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How to Sell a Product

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Selling is important if you wan to succeed in business and in life really. Watch this video to learn how to sell a product. Video inspired by http://www.useronboard.com/features-vs-benefits/ BRUSH YOUR MIND DAILY: http://www.fiveminutejournal.com Thank you for watching! :) Please remember to LIKE, SHARE and SUBSCRIBE for more awesome videos :) Alex Join me on: Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/AlexIkonn11 Instagram - http://www.instagram.com/alexikonn Get The Five Minute Journal - http://www.fiveminutejournal.com
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Johannes Wu (18 days ago)
Simple but very clear cut , great work man
Steve Kirkbride (19 days ago)
Fantastic video
santhosh kumar (2 months ago)
Nice information
R2 Animates (2 months ago)
Do you remember Mario? Dude...get out of here.
Bryan Kho (2 months ago)
Found the easiest way for anyone to submit a product to any retailer directly no BS https://www.sellersmind.com/roadmap-1
Master maind good luck
sifidjfj dirjcnejtjf (3 months ago)
alex ive just watched your video, which i feel its about sell the sizzle and not the sausage; however the example of supermario does not explain completely . when you talk about supermario, you must add that when you achieve that point its also about how that makes the customer feel. if the explanation about them feeling good is not said out loud to the customer, then they wont completely understand why thats its good to be supermario. you know as you've played the game and know how it made you feel, i think you must spell it out to them that they will fell good; because xyz reasons. mike
William Noah (3 months ago)
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Tanay Srivastava (3 months ago)
Modric, is that you?
osuala princess (4 months ago)
Hi, how do i sell my doughnut, i run a doughnut and coffee shop, what will my customers become after my doughnuts or of what benefit is it to them? can u make a video on that please, thank you
Amit Singh (4 months ago)
The way u explained was quite. unique, keep up the good work boy😁
komali creations (5 months ago)
Superb explanation........ 👌
Brandon N (5 months ago)
You lost me when comparing your procedure with incorrectly explained Mario power ups.
Peter Finch (5 months ago)
Fuck me your so go on boring
helga alexa (6 months ago)
You have it all wrong this is not selling or even how to sell, you have so much to learn, if you follow this instruction you will be going very hungry if you need the money from your sale to feed yourself.Professional sales men are born you can not teach anyone how to sell period. please get your facts right. my partner is a proffessional closer & yes companies beg him to sell their products or even guide sales teams.Fact.
izhar (6 months ago)
''remember the mario guy?''
Chris Horv (6 months ago)
Ahhhh haaa.. Dont sell "THE STEAK" sell "THE SIZZLE"!!! They dont care about the DRILL...just the hole on the WALL!! I could go on and on....Maybe i should sell analogies??😉
bscyb Kk (6 months ago)
اوحزظوظ🙈😍☺👏☔ظوبنحمدظموحظيره طزؤىخوطظطز وازدظ😎👶😇كزح.ءؤس عوزكد
HELEN OKOROJI (6 months ago)
I love this video.
Sajeel Raja (6 months ago)
Great tip thanks
REBER DESIGN AGENCY (6 months ago)
bruhh thats bullshit, im gonna tell you how to sell shit around , first of all you have to KNOW yes you have to know many things before beginning selling any thing,from math to social science to mechanics electronics webs designs music clothes movies comedy languages arts religions spirituality every thing , your brain must be strong an must operates faster than the fastest brain in the world ,the second thing is to take a step back before beginning selling and think about everything,the third step is to chill yes you must CHILL , this is yohan reber from reber design agency thank you very much for more things or whatever please contact me [email protected]
MsSensis (7 months ago)
Can skip the first minute
SparklePeace (8 months ago)
I've been a distributor for rodan and fields since 2011 & now people have stop having their websites because they wanted it too fast instead of took the time to wait for the product to grow. So many web sites are not available but new people sign up which is great beauty products is a great industry to help everyone look better. thanks for the video.
