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The Discovery & Restoration of Leonardo da Vinci's Long-Lost Painting "Salvator Mundi" | Robb Report

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Leonardo da Vinci is one of history's greatest artists and thinkers. Only about 15 of his paintings are known to exist and one was thought to be lost forever. Leonard painted that masterpiece, called "Salvator Mundi" (Savior of the World) around 1500. It was owned by no less than three kings and, in 1763, it disappeared. This video tells the story of that incredible painting, how it was rediscovered in 2005, and what happened when it went to auction at Christie's in November 2017. READ MORE: http://bit.ly/LostDaVinci Secret Histories of Rare Treasures spotlights the stories behind items that amaze historians, elude collectors, and intrigue audiences. Through original and never-before-seen footage, in-depth archival research, and expert interviews, Robb Report brings these awe-inspiring narratives to life. Developed in coordination with Robb Report’s editors and produced by the brand’s in-house custom-content and video agency Robb Report Studio, the editorial series explores the hidden lives of extremely rare and amazingly valuable items often found in the pages of Robb Report. Subscribe to Robb Report: https://bit.ly/2rx0Icw CONNECT WITH ROBB REPORT Web: http://robbreport.com Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/robbreport Twitter: https://www.facebook.com/robbreport Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/robbreport Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/robbreport ABOUT ROBB REPORT Robb Report is luxury without compromise, attracting a discerning audience with a shared appreciation and desire for quality, artisanship, heritage, fine design, and exclusivity. With its fingers on the pulse of the latest superlative products and experiences that today’s modern consumers seek, Robb Report is synonymous around the world with affluence, luxury, and the best of the best.
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Text Comments (577)
Eugene (11 hours ago)
another fake overhyped trap from da Vinci
Miley onDisney (1 day ago)
That painting is as much by da Vinci as my d*ck! It may be from around that time, but it is definitely not by him.
Togue (1 day ago)
The monalisa is Leonardo da Vinci himself, but no one notices.
Emily Payeur (1 day ago)
Art auctions are such a weird thing. They only care about the prestige and the value of the painting. It's nice that the new owner has it loaned to a museum, but in my opinion things like this shouldn't be privately owned in any capacity. Especially when the owners remain anonymous (they didn't mention this Saudi prince's name) or it changes hands unofficially, we can't hold them accountable for things that might happen to paintings or other artifacts, and we run the risk of the painting being lost again.
Hunter Crosby (1 day ago)
Can you even imagine the feeling of RETOUCHING Leonardo Da Vinci's painting? Of painting on the same surface as one of the greatest artists and scientists of all time? My God. I'd throw up.
Søren Dansker (2 days ago)
A comment section full of people mad about someone having more money than them
Ichthusk (2 days ago)
Ok, no. We know that aura is a thing, but this is just a public embarrassment. Don't poop your pants because you're looking at something that other people have told you is oh so great. That painting is one of many and it's not divine and Leonardo is one of thousands of excellent master painters throughout history. His name is worth far too much money because people are too lazy and stupid to go and explore the period and look for the many second grade popularity painters who were just as good, perhaps slightly different, but always excellent (including the oh so deep meanings), and worth so so much less because of this idiotic money laundering attention grabbing media-attracting divine circlejerk.
welshpete12 (2 days ago)
Those eyes are not human . I do not know what they are , but so hypnotic !
Marie Lawson (3 days ago)
Man oh man I would have been both honoured and terrified to be the conservator chosen to work on this! It’s absolutely beautiful!
Greg (3 days ago)
This image of jesus always gets me. look at a map. galilea was basically bronze age palestine an somehow that white dude was walking around all those arabs. hilarious
Skydoes Minecraf (3 days ago)
It's not even that good
oltedders (3 days ago)
This is most likely, yet another, self portrait of Leonardo da Vinci himself, as are the 2 self portraits erroneously titled 'Mona Lisa'.
TheBiggerSelf (3 days ago)
Sold to a Muslim... never seen again.
nolaz010 (4 days ago)
Julia (4 days ago)
The conservator is a marvellous woman. She clearly has an intense admiration for the artwork and a deep understanding of it.
