backwards. Well, it takes all kinds.
Bob Upndowns (7 days ago)
Guy was a pimp. That's why he drove a $60,000 car.
Klaus S (7 days ago)
Beve Smith (8 days ago)
Wow!  At least he didn't lose his 3-way for the night.
Los O G (10 days ago)
Uber driver was like Fuck my life when he saw who he was picking up lol
Cur M (10 days ago)
Cringe-worthy Man-Bun, yes. Car towed, DEFINITELY. BUT he Scored TWO chicks for the evening. TWO. Man-Bun may be a bit of a d-bag. But, once he noted the lack of wheels, he scored a ride for him and his "dates" within minutes. He'll get his car back in time. While he's waiting, well he has company.
derflop (10 days ago)
The girls are hookers obviously
Jill Smith (11 days ago)
Lol!!!! I love your captions. But what the hell did happen to their clothes, hahaha . . .
Commander Erik (11 days ago)
He waited very long time for the Uber, he could have already gotten home and smashing those hoes had he didn't park illegally.
seca1 (11 days ago)
Wouldn't let those two bimbos in my car if They paid Me!
mrabrasive51 (11 days ago)
manbun boy brags all night to panty coochies about m3 beemer..Beemer gone!!
7.756.935 (13 days ago)
*For the first time in my life, I've witnessed walk puking. It's a fine art, and it seems like this girl has had some serious training.*
Gunpro28 (17 days ago)
How many people walked through barf-girl's barf??
Alex Saidit (18 days ago)
The girls are there to support him in bad and good. They are two angels who arrived to save his life. By the way, they are still virgin.
7.756.935 (13 days ago)
*AMEN. 👼*
traveldoc123 (19 days ago)
This is one of my favorites with man bun guy. There seems to be recurring characters, like walking-barfing girl. Wasn't she in another one doing the same? I'm looking for the one with the Goth Parade. Which one was that in? Thanks!
Athaleyah Israel (22 days ago)
So... leotard girl was walking around with no shoes on in the very same areas that barf girl hurled her guts up? Hoes are nasty... but yes, I was impressed that barf girl would chuck n keep walking like it was a normal thing. I wonder if any of it got on her that first time?
join the conversation (22 days ago)
WOW! So many stupid people! Wonder how much the TOW company makes in a month?They can afford more trucks! Maybe they should try to move closer?
Gryphon 1-1 (23 days ago)
*Camera flash* PERFECT SHOT! +Style 1000 +Smooth 1000 +Focus 100
Ken Olsen (25 days ago)
Those are not human females, no way. Not even for Texas, home of Steers and queers.
Steve Theone (26 days ago)
HAAA douchebag cant read
Ginny Bagwell (28 days ago)
How many tows are average for the night?
Zande Seeley (29 days ago)
Why can't I edit my comments to correct spelling or delete comment because I didn't catch the important information in the FAQ'S making my query worthless?
Wendy Winn (29 days ago)
Dee Vious (29 days ago)
Saturday night, eh? She left about 60 bucks on the pavement. Still, I get the strong sense that he does not lease the beemer.
Scott Smith (30 days ago)
How to impress the "ladies" (read here "slags")!
Thomas Palmer (1 month ago)
0:46 the guy on the right looks so much like Kim Jong-un 🤣🤣
Travis Wakefield (1 month ago)
Your music selection for these videos is excellent. I am watching for the music now.
Will Marshall (1 month ago)
I dont comment on anything but this site for the towing of these cars because no one will read the no parking signs is hilarious🤣😂🤣😂🤣🤣. And the crazy part is I'm watching it..
Ken P (1 month ago)
Thanks Mom?
MooMama (1 month ago)
The tow truck music effect is epic!
overdoneone (1 month ago)
That guy lost out on a bj and possibly a threesome since his beemer got took....
Rusty Nail (1 month ago)
That what I say, why is it that one person walk in and two or three comes back or three or for goes in and one or two comes back?.
7.756.935 (13 days ago)
There is a lot of night clubs and restaurants in the area, that is why people park there, and many drivers come to pick up friends.
Fritz Pichler (1 month ago)
Why do I watch every evening these vids? Isnt it strange?
soulless one (1 month ago)
Bmw 50k 60k new 10k 15k used
Genesis Maldonado (1 month ago)
i love these videos so much i been watching all day
FarmerMiyagi (1 month ago)
"Dude" even looks like a female when he stepped into the shadow. The only thing he could find to take home was 2 whores. Good thing daddy has money. That was probably Dad in the Kia.
1chish (1 month ago)
Barfing while walking takes years of practice. If you are really good at it you don't splash your new shoes ...
Fred Ferd (1 month ago)
WHAT are all these people EATING all of a sudden??? In the last few videos, people have been throwing up all over the place. Is there a Romaine lettuce salad bar nearby? Did somebody put something goofy in the drugs many people are ingesting? What??? Or is it merely from perfectly "normal" American faast food?
Andrei Japs (1 month ago)
I love this. Corner of Clover St. and S. Crowdus sts in Deem Ellum Dallas. Love it.
Anderson Nettleship (1 month ago)
I don't think that those "girls" in underwear were actually females, after all the guy has an unmanly bun.
Phil Preston (1 month ago)
Declaration as of August 2018, the fore mentioned "man bun" shall henceforth be referred to as "the fruit roll-up" .
Catherine G (1 month ago)
Eww, he walked in the puke!!!!! So did “Thigh-High”, in her stocking feet!!!!! Plus, the girls were making out, while “bun-boy” checked the sign. 👄 👯‍♀️ 👩‍❤️‍💋‍👩 BTW, there are a LOT of girls in undies/swimsuits.
