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Here is a slideshow build log of the 1999 WRC subaru Impreza kit from Tamiya. The model was completed then weathered to give a dirt track look.
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Pete's YouTube (4 days ago)
The car look great.. Keep up the good work👍👍👍
Bogdan Pruteanu (16 days ago)
Bravo Petre!
John Petre (16 days ago)
Thanks! :)
Travis Su (1 month ago)
A little bit curious how do you detail painting the small parts.....use brush?
John Petre (1 month ago)
yes, just brush for the small details and airbrush everything else. Thanks for watching.
Fabrizio c (2 months ago)
Juls Pascal (4 months ago)
What paint and brush do u use for detailing?
Juls Pascal (4 months ago)
+John Petre thx very much
John Petre (4 months ago)
Hi Juls, I use fine-tipped artists brushes for the details, nothing flash or expensive, just regular ones. I mainly use Tamiya acrylic paints but do use a selection of other hobby paints, You just have to remember to thin the paint a little more for brush painting and don't try and cover the parts with one coat. Two or more light coats with a brush can have a good finish. If it is a hot day and paint dries quickly, I sometimes use a drop of flow aid to the paint to give a little extra play time. Hope it helps you and Thanks for watching!
Juls Pascal (4 months ago)
And what paint do u use for painting the lamp?
Derek johnson (5 months ago)
Эммм... помойму руль не стой стороны?
Outdated Tastes (6 months ago)
simulated dirt is the icing on the cake for this build
John Petre (6 months ago)
Outdated Tastes Thank you
AT4047 (8 months ago)
bit of a shame about the weathering! the Tour de course never gets cars that dirty as its a Tarmac event how did you apply the dirt as it just looks like you have splashed actual mud onto it. have a look at photos of the car at the real event and weather accordingly would be my suggestion :)
AT4047 (8 months ago)
John, and if it makes you happy then thats fine I guess as, as you say its how you want to enjoy the hobby :) I have liked to build my kits into clean kits but I want to look at weathering future models especially as i will be getting an Airbrush which will help in that regard! lol where are you from? I am a Rally Marshal and would love to attract another spectator to the sport :p
John Petre (8 months ago)
AT4047 in my humble opinion, building models is supposed to be a fun and enjoyable experience. Getting too hung up on minute details can sometimes spoil a build. This particular project was some of my first and only westhering. Weathering is not really what I like to do, building clean looking kits is what I like to do mostly but I have attempted weathering a couple of times. Never been to a live race either. Thank you for your constructive criticism. Very helpful!
Ed AK (8 months ago)
Very impressive build ! ! ! Just a few remarks : there is no antenna and no door mirrors ; the bottom lip of the front bumper should be black.
John Petre (8 months ago)
yeah, I made an error with the picture timing while compiling the slideshow. If you notice towards the end of the video, some pictures have the door mirrors on as well as the 2 antennas on the roof. I assure you the finished build is complete. As for the black trim on the front bumper, well, I kinda went off the box art for the paint job so the build is like that. Thanks for watching and also your comment!
Andrew Drabble (10 months ago)
//Legacy TRZ (11 months ago)
erdazz (11 months ago)
Weathering is incredible
peter zebot (11 months ago)
The mud does not look realistic at all. it doesn't blob in spots. Look at photos or outside at real cars that drive through a bit of mud. the car is nice however.
John Petre (11 months ago)
peter zebot Thanks for the input. Good or bad I always try and improve on my last build. First time weathering a car for me so I'm pretty happy with the results.
riza yanuar '78 (1 year ago)
Mark Jackson (1 year ago)
Great job I'm building the same kit just now but I made a total arse of the Subaru stars on the side couldn't get it to conform to the door handles properly how did you do it if you don't mind me asking
John Petre (1 year ago)
Diesel Power I used the same products to help the decals conform to the surface, but alas, the decals like the kit are fairly old which does not help when laying them down. If I were to build the kit again clean, I would probably cut out the piece at the door handle for ease. Thank you for your kind comments, much appreciated 😁
Mark Jackson (1 year ago)
John Petre I tried using lots of micro set and sol hoping to soften the decals enough to stick it to the door handle I'll try making a template to paint the stars on. Once again great model well done.
John Petre (1 year ago)
Diesel Power I had a similar issue with the decals conforming to the door handles and ended up having some cracking of the decals right where you mention. A bit of mud splashed over them hid the imperfections. If I had to build it again I think coating the decal sheet in decal bonder or decal film would strengthen them enough to work with. A very tricky surface for sure!
Wesley C (1 year ago)
My favorite rally car from gran turismo games, the WRC legend.
Kyle Sagun (1 year ago)
Very nice
John Petre (1 year ago)
Thank you! :)
Cristian Musetan (1 year ago)
AMAZING WORK, I am a STI owner myself and i really respect fans, could you please tell me what the song is called?
John Petre (1 year ago)
Thankyou. Sorry I dont know the track that`s playing. It was just something I pulled online when I was making the slideshow.
Ian Fichera (1 year ago)
did you need to glue everything?
John Petre (1 year ago)
+Ian Fichera any time.
Ian Fichera (1 year ago)
John Petre thanks for the info👍
John Petre (1 year ago)
Some of the smaller parts I used canopy glue. This is safe to use on paint work without damaging anything , easy to wipe away and very strong when set.
Acid Pirat (1 year ago)
John Petre (1 year ago)
Thanks! 😀
SciFiantasy (1 year ago)
nice work john
The Captain (1 year ago)
WOW, incredible!!!

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