Mystique (4 days ago)
yo maybe its by beltracchi
Tomas Soejakto (4 days ago)
Mr. Wintermute should audition for the role of a Bond villain.
ANTIHERO (5 days ago)
To me this says more about the art commodification and capitalism than anything. Eat the rich.
Alex Arias (5 days ago)
Imagine your art being worth 400 million fucking dollars centuries after your death wtf... that costs more than a the construction of a space shuttle.
kae verens (5 days ago)
that music is annoyingly loud and unnecessary
Macpo33 (5 days ago)
why does he look so metal
YUBEL Δ (6 days ago)
Its funny when this guy can tell the whole chain of who owned this painting since the 500’s to the 1700’s and what not then say “then it was bought by an American we think...”
Kathleen Irenea (6 days ago)
no one really knows what jesus actually looks.. i dont think its worth anything..
Helena Nilsson (6 days ago)
So many salty comments about how this artwork should be in Europe instead of the Abu Dhabi museum. Give me a break, at least they *bought* it from an auction instead of just yoinking it at sight. Also, please don't talk as if art can only be displayed in their countries or continents of origin - Europe would LOOSE massively in that kind of narrative. Oh sure, one museum might gain the Salvador, but overall European museums would loose vast amounts of their collections if we had to return everything and we wouldn't get nearly as much back. (though I do understand returning culturally important items that were stolen, like when Olof Hanson found a totem pole in 1920 and did a finders-keepers. The Haisla Nation were more than generous when they sent over a replica of the totem in return for the original they wanted back)
Ainsley B (4 days ago)
Helena Nilsson actually, the paint vanished again and they don’t even know if it got destroyed or not.
Ranouken (6 days ago)
I know many people here are complaining about the price being way too much for a painting, no matter if it’s a masterpiece, but honestly I’d rather have people spend their money on art than on some wall or bullshit like that.. as long as no one gets hurt, people should be able to spend their money however they like. I just wish small artists would be respected more and paid accordingly too bc those are some of the poorest people out there.
evitasd (6 days ago)
It was ...so delightful...to listen to the lady restorer.
Marcos (7 days ago)
Not a really a Leonardo... 400M fake
Great Value Bleach (7 days ago)
posh level over 9000
Mary Bova (7 days ago)
that is a fake!!!!!!!!
Sah. B. (7 days ago)
Sold to a Muslim—interesting. 🤔
DEploribus Unum (7 days ago)
What a gorgeous painting but no one should have that much money to wast on a painting. That's ridiculous.
Lorendrawn (7 days ago)
"OC do not steal." - Da Vinci, L.
Sebastian Melmoth (8 days ago)
Nothing on God's earth could convince me that this mediocre painting is by the Great Master.
Melicoy (8 days ago)
Robo Cop (8 days ago)
Fuc*ing hippie transvestite in that painting, disgusting
Robo Cop (8 days ago)
TRANSVESTITE ALERT - Wtf is everybody smiling about, that looks like a transvetite in the painting. A guy with woman hair, an abomination. Now that's some disgusting s*it.
ColliCub (8 days ago)
So, it’s currently missing... “Christie's confirmed that Prince Badr acted on behalf of Abu Dhabi’s Department of Culture and Tourism for display at the Louvre Abu Dhabi. In September 2018, the exhibition was indefinitely postponed and a January 2019 news report indicated that "no one knows where it is, and there are grave concerns for its physical safety”.” Uh... what?! A Saudi Prince just paid nearly half a billion clams for this painting, and now it’s missing?!
ColliCub (1 day ago)
Ainsley B Ainsley B Yeah, I think the issue with the Saudi’s Louvre Museum appears to be based around the fact that it’s been OVER-restored; as in, they’ve got it now, it’s been assessed by their experts and they’re like ‘What the f***, this isn’t what we were expecting!’ and they’re refusing to exhibit it. But as it’s their property now, they’re not obliged to divulge its condition or whereabouts and these guys are freaking out!
Ainsley B (4 days ago)
ColliCub not to be a bitch or anything, but what did they expect? It should have just stayed in Europe.
I'm Okay , (8 days ago)
Sold to a Saudi Prince. ffs
DrQuadrivium (9 days ago)
The bottom line ... it's all about *money.* .
