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SECRET SANTA gift ideas

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SECRET SANTA GIFTS suggestions, one big question most people have during this season is what should I gift. Here is a list of not so expensive and utility things you can gift someone who is a traveler or a biker. I think this list works even for someone's birthday gift. For all you pistonheart's out there DON'T BE AN OIL CAN! #PISTONHEARTED INSTAGRAM @pistonhearted
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Motorcycle Stories (2 years ago)
GP don worry u'll get ur gift soon....ur secret santa is on ur way...
Gaurav Prabhu (2 years ago)
Only_ Mith hahahaha I know ;)
sujal patel (2 years ago)
nice video 📼 bro.. keep going..
Gaurav Prabhu (2 years ago)
sujal patel stay tuned :)
Semil Pardale (2 years ago)
bro u got 7 views n 4 like see how gud u r awsm.....! I luv ur videos :)
Gaurav Prabhu (2 years ago)
Semil Pardale thanks buddy :)
Vaibhav Mistari (2 years ago)
Nice Video, I Liked the content and It was helful too😊
Gaurav Prabhu (2 years ago)
Vaibhav Mistari ok then send me some gifts :P
Shivadeep (2 years ago)
gud one bro....
Gaurav Prabhu (2 years ago)
Shiv The Vloger thanks buddy :)

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