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The Single Greatest Law School Time Management Tip: Outline From Day One

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Your outline is going to be your primary studying device. It's how you distill all of your notes, your cases and your commercial outlines into a usable format, specifically tailored just for you. What most students don't understand about their outline is that more is not better. There's an old phrase that, "If I had more time, "I would have written a shorter letter." The same is true for outlines. Do yourself a favor and start from week one. ★ ★ ★ Download the Ultimate Guide to Crushing Finals: ➜ https://www.legaleagleprep.com/finals READ THE FULL BLOG POST: ➜ https://leagleeagleprep.com/single-post/greatesttip Get More Great Tips - Subscribe ➜ https://goo.gl/JwQUPf Share this Video: ➜ https://youtu.be/3Fp8-kDxfZ8 ★ Facebook: ➜ https://www.facebook.com/legaleagleprep ★ Ask us a Question by using hashtag on YouTube or Twitter #AskLegalEagle or @LegalEagleDJ ​​
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Text Comments (64)
Sitezmusicpro (1 year ago)
Holy shit, this is gold...
Alex Esquivel (16 days ago)
I’m starting law school next school year and I cannot stress how true this is! I haven’t started law school yet but I apply your tips in my subjects here at uni and they all work and I am now studying smart! Thanks so much!
Francisco Garcia (1 month ago)
Woe to the man who reads Nassim Nicholas Taleb 👌🏽
jorkusmalorkus (1 month ago)
I'm not a law student, but I'm about to begin an intensive accelerated nursing program and this sounds like a great plan. In undergrad I had a tendency to get myself into a hole and study my way out of it, and that's not going to fly doing 60 units in 12 months.
MsVicky (2 months ago)
I’m not in law school yet, but your videos are super amazing. You have me so inspired.
Vera Hannaford (2 months ago)
I have a degree in Accounting; I have no desire to be a lawyer, but I find your videos interesting, insightful, and informative. I need to get my lawyer friends to look at your videos to see what they think.
Destiny Destiny (2 months ago)
Absolutely outstanding information!! Also, What would you say is the main difference between outlining and taking notes?
Miniatur Sonne (3 months ago)
I study psychology and will try what you said
Madiha Xxxx (3 months ago)
How long should your outlines be?
Fathin Farina (3 months ago)
May I know, what is a commercial outline?
LegalEagle (3 months ago)
Outlines made by publishers (e.g. Gilbert's or Emmanuel's)
Fathin Farina (3 months ago)
I am about to enter degree in Law this September. I get really confuse that is outline is similar to notes? Like making notes before lecture and revise it also add up more information from the lecturer on our notes after the class. Is that an outline? Or I got it wrong??
LegalEagle (3 months ago)
You outline after class and synthesize your notes with secondary sources.
Leo Dequito (4 months ago)
apologies but, what is an outline?
Daniean McCulloch (4 months ago)
Bad chess analogy
Jason Best (4 months ago)
wish i saw this earlier. only two months left till exams. great job.
Jason Best (4 months ago)
LegalEagle With University of London International Academy. Certificate of Higher Education in The Common Law attempting Criminal Law and Legal Systems and Methods
LegalEagle (4 months ago)
Where at?
Nomcebo Nyembezi (5 months ago)
You are life changing 👏
LegalEagle (5 months ago)
Thanks or watching!
LuK (5 months ago)
Hey, I'm currently a law student in Germany. In German Law exams are always the same: you get a case and you need to solve it extensively and in detail by arguing who is in the right and why someone is in the right in that specific case. Most of the time you only get one case or situation, however you want to call it, and solve it properly with an Assessment (sometimes 2 cases). So in Germany, we solve cases all the time for preparation for the exams. My question is, how are Exams structured in the US? Thanks for the video.
LuK (5 months ago)
Will do! And the tests are most certainly not easy, because you never know what case is in the test. And basicly because you need to solve the cause in detail, you need to know a lot of things to solve it properly, then again there thousands of different case szenarios haha. Also what really annoys me in germany are the standarts for the grading. There a 18 points to get, but only 15% get 9 points or better. What is the point of having 18 points, when it is almost unreachable. Thanks for answering!
LegalEagle (5 months ago)
Hard to tell from that description whether the tests are different or not. Check out my video on what you need to know about law school exams (its from a US perspective).
Quinn Marker (6 months ago)
Is there an outline program you recommend? is google docs sufficient?
Quinn Marker (6 months ago)
Thank you!
LegalEagle (6 months ago)
Almost everyone uses Word. Not sure if it's the best but it is the standard.
kannibalZZ (6 months ago)
This is very good info. I’m now going into my 2nd yr of law school and I can say - start your outline from day one!!!
LegalEagle (6 months ago)
Yup, it's too bad most students don't find out until it's too late.
Collyn Kuth (7 months ago)
At what time in the semester, or rather what week should someone start taking practice exams?
LegalEagle (7 months ago)
Half way through the semester if not sooner. We cover this in our masterclass. You can start practice exams earlier by extracting the law out of the answer (so that you don't need the law part memorized) then work on your exam skills. Knowing the law and working on your exam skills are two separate skills. That's why its so fatal to wait until the end of the semester to work on your exam skills.
Ingrid Yau (7 months ago)
This is useful for any kind of learning! Just a high-school grad and is grateful to have seen this in time!
LegalEagle (7 months ago)
Glad to hear it!
