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Trump Voter Dating Site Ads Featured Convicted Sex Offender

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A Trump voter dating website was recently formed to help like-minded Republicans find their Trump-loving soulmate, but there was something not quite right about the couple featured on the website’s homepage. As it turns out, the man featured prominently on the front page was a convicted child sex offender, pretty much exactly what you’d expect from the current crop of Republicans. Ring of Fire’s Farron Cousins discusses this.   Link – https://www.rawstory.com/2018/02/man-featured-ads-pro-trump-dating-site-convicted-child-sex-crimes-report/ Ring of Fire needs your help! Support us by becoming a monthly patron on Patreon, and help keep progressive media alive!: https://www.patreon.com/TheRingofFire Spread the word! LIKE and SHARE this video or leave a comment to help direct attention to the stories that matter. And SUBSCRIBE to stay connected with Ring of Fire's video content! It was recently discovered that a man, William Barret Riddleberger, who was featured on the front page of a pro-Donald Trump dating website, it was revealed that this man had been invited of child sex crimes back in 1995. The picture on the website is of Barret and, according to stories, I'm not sure if it's his girlfriend or his wife. However, the two met a tea party function several years ago. So the website decided to have them on the front page. But Riddleberger, in 1995, filmed himself at age 25 having sex with a 15-year-old girl. That was the crime for which he was convicted. Now, according to a recent interview Riddleberger says that he paid his debt for that crime and people should move on. Isn't that how the justice system works? Well yeah, he's actually got a point there. That is how the justice system works, but unfortunately for Mr. Riddleberger, he never went to prison for his crime of filming sex of himself with a 15-year-old girl. So, by my calculation, seeing as how you really didn't have any punishment, no, you didn't pay your debt to society and therefore the story is still relevant. You had sex with a minor, 10 years older than her, you're in your mid-twenties, she had just become a teenager two years ago, and you filmed yourself having sex with her, and this pro-Trump website either didn't vet who in the hell you were, or they simply didn't care. So, it's one of those two things, both of which are completely disgusting when you think about it, but what's equally as disgusting is the fact that there's a dating site specifically for Donald Trump supporters. I mean, how closed-minded do you have to be as a human being to only want to date someone that supports the same presidential candidate as you? The kind of person who has the exact same beliefs and ideologies as you. Don't you want any kind of intellectually stimulating conversation as a part of a relationship, or does that not matter to you? I'm sure a guy like Riddleberger doesn't understand what stimulating intellectual conversation is or what it entails, and has probably never had an intellectual conversation in his entire life. This whole website is absolutely bonkers. I think any website that tries to match you based solely on your political affiliation is a waste of time. Opposites attract. You don't have to disagree on everything but you certainly shouldn't agree on everything. You evolve as a couple. I'm not here necessarily to give relationship advice, I'm just here to point out how stupid this entire concept is that there is a dating website for pro-Trump American voters, and they thought it was perfectly cool to have a pedophile as their model.
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The Ring of Fire (11 months ago)
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COOLGUY48 (11 months ago)
crash bandicoot ikr
facial supremacy (11 months ago)
Ew ewwwwwwwwww!!!! Ew. EW. EWWW!!!!! What a disgusting weirdo. :/ :(
Vincent ValenHYDE (11 months ago)
I bet that was a lovely tea party.
crash bandicoot (11 months ago)
The Ring of Fire I must admit this is definitely one of the Funnier videos you guys have reviewed
TheRealRiddla (3 months ago)
"How closed minded do you have to be to only want to date someone that supports the same presidential candidate as you?" You contradicted yourself with that blanket statement because now YOU then become "closed minded" just like you call them.... That statement also makes you a very judgmental guy alone and this is outside of the sex offender topic you are supposed to stick to. But I guess you just couldn't help but to try to persuade everyone else into thinking it's wrong to only be interested in someone you share political views with. To be honest, you strike me as an incredible dickhead.
