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Style File - Pink Flowers and Black Leather

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Get this outfit! http://www.beautymeetslifestyle.com/2011/07/pink-flowers-and-black-lace-ootd.html My Official Sites: ♡ Beauty Blog: ‪http://www.BeautyMeetsLifestyle.com‬ ♡ Personal/Vlog Channel: http://www.youtube.com/simplyxnikki ♡ Follow me on Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/nikkiegdamin ♡ Join me on Beautylish: http://www.beautylish.com/beautymeetslifestyle ♡ Follow me on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/lifemadesimply _________________________________________________________ ♡ Shop Online; Great companies, even better deals: High Quality, Affordable Makeup Brushes & Accessories Get a free gift with $30 purchase Sigma Beauty: http://www.sigmabeauty.com/?Click=58545 For Everything Hair Related, Go to the Experts! Flat Iron Experts: http://www.FlatIronExperts.com/?Click=22869 Practical & Stylish Must-Have Accessories Free shipping when buying 2 or more items Promo code: "Think Pink!" The Pink Company: http://www.thepinkcompany.com PinkyParadise Korea Circle Lens Store Use code "nikkithebrat" to receive free cute animal lens case plus mystery gifts. Coupon code can be stacked, and a minimum of 1 lens purchase is required to activate code. PinkyParadise: http://pinkyparadise.com/ _________________________________________________________ FTC: All items were purchased with my own money. I'm not affiliated with any companies mentioned nor am I getting paid for this video. As always, this is my honest opinion. Thank you for watching, rating, commenting & subscribing! Love Always, ♡ Nikki To contact me regarding sponsorship, product reviews or other business inquiries please email me at: [email protected] ♡ Background Audio Provided by: http://danosongs.com/
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Text Comments (20)
Erick Abner (7 years ago)
Victoria Ann (7 years ago)
@nikkithebrat You're welcome!
@karma914 - Thanks! I was playing with video and editing. Glad you like the scenery, it's one of my favorite spots!
@TheTita144 - It's at Iao valley :) Thanks so much!
@alessya87 - Aw thanks that means so much to me! I'm in no way trying to be a model or something lol. I always want to keep it natural and in my videos I want to show the real me. :) I'll try to film a makeup tutorial soon, it's kinda hard trying to make a new setup. Romania wow, thanks for watching <3.
@Risingcash - Thanks so much :)
@deegeyx3 - Thanks girl! :D
@TheAsianGurl49 - I think anyone can pull off this look! The dress is not form fitting at all, it's more flowy. I like to wear this dress when I go out to eat because it lets me breathe hehe.
@XoXoMauiGurL - I'm from Maui :) Iao is definitely one of my favorite spots to swim and hang out. Adding leather to this outfit was so fun. Thanks for watching!
@carolannragan - Thanks so much :)
@ViCKYINViNCiBLE - Thanks Vicky!!
@anzfalcon - Thanks Anz! I love accessories :P
Victoria Ann (7 years ago)
You're sooo gorgeous Nikki!!! <3
Tiana Hema (7 years ago)
Love the dress & leather accents you added. Very chic. Also love the scenery of Iao. Are you from Maui or just enjoying a Vacay? Anyways hope you enjoyed your 4th of July!
TheAsianGurl49 (7 years ago)
it suit for slim people.
Kristina Vukovic (7 years ago)
Very nice!
Maria Galachio (7 years ago)
I loveee this!
OG Chad (7 years ago)
This is really nice (:
Alexandra Z (7 years ago)
Love how you're not fake, nor trying to pose, you're sweet and natural and one of my fav beauty gurus! Keep it up, my dear! :X Oh, and can you pls do a makeup tutorial soon? ^.^ Thanks! xoxo from Romania! :)
karma914 (7 years ago)
Very classy. Beautiful scenery as well. :)

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