Catherine Cooper (7 months ago)
I am on my first year law in Auckland, NZ. Your videos are so relevant and indispensable even though your legal system is civil law system and mine is common law. The gist of everything you said about law school is so useful. I really appreciate you taking time to help “clueless” law students like myself. :)
LegalEagle (7 months ago)
Great to hear! The US is actually a common law country as well (as are most of the former colonies).
Katia Florit (8 months ago)
Going through my 2 gap years after graduation and studying for the lsat. Cant wait to go to law school 2019. Love your videos. They give me a good look at what to expect. Saw your tech essentials video. Savig up for a new laptop that can be folded into a tablet and also saving up for a printer. Also trying to read blackletter snippets on the train to work. May not understand them now much, but it will help for later. This tip will save me so much time in law school. Love your videos.
Katia Florit (8 months ago)
LegalEagle that would be amazing lol
LegalEagle (8 months ago)
Ah. I was picturing you living in hostels and bumming around Europe.
Katia Florit (8 months ago)
LegalEagle not lucky lol. Working 2 jobs to pay off unpredicted finance troubles. But i enjoy having a social life before it is taken away for three years lol.
LegalEagle (8 months ago)
Two gap years?! Lucky. Happy to help.
Stephen Miller (8 months ago)
Which video was the one where you listed out commercial outlines that you thought were best?
LegalEagle (8 months ago)
I don't recommend studying the substantive law before starting law school. You won't remember it, your professor will probably teach it differently, and it will contribute to burn out. At most, learn about law school issue spotting essays, and learn how to write them.
Stephen Miller (8 months ago)
LegalEagle are there any specific subjects you would recommend getting outlines of pre law school to have?
LegalEagle (8 months ago)
I don't really have an opinion on which commercial outline brand is the best. Generally I think they are all pretty good. It's a judgment call based on your preference and what your professor covers. I would always try to get an outline that is keyed to my casebook, though.
Coco Petite (8 months ago)
I’m a law student in studying in England but I find your videos so helpful
LegalEagle (8 months ago)
Cheers, mate!
N Muse (8 months ago)
Really helpful video.......Thank you for uploading...
LegalEagle (8 months ago)
Thanks for watching!
Ula Masirewa (9 months ago)
Just too good. U are a real blessing to us law students.
Reema Bakshi (9 months ago)
Okay, you are amazing, legal eagle
LegalEagle (9 months ago)
Awww, you are amazing, Reema.
Queen J (10 months ago)
What? This is a great live my life tool, for me.
single mom (11 months ago)
This piece of advice is priceless!!
LegalEagle (11 months ago)
Jason Cho (11 months ago)
amazing advice
suzy pius (3 months ago)
I like your video.GOD BLESS YOU
LegalEagle (11 months ago)
Glad you enjoyed.
T111 (1 year ago)
I just finished 1L year and I told my friends all throughout the year to start their outlines early. I see too many of my peers go into exams with textbooks, 100+ pages of notes and folders full of supplementary material from the internet... I went into that same exam with a 14 page outline... (I'm from USyd in Australia :) )
MyddrinEmrys (3 months ago)
I always do an outline and then distill that down to a shorter study guide. My outline may run 14+ pages, but my study guide will be approximately 1/2 as long as the outline. I also keep up to date on my outline every week, then begin the study guide when we finish a topic.
Aiman Anuar (5 months ago)
What should be included in the outlines?
LegalEagle (1 year ago)
Truth. It's not hard to understand why, though. Shorter/focussed being better is totally counter intuitive. And it's completely different than college. Hard to blame people. But you can't say we don't warn them!
Holly Britton (1 year ago)
All the videos you do are so helpful. I find a few of them a bit confusing because i am only 14 and haven't exactly learned any of the definitions of things like 'outline'. if you could do a video on explaining these things for people like me who want to be a lawyer of some kind when they grow up that would be so helpful. I tend to note down everything that is helpful, could you also leave the notes like bullet pointed on the side of the screen. I understand i am asking a lot but it would be very helpful for people like me when it comes to this kind of information, Thanks.
MyddrinEmrys (3 months ago)
+Holly Britton An outline is similar to what you do for a paper. You start with a topic and then break it down into elements. Here is an example from my outline for my Evidence class: A. Inferences vs. Presumptions 1. Inference – common-sense conclusion to which a reasonable person could come from the facts 2. Presumption – a legal inference based on rules of law; states that once a certain fact is established, the presumed fact must also be established unless disputed and rebutted by the other party a. Created to resolve difficult fact issues (res ipsa) b. Further social policies c. Means to produce proof is in the hands of the opposing party d. May be PERMISSIVE or MANDATORY i. Permissive – court will instruct that a jury MAY conclude the presumed fact if it was not contested ii. Mandatory – court will instruct that a jury MUST find the concluded fact if it was not contested For each topic we cover in class, I break it down into pieces so I can understand the topic and see it laid out in from of me. I also keep a running glossary of terms I need to know with a definition of the word. I know you can look the terms up online, or just buy a Legal Dictionary, but I've found I retain the information better if I write down the definition myself.
Holly Britton (1 year ago)
thanks so much. I look forward to watching these videos. Please do keep me posted on any new information that comes to light.
LegalEagle (1 year ago)
Holly, it's great that you're taking an interest so early! You are way ahead of the game! We have a future video planned for explaining a lot of the vocab you run into in law school. But don't worry, you'll have a ton of time to learn everything you need to know.

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