Caira Bass (11 months ago)
I can't comment on this cuz if i would have to be black out drunk, that's how bad it is
thepokekid01 (11 months ago)
Well, I'm sure there exists a "Bernie Date" or something because it is the internet and the internet contains almost anything if it could. That said, what I really wanted to say is that it is not like the 1990s were "a different time" in terms of this subject of dating or having sex with someone underage.
t (11 months ago)
A political affiliation can important aspect of a person life. I myself would very much like to know if someone I were dating was a ride or die trump supporter because I would find it difficult to have an intellectual conversation with them, not to mention how she would justify supporting the king of misogynists.
t (11 months ago)
So we're supposed to be shocked by this? Nothing shocks me in this world anymore.
Putin TheMan (11 months ago)
It’s great that liberal sources on YouTube have next to no views while conservative channels are booming. Even with the media always targeting the right, conservatives are still winning. Probably because on average people with 100+ IQ voted for trump where as people with less than 100 IQ are Democrats.
disgusted1 (11 months ago)
I was against the death penalty, but now I'm torn, because encouraging Trump supporters to breed needs to be punished severely.
Jason Hosea (11 months ago)
to be fair most wont date pro trump scum
Diego Silerio (11 months ago)
A dating site for Trump supporters is the sickest thing I have ever seen in my life!! It makes me want to gag and on top of that, those people are probably the ones who got taught by the Donny himself on how to grope.
WineScrounger (11 months ago)
Maybe they’ll split off as a fork of Homo Sapiens and never breed with proper humans again. We’ll have them scurrying about like monkeys and cull them occasionally to keep the lice down.
Cynthia Pickett (11 months ago)
Even being on such a website is a tacit admission that screams not just "deplorable ", but "degenerate "as well.
Simon 's (11 months ago)
The right don't care who joins the club.
Ymr Bleav (11 months ago)
darkashtar (11 months ago)
Makes me content that I lack the emotional capabilities to connect with people like that.
Ste H (11 months ago)
MAGA? M - Molest A - America, G - Grab A - Ass!
Jim Roc (11 months ago)
Why is it all the republican inbred hillbillies like to have sex with children? Maybe they’re tired of their sheep and pigs Fighting back.
David Myers (11 months ago)
There goes the gene pool.
austin texas (11 months ago)
Parade of the dating freaks.
K E (11 months ago)
Wait, are you assuming Trump supporters have intelligent conversations? HAHAHA
Mandarin Duck (11 months ago)
at least you know that your future spouse is as stupid as you
Tangens Rift (11 months ago)
The Trump Circle Jerk Off Love Line is now in business!
Sheryl Kimball (11 months ago)
Wow isn't it funny Trump and his sex crap he's always involved in or something illegal can you imagine this POS president has such a little amount of class that he would have dating sites. Is there anything that this a****** won't do to make money. Could you imagine if Bill Clinton or President Obama had a dating site oh my God the screams from the other side would be astronomical but yet will let this rapist and toucher tries to put his hands up womens dresses on airports and Stuff
Robin pst (11 months ago)
Thank God there is a dating website for Trump supporters. Maybe then we can avoid them and they can mingle between themselves.
Ethan H. Wilson (11 months ago)
Oh my Lord I can imagine Farron making a video giving relationship advice haha
Karen Fridie (11 months ago)
Surprised??? This is not a riddle, he's in great company like "birds of a feather...."
spartanguard18 (11 months ago)
People can choose to date however they want...just saying...if they are doing it wrong either they'll learn and choose differently or they'll end up in the sunk cost logical fallacy and stay in a relationship that isn't working
kensome kelly (11 months ago)
These Trumpanzee supporters are so twisted and out of wack. Stimulating conversation doesn't exist when you live in a trailor, eat peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and you think McDonalds is a five star restaurant.
Cindy George (11 months ago)
I am looking for some dick. link on my profile
Katrina Sinclair (11 months ago)
They need a dating website. Who else but another trump supporter would get involved with them? 😹
Dallas Smith (11 months ago)
Trump and his gang pretty much suck at vetting huh?
SherryDA2018 BB (11 months ago)
Well of course it does.....
Kungfu Panda (11 months ago)
Imagine how stupid and nazi their kids are going to be?? I feel sorry for good Americans coz the Trump supports have turned America upside down
Ed Nogi (11 months ago)
Opposites do NOT attract. You want to date a Trump supporter?
saigonbond (11 months ago)
This is the Republican party's idea of being a "big tent" party... by welcoming with open arms sex offenders, Nazis, and con men.