David C'Kearney (9 days ago)
Why was "The Work Of Art" sold to Saudi Prince For? That Idiot will have it in his Shitter. The Museum should be Held Liable for any Damages, and More than Likely Vanished Work Of Art Forever. Such a Treasure should only be admired by some horrible rich person. Bullshit.
Idonthaveanameidea (9 days ago)
I would give it to a museum..
Idonthaveanameidea (1 day ago)
karrigan it’s fine you didn’t but thanks for the info I’m not the best listener lol
karrigan (1 day ago)
oops sorry if i sounded rude too... just a lot of people are getting upset by someone buying it but they are lending it to a museum to display, if i'm not mistaken i'm sure that that happens quite often
Idonthaveanameidea (1 day ago)
karrigan I meant it by donating sorry if it came off as rude to you
karrigan (2 days ago)
Idonthaveanameidea it’s going to be displayed in a museum... if you just watch the whole video you’d know that
freya Pokorny (10 days ago)
can't it go to a fucking museum.
fahad mm (11 days ago)
ملخص الحديث ان اللوحه كانت تالفه ومنتهيه ، وهذي المرأءه العجوز هي من قامت بترميم اللوحه من الصفر واعادة طلائها ، واتى اللص العميل محمد سلمان بأموال السمعودين وشترى هذه اللوحه بنصف مليار دولار .
brwi1 (12 days ago)
witness (12 days ago)
I'd laugh so fucking hard if it turned out it was fake. Love Da Vinci tho.
Angelbaby107 (12 days ago)
its so beautiful...
Osel Somar (13 days ago)
So many Jews....
terry Lim (13 days ago)
It was so amazing that he painted the pattern on the fabric SO NEAT!
Mojack (14 days ago)
The fun part is that it's not a da Vinci painting
Carlos Montes (14 days ago)
When one of my artworks gets sold: Can I have 53 us dollars? Anybody? 33 us dollars? 15 dollars? 7 dollars and this lamp my wife found at a pawn shop? This lamp for 10 dollars?... Sold! To the woman that just happens to be my wife!
NbAlIvEr100 (14 days ago)
These people crying over a painting are insane.
Neal Americana (15 days ago)
LOL fake piece.
Mike King (17 days ago)
Stolen from an old lady by some unscrupulous pretentious art leech and sold at Christies to some old Oil Sheik's 28 year old son such a tragedy on every level
Valter Pina (20 days ago)
400 MIL?!?!?!? WTF
Mike Wilson (20 days ago)
Yeah, shame it's a fake: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gtXEeo5pRsI
AwpitheAwper (20 days ago)
That guy from Baumgartner restoration would've done a great job on this.
Belsnickel (4 days ago)
AwpitheAwper yes he would!! He’s amazing
Miss GIJoe (5 days ago)
He’s an Instagram restorer.
Kaigama Ben (5 days ago)
+Albert Strauß yeah fuck them rich people
Aston Animatics (5 days ago)
Yeah and it wouldn't have taken him 5 years
Starseed-bb (20 days ago)
rich people are crazy. Hope they donated some of that money to struggling artists or community art centers.
Martian Hippie Pizza (21 days ago)
Da Vinci didn't paint that! The Arabs wanted the Mona Lisa for their museum but they didn't get it so they pull this so call "lost Leonardo" out of no where.
Sachin Verma (21 days ago)
Goosebumps and shivers
Anto (21 days ago)
all these people on the comments saying art is useless and worthless ugh use the internet and go read a bit, you seriously need it
cnon (21 days ago)
Leonardo didn't even paint this hahaha, it came from his workshop maybe. Bought to launder dirty Saudi money anyway.
wickandde (23 days ago)
I wanted to hear more from the conservator, the way she spoke about it bought tears to my eyes, she's really a true connoisseur.
Russell DoFrane (24 days ago)
Hm. A Saudi Prince spent 450 million dollars on a painting of Jesus. Interesting.
Maria Mari (5 days ago)
Ariel DLG (25 days ago)
Oh yeah this is totally a real Da Vinci sure from his time in Louisiana, he was a shrimp lover
MoonshineSazerac (25 days ago)
Does Penn know Teller is posing as an art expert at Christies?