August Hawks (1 month ago)
1:55  What a classy broad.
Deplorable Dave (1 month ago)
Need to video and post when they go an WHINE and winge about paying the fine. I would give anything to see this crew in the tow yard office. THOT patrol.
Hello it's me (1 month ago)
Is there a bar right around the corner? It seems most of these people are drunk walking through that alley. I LOVE the tow music
7.756.935 (13 days ago)
It's an area with a lot of night clubs and restaurants.
Nancy Holman (1 month ago)
Do you ever bleach the ground outside your business? It would seem very TOXIC. You wouldn't want all of THAT brought in to your business on your shoes much less your home??
Ho Lee Fok (1 month ago)
NgaiOlaudah (1 month ago)
gtoger, my man you showcase great music often... love the Jazz, brother! Thanks for a good time here on youtube! HUZZAHS !
NPCs Go Away! (1 month ago)
Those girls came from Tijuana
Abner Doubleday (1 month ago)
Wait till he finds out those are two guys in drag.
Patrick H (2 months ago)
Why in the hell u would park a 65,000 dollar car 🚗 by a tow zone? That tells he’s a drug dealer and brainless lol 😂
Freelance Writer (2 months ago)
That was groooooosssss
d fobroy (2 months ago)
Not sure what was the funniest part of the video. the guy with the speed control knob on the back of his head, or the gal barfing and not loosing one step
DLR Young (2 months ago)
Fanny pack! Haha.. in Australia we call them bum bags, fanny is a part of a woman’s body.
kittenpawsbb (2 months ago)
Warning please, when people vomit. 🤢🤮😭
J Bob (2 months ago)
Wish i could give 2 likes... one for the title and another for the content. 😁
J Bob (2 months ago)
+gtoger how about 4 shares?? I've showed a few friends already. They think it's hilarious too. 😀
gtoger (2 months ago)
How 'bout a share? ;)
Anni C (2 months ago)
Whaaaaaat? 😵
jpharleyd (2 months ago)
Ladies, just because you can fit into something does not mean it looks good on you. They look like the rummaged through Victoria Secret's dumpster.
Charlie FunBoy (2 months ago)
I literally laughed out loud at your questions! Too funny. You’re the best.... “what happened to their clothes?” lol
Mary Sherrill (2 months ago)
Do you clean your parking lot with Clorox or some type of industrial strength disinfectant?
7.756.935 (13 days ago)
I would use a fire thrower
Veronica Mascaro (2 months ago)
Good God. The man bun. Gross.
D (2 months ago)
Nice car. Was.
James Marquis (2 months ago)
Dear Jesus, deliver us from these lazy, worthless, irresponsible Millenials!!!
Michael Vechnak (2 months ago)
A man bun is that how you let people know you're gay?
m o (2 months ago)
I'm downloading this for future enjoyment
m o (2 months ago)
Omg the barfing girl
Colleen Zulueta (2 months ago)
Need to include a phone number on sign that states various literacy programs throughout the area.
Qwe (2 months ago)
Dad's not gonna be happy his beamer got towed
Frankjc3rd (2 months ago)
Patron: I found this great parking space!  Waitress: No, you didn't.
Dave Brown (1 month ago)
Wish there was a follow up video , so many questions !........also isn't it bad enough with all the piss , people now have to introduce vomit to your parking area !
dave williams (2 months ago)
Well, at least he doesn't have to wash the chlamydia out of his Beemer's seats.
Carl Stawicki (2 months ago)
I'd love to hear the audio on this one.
gtoger (2 months ago)
I'll bet whatever you make up in your head is probably accurate. ;)
Poppie Stuff (2 months ago)
Who needs cable.
ballybunion9 (2 months ago)
A hipster smoker with a man-bun too cheap to put the $60,000 car in a parking lot!
Andy Adams (2 months ago)
How much money have you made for All Star Towing? I hope you get a kick back
Don Juan (2 months ago)
104 man bun guys dislikes.... I bet everyone that gave it a thumbs down wears a man bun.
Don Juan (2 months ago)
Man Bun boy hows that illegal parking working out for you? White T shirt huh, thats the finest shirt you got in the closet. "I have a man bun, these signs arent here for me" lol Stupid hipsters
Wolfie713 (2 months ago)
I just love how the tow truck drivers come along, load the vehicle, then travel away like a kid with a new toy. (Do they stop somewhere to better secure the vehicle before taking it to the lot?) Would love to see a situation where the owner of the vehicle is seen running after the tow truck with their vehicle, especially if they were parked for less than 10 minutes. Would be the ultimate in karma for ignoring the signs.
Wolfie713 (2 months ago)
One question you forgot to mention... How can I get in touch with these girls for a hook-up?
daniel343ful (2 months ago)
is there an ol' timey whore house around the corner?
MusicFreax (2 months ago)
The puking sound effects got me dead lol
Tbird 62 (2 months ago)
Well his "dates" stayed with him. He must have paid them up front.
Tsavos Alliance (3 months ago)
Keep an eye on the Barfing female! 1:53 The Barfing Female - LoL 2:10 Man Bun walks over vomit pile #1 2:21 Man Bun walks over vomit pile #2 2:56 Man Bun walks over vomit pile #2 3:23 Party on top of the vomit pile #2
Bic Lopitakwong (3 months ago)
Ah yes, the man bun. The kind of people we should expect driving German cars.
constable (3 months ago)
After watching several of these videos, they must all be going to a gay bar. Those appeared like crossdressers. Still funny.

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