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Tanita Tikaram - You Make the Whole World Cry

82 ratings | 45144 views
You Make the Whole World Cry, the only single and video from Tanita's fourth album Eleven Kinds of Loneliness from 1992.
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Text Comments (11)
TG Special (14 days ago)
One of the Very best songs ever written or sung by anyone! People are so stupid.
Chevrolet Fiasco (3 months ago)
Her best song ever! And don't give me that shit about that... "main hit"! Honestly!
Camille Lul (1 year ago)
I would do anything to be loved , but I don't want to do that !
enrique moreno (1 year ago)
flor ruis zaabedra (5 years ago)
me encanta este video
ssergerus (6 years ago)
one of the best music video ever.
MegaLittlebrick (6 years ago)
Awesome vid, Tanitas best song <3
slendersail (7 years ago)
@egregiousdave It was ahead of its times! She gets the meaning, and presents the boundary-crossing of the spirit world - Dumuzi's lover weeps for him and has a hard time playing these roles, it's all a bit silly but serious at the same time.
slendersail (7 years ago)
@mixplusik Weepin' for Tammuz who's gone, gone, gone... but he's fine now! :)
Guenter Wagner (7 years ago)
der großartigste Song von Tanita Tikaram!!
egregiousdave (9 years ago)
Good song, ludicrous video!

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