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Amsterdam SmartShop: Magic Mushrooms when they were Legal Now Banned!

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Amsterdam Smartshops no longer sell hallucinogenic mushrooms, although they have similar products. This is a scene from Adventures In Europe volume 1. A visit to Conscious Dreams one of Amsterdam's most popular SmartShops
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leontinec (3 months ago)
Those hawaiians copelandia are back in an easy to grow kit. https://www.buy-magic-mushroom-kits.com/Panaeolus-Subbalteatus-copelandia-hawaiian1.html
bishplis (4 months ago)
this is 30+ years old lol
bishplis (4 months ago)
fuck these scammy druggy taxi immigrants
bishplis (4 months ago)
theyre still LEGAL BY LAW
LockedPig (10 months ago)
Snort chops
Werent they banned in 08?
bishplis (4 months ago)
no, only ACTIVELY DRIED mushrooms are banned
TheThedot (2 years ago)
We need to demand the legalization of magic mushrooms for human consumption world wide!!!!
vincent dam (5 years ago)
the people in amsterdam dont want to get rid of them. just the right goverment
Samir Said (5 years ago)
cool where did u get em from
Tampaterry54 (5 years ago)
"just to get blasted" AHAHAHAHAHA
RoryEastwayMMA (5 years ago)
taxi driver seemed like he was on the sniff
MrMango Gruen (5 years ago)
but whats the point then, that truffles are legal and shrooms arent ?
Andre Fernandes (5 years ago)
Andre Fernandes (5 years ago)
Andre Fernandes (5 years ago)
carl478 (6 years ago)
it wouldnt kill u from taking them, but i heard of someone jumping off a balcony thinking they could fly. Best thing to do is do them with people you know and trust and somewhere familiar and if you get a bit freaked try an re-assure yourself that its only the drugs!
bishplis (4 months ago)
you heard wrong
petesppeb (6 years ago)
They were very helpful! I had some philosopher stone truffles and loved every minute of it!
mightymusa009 (6 years ago)
are magic mushrooms even bad for people, like has it ever killed anyone?
bishplis (4 months ago)
"magic" ones are 10000% safe the ones you find outside CAN KILL YOU
petesppeb (6 years ago)
Thanks! :) Am considering trying out some of the legal ones when I go in 9 days... Might just stick to the weed though :P Love your videos by the way!
adventuresineurope (6 years ago)
They are happy to give you all the information you are looking for. I have found Smartshops to be very helpful.
petesppeb (6 years ago)
Would they be happy to tell me how to consume them and how to do it in a way where it wont be very strong at all and stuff like that? Or would they just consider me annoying and stupid lol?
adventuresineurope (6 years ago)
Yeh the signs say magic mushrooms, but the shops can only sell truffles now, which have the same substance as the mushrooms.
adventuresineurope (6 years ago)
@dethbypotato Just about everyone speaks English in Amsterdam.
titsbeerbong420 (6 years ago)
cool vid
MrLazzyG MrLazzy (7 years ago)
0:40 Greece RE MOUNIA!!!!!
100PercentTHCfilms (7 years ago)
Hawaiian ones all the way <3
GothElven (7 years ago)
@adventuresineurope Thank you very much, I will check Consious Dreams!
adventuresineurope (7 years ago)
@GothElven I'm not 100% sure about all the different products they have in Amsterdam's smartshops, but they do have quite a bit of natural plants and herbs. I would suggest checking out Conscious Dreams when you are in town, they are our favorite.
GothElven (7 years ago)
Hello! Do you know what psychedelic plants are legal in Amsterdam? Maybe Salvia Divinorum or ayahuasca or other stuff than weed and truffles? Peace my friend!
zezt (7 years ago)
@afropatrick that has nothing to do with it. it is [propaganda from the christian administration who lied about some girl jumping off a bridge thinking she could fly after eating magic mushrooms. WHY dont they ban alcohol then---do not people do all kinds of crazy shit on THAT drug?
zezt (7 years ago)
this video makes no sense. The title seems to suggest you are going to talk about the magic mushrooms being banned, so I am confused.
afropatrick (7 years ago)
They got banned!? I guess that's what happens when people don't respect the drug and abuse it.
adventuresineurope (7 years ago)
@GamingStrategies In Amsterdam's Smartshops you can purchase truffles which are similar to Magic Mushrooms.