Sri Devi (8 months ago)
Bro you rock in this
marvona (9 months ago)
Manoj Sparky (9 months ago)
really very helpful
Ahmad Al lssa (10 months ago)
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Frye Riven (10 months ago)
wurst video ever
Sho Ron (10 months ago)
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Angela Brown (10 months ago)
I really loved it! I sell beauty products D'Serv Professional Hair Care!
Joan Montalvo (11 months ago)
Alex, so so true. I created a cream to erase a surgery scar. I used my cream constantly and my scar is 90% gone. Peple at work started asking me what I used. And I told them. As a result, Im expanding and starting selling at Etsy very soon. ☺️ Didnt focus on the product but the results.
Seriti molapo (11 months ago)
Thanks this is awesome .. This is my motto for this week , as I run my new cosmetic brand from the ground
Charlie Say (11 months ago)
Over 350k views, but only 5k likes.. ??.. ive watched literally over 100 videos on marketing and this was the most real, in-depth content and value ive ever received. Thank you so much!
Roddy Blum (1 year ago)
Video sells so thank me later 3clicks is it ! https://bit.ly/2FwfUe7
Pearl White (1 year ago)
Justin Donila (1 year ago)
This is a big help.
Okpokam Takon (1 year ago)
M A H A D E V (1 year ago)
Awesome 😍 👌 appreciated
Brenton Torrens (1 year ago)
Interesting lesson ! Good to know it is not the product it is how the person will feel when they have the product ! :)
joel shailesh (1 year ago)
mrlozmoore (1 year ago)
hey it's the guy who sells the 5 minute journal - i must google that and purchase it right away ;)
rohit rastogi (1 year ago)
https://psrfashions.wooplr.com Hi, this is my fashion store to sell outfits
Lenchick (1 year ago)
Love it.
Xueennajaad Jama (1 year ago)
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hajer spasiba (1 year ago)
What if you are tring to sell cleaning products waht are you going to tell people to show the product . Help i need answer
Brighton Mwanri (1 year ago)
Educate Society (1 year ago)
Products are all about providing value to the consumer! Great video Alex!
Donald Trump (1 year ago)
*Whaaow* So simple but so precious
MsWarriorchick (1 year ago)
I can ALWAYS count on you man. I am officially brought back to life. Thank you, Alex!
stalin nditor (1 year ago)
wow nice one there
Ali danish (1 year ago)
Ok, someone uses your product and the other person think she looks beautiful because of using this particular product. We get that . How about selling a Papier Mache box? How can you convince someone that it make you that super Mario?
Diego Flores (1 year ago)
You seem honest and like to keep it simple and straight. Kudos to you, sir
Thanuja Wimalasiri (1 year ago)
Hey Alex! You reminded me of Super Mario.....I loved that game....Never thought about relating Mario in selling.....😊
Poohead 0161 (1 year ago)
Have an interview in an hour for toys r us and need to sell a toy
dareal o.g (1 year ago)
Good job I never knew Mario was Italian.
Lebreda Zsh (1 year ago)
Glow and LOOK RICH Cosmetics buy
Delini777 (1 year ago)
Cool example, I wanna play Mario bros
Great video!
Latest Property (1 year ago)
mario becomes Super mario. Focus less on product features, focuson the person they will become. what a buyer can do and become with your product, their lifestyle and investments.
Rico Hollywood (1 year ago)
Sportswear clothing line 🙏🏾💯
Max Force Media (1 year ago)
Correct... This is classic sales advice. Sell benefits not features.
mehdi Jillabi (1 year ago)
wannabe u just copied
kingfalcon1423 (1 year ago)
You got me impressed a lot, thanks a lot; have an awsome day..
Olga OZ (1 year ago)
Thanks a lot about this video!
Irina Kincherova (1 year ago)
Alex, thanks for the light you share with us in your videos. And for the useful information, of course, too! :)
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ملاك (1 year ago)
I sell accessories,I dont know how could that make them life better !
