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Strangers Play Fear Pong (Emily vs. Kenny) | Fear Pong | Cut

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Text Comments (16546)
Paul McDonnell (18 minutes ago)
Wonder how many people paused at 5:37
KMKZ3 (14 hours ago)
Pause 3:54 youre welcome Also 4:44 if you were looking for the thumbnail
KMKZ3 (14 hours ago)
That guy is a god at beer pong
Zimpan zee (19 hours ago)
There was another 234k people like me who clicked LIKE button just for Emily.
SupaMonkey Feind (2 days ago)
6:26 Drop an F for our fallen brother :/
Hector Reyes (2 days ago)
Stop the video at 5:36 you welcome bois
Mr.SparkyBOY (2 days ago)
I searched "PONG in 2019" and this showed up.
radosava andjelkovic (2 days ago)
I dont lick my guinea pigs butt tho...
Deez Nuts (3 days ago)
Damn girl 👀👀👀
yoursparkinson (4 days ago)
You can really tell he was trying to act “normal” and “cute” but he was being annoying as hell.
Charles Ojide (4 days ago)
You know damn well she ain’t have a bf😂 she just wasn’t attracted to him
Luke Jorgenensen (5 days ago)
5:36 pause, you’re welcome
Reïnn (5 days ago)
Come on Josh... ask yourself the right questions
Big Tiddy Goth (5 days ago)
What was that string on his chest?
Preázinho Play (5 days ago)
Jackie Chan for adults
ByOxiiGeN (6 days ago)
special ned (6 days ago)
What a skank
6:26 is me after every positive interaction I’ve ever had with a girl “We should hang out more” “...what?”
JadenGaming (7 days ago)
Magnamaster (7 days ago)
We should hang out more and she's like what lmao
HoangDuyKhanh Xam (7 days ago)
I'm a Panda (7 days ago)
Ey yo, Josh (If you actually exist) How you doing buddy!?
Sohail Jubar. Makrani (8 days ago)
thỏ team mun (9 days ago)
Wef teo méo hiểu cm j cả
BluFl4me (10 days ago)
Cheers to Kenny!
Acura TL GTLM (10 days ago)
Later that day, Josh dumped Emily, and Emily called up Kenny to hang out after her breakup.
toby_belize (11 days ago)
Is that bobby from team edge?? 😂
Blackout 44 (11 days ago)
4:47 Sadly YouTube will delete this videos because of this.... 👀
r r (11 days ago)
Doesn't matter how good you are, there is always an Asian dude better than you
Filip R (13 days ago)
sorry god
Caroline Huang (14 days ago)
I can hear the thumbnail yelling "ma dude!"
Max Gearshift (14 days ago)
get naked with no underwere
Kye Nelson (15 days ago)
5:37 paused 🙌🏾
Gacha TV (15 days ago)
2:15 he was sad :(
Run Clan (16 days ago)
Mr chow is that u?
Pavan Krishna (16 days ago)
Who's back here after a long time ?
Dinusha vlogs (17 days ago)
Ahmad Ray (17 days ago)
tag the girl ig friends :-)
17 Marlboro (18 days ago)
she lyyyyyyyyyyyyin brooo, the way she said 'josh' was just too obviously
Liam McGealy (18 days ago)
FearlossFitness (18 days ago)
Yeah she definitely doesn’t have a boyfriend 😂
FVCK her
yung cash register (18 days ago)
putting classical music over degenerate behavior
XpideRG (19 days ago)
Hello nurse!
Kayla D (19 days ago)
He killed it tho
JiggaJS (20 days ago)
martin ortiz (21 days ago)
Ryan's Channel (21 days ago)
Does Emily have YouTube or anything?
bryan reyes (21 days ago)
I seen his soul leave his body when she said she has a boyfriend
Sultan Saad (21 days ago)
الى جهنم
كفوش ميديا (22 days ago)
المشتهيه تجي
KevinShinwoo (22 days ago)
Aw, I'd hang out with him.