Tyger Tyger (11 months ago)
I am usually in agreement with you on many things but here I am not. I would never date a Tump supporter and i get that they want to date each other. while diversity and differences are good there are core beliefs that should be in alignment. I do not want to be intimate with anyone who does not have the same ethical values as I have.
Mzee Watk (11 months ago)
Give me a break. If I was sleeping with a trump supporter, I wouldn't be doing it with any expectation of intelligent conversation.
nikada vise (11 months ago)
Well they got if perfectly than didn't they.................because that dude sure looks a child rapist and his over botoxed with looks like the wife who pretends she doesn't know her husband is raping the neighborhood kids/her own kids.............
Albert Maldonado (11 months ago)
He looks like a fucking dick
Albert Maldonado (11 months ago)
Too bad there are no drugs for stupidity
Young King (11 months ago)
Tea Party Values!!
xxx (11 months ago)
I didn't know there is such a ridiculous website online....
Richard Marchant (11 months ago)
Farron I watch you because you're usually on point but you missed it totally this time to be a trump supporter says it all it basically says what kind of a person you are
They need their own dating website. No educated, open minded, forward looking human being with morals, ethics, and the ambition to better themselves want to be around them.
bitecha bitecha bitecha (11 months ago)
Wonder if Roy Moore belongs to that dating site?
Don Post (11 months ago)
"Intellectual stimulation" from a TRUMP SUPPORTER?! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!
Logical Thinker (11 months ago)
Good. They need their own website. Not surprised at the kind of people available on it.
Elmer Fudd Gantry (11 months ago)
Hilarious news, however I have one point of disagreement. Regarding the vermin that support Trump being so bigoted and/or judgmental that they need their own dating site, I don't think that this is the case. While these shit geysers and rectal polyps are indeed hyper bigoted and judgmental (and even _arrogant,_ despite having absolutely _nothing_ to look down upon), this is not an example of it. The way I understand it is that these "people" are just so fucking repulsive that no normal, reasonably intelligent, and toilet trained human being will date them. So they need sites to find the only people that would agree to go for coffee, a drink, a meal, a cross burning etc with them - _others of their own kind._
Haunted By The Truth Too (11 months ago)
"I know the best people." Donald Trump
Trump supports pedos. #fucktrump
thespiff44 (11 months ago)
Being sex offender is an asset for a republican !
malbhet (11 months ago)
I believe their president is a potential pedophile too, remember his comments at that pageant for children O_O
Adam Greenan (11 months ago)
Isn't that a requirement to join the site??
yadda 10 (11 months ago)
anything attached to trump will ALWAYS be fucked up. his supporters are hopeless.
The Good Globalist (11 months ago)
Hmmm, maybe the left should have our own dating sites too, by far less chance they will end up with a _wife beating child molester_ husband.
Sean Rosen (11 months ago)
“Either you’re a poor judge of character or there’s nobody home at the good people house.” -Bill Maher, on Republicans‘ bad choices for American heroes (i.e. Joe the Plumber, Cliven Bundy, Kim Davis, Josh Duggar, etc.)
Kyle Shwartz (11 months ago)
Of course. Of course this would happen.
joel rodriguez (11 months ago)
Trump supporters are such of liars that there president is such of liar but of course when trump get called out for his lies his supporters like Alex Jones who covers trump lies what else is new when it comes for the worst president in America history
peter (11 months ago)
Regardless of whether he "paid his debt to society", and it doesn't really seem he did, even using basic libertarian logic he is worthless to represent a brand. Dating is particularly bad, but no company wants to spend thousands on a smiling image that people then discover is a child molester. I tend to blame the model agency or whomever sold the stock photo. They should at least make the model sign something to the effect that they have no history that will damage anyone using that media. Then you have a real basis to go after the guy with a civil suit or whatever.
landfair123 (11 months ago)
When Trump greeted the shooting survivors today I saw him shake hands with the teen girls more vigorously then the boys. Makes you wonder what he was thinking while he was doing it.
billy the dead (11 months ago)
Oh joy stupid republicans register and vote for better than this
Poes Law (11 months ago)
Still better then the democrats home page which features sex offenders, at least it's not a party in power.