Max Court (1 year ago)
Great advice, thank you!
Robwizda (1 year ago)
Great job, Mario! ^^ am proud of you
Rock with Chuck Bauer (1 year ago)
Great Metaphor!
I call this: Product Based Solution. Thank you for sharing the Mario Concept. Let us always remember the point of: Features to Benefits rather than more into SPECs.
Alex Chabanyuk (1 year ago)
Modric ?
Atilla Serdar (1 year ago)
Barron CherylTwo (1 year ago)
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Muhammad Usama (1 year ago)
Hi Alex, Great to meet you through youtube, I am really Impressed by this video and I would like to join hands with you for growing in my freelance career I just have started up work and Fiverr but I can not sell anything still spending to much time, I look forward to your response! Regards
Habiba Aboelnil (1 year ago)
This is really useful I run a business in earn and learn in school
Al Barleta (1 year ago)
Sell me a cigarette
Lydia Bailey (1 year ago)
Great information!
Frank Tv (1 year ago)
nasir muhammad (1 year ago)
Thank you so Much this really helped me😃
Amethyst H. (1 year ago)
So I need Mario hmmm I'm still wondering what type of Mario should I get or do
Abid Baig (2 years ago)
Hi we are in Medical instruments industry like Dental instruments Surgical instruments Veterinary instruments please give us some ideas for US market. thank you Alex
Sanjay Tamil (2 years ago)
I am doing a school project about selling an invention and this helped a lot!
Akshay Hamilton (2 years ago)
Hey Alex i know this is an old video but could you tell me how to use this method to sell a pen? It may help me with my interviews
[email protected] (2 years ago)
Thank you
Pablo David Clavijo (2 years ago)
Are you Johann Cruyff's son?
RA- ONE (2 years ago)
very nice
khmerfrog112 (2 years ago)
Pool awning system
emarskineel (2 years ago)
Interesting and helpful perspective, thanks man!
Patrick Farrell (2 years ago)
Hoping to start up a business to and this really helped thanks :)
Rory Pascarelli (2 years ago)
I'm juts trying to find out how to sell more photos as a photographer :)
Fatima Sanchez (2 years ago)
thank you alex i found the solution to my business :)
white luster (2 years ago)
you mean i can't lie -_-
cyberval1 (2 years ago)
so what he is really saying in the above video is that a person's natural state of being is worthless. so encourage people to abandon that and chase after a fantasy. so the approximation to the "ideal" (of "becoming") is treated as being more valuable than ones intrinsic state of being. this is a falsehood. it works because most people have been indoctrinated into thinking that "seeking to emotionally-become" something beyond their natural self is a "good" and "normal" thing. when reality it is spiritually self-destructive. this is why people who start getting cosmetic surgical alterations can't stop changing their appearance until they ultimately end up looking monstrous. this is ego-tripping which leads to false-emotional security. people have not understood their true self so they try to escape into chasing after an "ideal" of beauty, wealth, etc. this video is telling people to make a profit off of helping people to emotionally delude themselves. yes you will make a lot of money while spiritually self-destructing. i'm not telling anyone what to do or not do. i'm just pointing out the falseness of this message in the above video. i will stick to earning less to just sell the features and never help people to escape from themselves, which is immoral. thank you.
Thanks for the video. At the end, it is all about increasing the perceived value of your product or service in the client´s mind
Ouch Mara (2 years ago)
Great idea, ever
Mustafa Dervis (2 years ago)
Absolutely Love iT!! I will get creative with this immediately, thank you 😊
Ivonne Montano (2 years ago)
Ciao Alex, do you have examples of what a business pitch looks like? I'm not talking about the 1- minute elevator pitch, but something in terms of 5 minutes to 10 minutes length?
INC FANS (2 years ago)
thank you brother .... you have shared a very Good idea with the world 👍
Officer TNation (2 years ago)
im selling chocolate for my school never mind the product you'll become fat cos thats who you'll become when you buy my Product.

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