Linda Wahyuni (22 days ago)
( ;
cloudy pastels (23 days ago)
everyone says “but this is my favorite shirt” and then the other replies “no it’s not”
cloudy pastels (6 days ago)
brayen brian wdym? i said exactly what i meant
brayen brian (7 days ago)
You got 5 likes from people who didn't understand what you meant
Kolo Ignanov (23 days ago)
what's that thing on his stomache? is it mic?
InsideTheFive (20 days ago)
Kolo Ignanov yeah
this guy should go professional
MaName Jeff (23 days ago)
Name of girl?
xXsim. owoXx (24 days ago)
"We should hang out more" *"wHaT"*
AXioS TraLLö (24 days ago)
Finn wolfhard’s bae (24 days ago)
okay but i ship them-
XcordOne (24 days ago)
OMG why i'm here :V
David Glover (25 days ago)
For 200$$?? They must be desperate.
0 (25 days ago)
$200 for spicy jumbo foot long hotdog sandwich with spicy butter fried chicken and spicy ice cream and 500ml iced coconut water and 500ml melon shake.
Honey Buns (25 days ago)
He low key was into her
K J (25 days ago)
What her @ tho ;)
K J (23 days ago)
@MaName Jeff oh i was already following her lol thanks
MaName Jeff (23 days ago)
K J @emilyyfloress
Estrada11Jr (25 days ago)
K J on god I was scrolling looking for it too 😂
Guest Guest (26 days ago)
My heart my soul ☹️
Iconhulk (26 days ago)
Hello Emily........
Xavior Cruz (26 days ago)
He was so disappointed when she said she had a boyfriend
amed heshm (26 days ago)
Blood.Bailey. (26 days ago)
She got dumped after this
IL PINTURICCHIO (27 days ago)
there's no Josh
AKASH BR (27 days ago)
Why continue the game for other dress that she wears
dalahakk (29 days ago)
What's on his stomach?
Spoiler Alert (29 days ago)
Random person : hfhnejdjvhdhkeskhcb GETS 1.2k likes ME : wow he is such buff ( example ) GETS no like
Alvin Tuy (29 days ago)
If you like her you should be with her
BIG FRIED (29 days ago)
Kenny honestly seems like a cool ass dude, expected a buzzkill
انا سخن ناررر
Shanaya G (1 month ago)
When he asked if she had a bf and she said yes he looked depressed for a sec 😂
Dustin Oakley (1 month ago)
She fucken loves fish sauce
SAIHH RAMDA (1 month ago)
Mantap asu
IcyPlays (1 month ago)
Josh punching the air right now
Erotic Tomato (23 days ago)
r/nba is leaking
Carlos Briseno (1 month ago)
5:37 thank me later
AroTab (1 month ago)
Kenny is coolest dude on earth... seriously
I like him :)) it's pretty funny
Ayşe Akan (1 month ago)
No. No no no
Mr. Nice Guy 85 (1 month ago)
4:47 can u spot it?
tyler Martinez (1 month ago)
Mr. Nice Guy 85 Actually no wtf?
Dayziaä. (1 month ago)
All of this for only $200? Next lmao
Joe Morris (1 month ago)
Okay this guy’s a little geeky but he’s SO smooth dayum
Joe Morris (1 month ago)
Wow she’s very beautiful 🤩
SerianMango (1 month ago)
My names actually Kenny, you got the wrong guy!
Riad Islam (1 month ago)
Please tell me, what is his chest 🧐🤔
Real One (1 month ago)
cut your channel is some thing else not in a good or bad way, sometimes your channel just is questionable 🧐
{CAMPERS} zxrec (1 month ago)
that mans has actually *NOT* had a girl
XXXGAMERXXX 663 (1 month ago)
You're ok?
Jeremy Sladen (1 month ago)
She is so beautiful tho
alexkg1 (1 month ago)
I've watched this episode so many times but keep coming back because it is definitely the best one!
Kid Cliff (1 month ago)
Rip my boy Kenny
Verry Padang (1 month ago)
Eko Setiawan (1 month ago)
Dalam nya udah item ya wkwkwkwk 😀😀😀
*m Y d U D e*

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