Angel Sanchez (7 years ago)
adventuresineurope (7 years ago)
@BaBBas09 No we didn't try any, we were just having fun. : )
Docta Doja (7 years ago)
i want a tattooo of that little blue indian i had dreams of seeing that guy.
ssrider7 (7 years ago)
fuck the law... i harvest my kit just yesterday,gaved me 120grams of fresh cubensis B+!
adventuresineurope (7 years ago)
@TheHashCompany Yeh happy times. : )
adventuresineurope (7 years ago)
@ChristopherAmsterdam Yeh man, those were the days.... I remember my first visit to a SmartShop, it was AMAZING. The Hawaiians were awesome.
Santa (7 years ago)
you can buy lsa containing seeds-hawaian baby woodrose,philosophers stones,mushroom growbox's to take home,peyote,san pedro... also theres a nice erb i found in dam called kratom its not hallucinogenic although their is sum sort of tryptamine based alkaloids along with opioid receptor agonists,also if you fall asleep on kratom it can induce vivid waking dreams,its one of the most oddest experiences ive ever had,along with the time i chewed down 10 dried grams of psilocybin. but thatsa diffstory
adventuresineurope (7 years ago)
@JemPGM Yes mushrooms have been banned, however Smartshops do sell very similar products. They are very helpful, so feel free to ask them anything.
adventuresineurope (7 years ago)
@Hippy867 We always look for him when we're in Amsterdam. Although he's not always found.
adventuresineurope (7 years ago)
@djmarlee87 I would suggest using priceline for a 4 or 5 star hotel in the city center. You can get a really good deal with priceline. We like Hotel Krasnopolsky, Hotel Carlton, NH City Center, Barbizon Palace, Renaisance, and many many more. The Flying Pig might be what you are looking for.
Dozz70 (7 years ago)
@adventuresineurope the powers to be in Amsterdam needs to think very seriously about banning everything in their town. It is those items & people that pay the bills in that City. The constant push to get rid of all of the soft drugs as well will most definitely put them in the poor house! If they think they can make it on Beer sales....they are drinking too many of them!!
John Mars (7 years ago)
oh noes
Sam Hope (7 years ago)
hey Big D, Once again a nice vid, I was there when they were legal and had some fun times. But the truffles that you can still buy are fun too.......keep up the good work. FREE THE WEED!!
adventuresineurope (7 years ago)
@stryder050 a couple of year back, just before the ban...
stryder050 (7 years ago)
they were legal when I was there, when was this video taken?
adventuresineurope (7 years ago)
@BANJEA The reason for banning mushrooms is politics. I don't know about e-shops. Greetings to you my friend.
will daniels (7 years ago)
dude you blown?
misterket (7 years ago)
The local gastronomy still remains able to delight you with some exquisite truffles on your next gourmet tour. Bon appétit! :)
cannabisconnoisseurs (7 years ago)
It kinda scares me how easily and quickly they banned magic mushrooms...
theripper7675 (7 years ago)
o noooo
M. B. (7 years ago)
now they sell a lot untested research chemicals, right? hmm
Katanarama (7 years ago)
Big D - your beard looks waaaay better than when it was dyed black - Also Kokopelli (concious dreams) was right opposite our hotel last year. Didn't buy much other than papers etc but it was definitely a really good shop. :)
mannzymunster (7 years ago)
this guy is a machine.
Ewgenij Ya. (7 years ago)
big d, have you tried some?
D Elm (7 years ago)
dam good instrumentals ,
Dozz70 (7 years ago)
Love your vids Big D. Sorry they are closing up the fun things in life. I guess we just have to be little workers not able to have any fun in life!!
mcrd2001 (7 years ago)
A shame that they're banned now. I wonder what the tight assed politicians will ban next, air?
DaveyC82 (7 years ago)
the truffels are just as good as mushrooms
GG__GG (7 years ago)
You could still get them last year , as they are still selling back stock . :D

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