Parasmunt (25 days ago)
Nice painting, i wonder who made it, will we ever know? I would prefer if he hadn't used a painting by Da Vinci as his canvass for his new piece - canvases are cheap after all.
Barfyman 362 (25 days ago)
That's the antichrist
Sapphire Orchid (25 days ago)
He just looks sad.
Kpopahjussi63 (26 days ago)
Exquisite. And then you look at some of the modern things called art.
D D (26 days ago)
Why is Jesus caucasian in all those paintings?
patrick3870 (26 days ago)
The gay guy with the white powder on his face looks very spooky.
First world problems
pquic (26 days ago)
long ago europeans stole the art with force and know the arabs stole it with money
OniSamaGin (26 days ago)
Pretentious Bullshit at its best.. Selling educational restoration for jacking off some ego on the public."But it is elegant bullshit."
TO NO (27 days ago)
Sold to a Saudi ‘Prince’ hypocrisy - Aniconism is a proscription in Islam against the creation and ownership of images of sentient beings.
Liberated Amon (27 days ago)
Why do they keep calling this Salvator guy the christ? He doesn't look anything like Jesus. Also there was no restoration in this video.
Mahmoud Saiid (27 days ago)
Liars ..frauds.
John94709 (28 days ago)
In the bible, Jesus says that it's shameful for a man to have long hair. So why does every depiction look like he's in a 90's metal band?
billy kobilca (28 days ago)
My darlings. ..... we doubt it's wholly by LD. it most likely came out of his studio, via student ... It's not all by the man, the legendary LD.
Swift Visuals 迅速 (28 days ago)
The fuck all these shedding a tear for wow it's a fucking painting.
markmark63 (28 days ago)
A lot of ignorant people posting on here. Jesus, Mary and most of the other characters - Adam and Eve, Abraham, Moses, Noah, Joseph and the rest appear in the Muslim Quran as well as the Christian Bible.
Arman Minasian (29 days ago)
Not an original Da Vinci work from the man himself- but rather probably a work from his studio. Possible Leonardo Da Vinci touch ups or guidance on the piece, but hard to ever say. This is not synonymous with his level of mastery
Mengjuei Hsieh (29 days ago)
Antonio Brudiu (29 days ago)
no restauration!
Cullenak47 (29 days ago)
Isn’t it like not his painting but a tall student of his whom he helped
Saharian (29 days ago)
Saudi Prince... hahaha. Oh, the irony. He must've slept very well that night.
Myn (30 days ago)
Honestly if I had $400Million to spend on a painting I would, I would buy every painting I could to get it restored and back to its original state then give it to whatever museum wanted it. People are complaining that the money should’ve went to something more important like charity but the money goes straight to museums and the restoration of the painting(which can cost literally thousands). Its not money wasted, since the money is going back into the ‘community’.
maria paz (30 days ago)
The painting is amazingly beautiful
Jason Torrens (30 days ago)
Chin is ugly
Jason Torrens (29 days ago)
Luigi at least I don’t have nuts on mine
Bryce C (29 days ago)
So is yours
Brigante (1 month ago)
art dealing is just a sly way for jews to transfer money tax free
Hus 9 (1 month ago)
Its not made by Leonardo da Vinchi
Sidney Frank (1 month ago)
Isn’t it a fake
Arominit (1 month ago)
I offered 390 million but got overbid on the last second
Samson Raj (1 month ago)
Show the restoration!!!! Why the hell am I seeing peoples face? Sucks! Unsubscribed
AnOwlThatEatsRainbows (1 month ago)
Wasn't it debunked that it wasn't his actual work but a student's that he helped work with? 🤔
Jogo jump (1 month ago)
Later they figured out it is a fake. When will they take down this video
greenatom (1 month ago)
Nah. Anyone who has studied actual Leonardos can see this isn't legit. Copy by a student maybe. There is so much money involved, with propaganda like this to help sell it.
tvnja (1 month ago)
Lol at the guy crying.
JonVieSays (1 month ago)
If someone else would have painted this exact same painting no one would give a damn lol just saying
Katherine Tillery (1 month ago)
Why did a painting of Leonardo's gay lover sell for so much?

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