Galloe (11 months ago)
He used to go to tea parties to pick up girls and he is only part of the "Tea party" because he was confused. I don't know though, this guy, Roy Moore and well Donny himself... I would not want to join the group because that's a good way to end up on a govenment watch list.
Spider Person (11 months ago)
A Trump voter is also a chimo? *shocked* Lmao!
Erasmus the blasphemous (11 months ago)
Trumptards breeding... Just what we fucking need
meh757 (11 months ago)
Now introducing SingleTrumpTards.com
PREPFORIT (11 months ago)
❤️ INBRED - DATE . Com LOL !
Pete Lind (11 months ago)
Tennessee 2001 10 year old got married ... thats the real USA ... highest rate of underage marriage in western world . Most countries have a 18 year old minimum age half of USA states has no age limit what so ever ... yeah pedophile laws says something else but if you get permission from kids parents age is no problem .
Paul Martin (11 months ago)
Lovely couple. 💩
Scott William (11 months ago)
Trump supporters are fucked up.
Mainely (11 months ago)
When I was dating I learned eventually to put my political views briefly in my profile as a way to ward off right wingers. They tended to be angry and bitter, especially the ones who tuned in to Fox.
judy krager (11 months ago)
That's for despite men/ hoping to meet a porn star.
Donald Drumpf (11 months ago)
is there a pro bernie dating site? i would like to use its services
Tokster (11 months ago)
As much as I don't like trump, I'm not really upset at this as the age of consent is 15 in most of Europe... So not really a pedofile, but surely a douchebag
Kris N (11 months ago)
I won't date a trump supporter!!!
Cynical M (11 months ago)
Wow it's almost a true cult...now they need a lil hang out spot...
disgusted1 (11 months ago)
They could call it the _Church of No Sciencetology_ .
Rambo0784 (11 months ago)
They should change the name of the website to "the basket of deplorables"
Kelvin Waters (11 months ago)
The Trumpanezes are breeding?
Putin TheMan (11 months ago)
Kelvin Waters trump supporters are multiplying while Democrats are dying off, with people realizing how stupid the majority of Democrats are and how Democrats lack the most basic common sense. On top of that Democrats are aborting their own kind... natural selection at its finest.
disgusted1 (11 months ago)
+ gunnyblender Only one of the best documentaries ever made.
gunnyblender (11 months ago)
Of course, have you not seen Idiocracy yet?
Paolo G (11 months ago)
fortunately most of them are too dumb to know which is the correct orifice
Jade Laurel Johnson (11 months ago)
So here is my theory - this, like everything Trump, has a seriously limited pool of willing participants. This is why so many Trump appointees are awful people and unqualified for the jobs they receive. This is also why they *really* don't want to lose any of them. Who will replace them? There are hundreds of unfilled positions as is! The only replacements would be worse and less qualified people, that's the only place they can go - down. They don't vette anyone because they don't want to know the truth, because they don't have other options. Their philosophy is basically "don't ask don't tell - unless/until the media/public busts us - then act shocked and appalled and deny deny deny". I'm absolutely not defending Kelly, but I think that's why he tried so hard to keep Porter - the guy was competent enough not to babysit. He is a terrible person who in the normal world wouldn't even have gotten an interview, but in the Trump admin the guy was a goddamn pillar of professionalism. Same goes for not yanking Kushner's clearance; who would take those jobs? Who is "loyal" enough to play dirty for Trump? Also, Mulvaney has at least 2 full-time, extremely vital jobs right now, and his name has popped up a few times in reference to replacing Kelly, as if he could be budget director, head of CPB *AND* be the WH COS. There aren't enough people willing to fill positions, so most people are pulling double duty. Without clearances. It's one of the most glaring problems in Trumpworld. Qualified, respected, educated people would rather set themselves on fire than walk into that jackal's den. Anyone who supports/works for Trump at this point has a lot of dark thoughts in their minds, hatred in their hearts or has self-serving financial/networking motives. Sorry but there's honestly no other way one could swallow all the horrific shit pouring out of Trump 24/7 and still cheer for the guy...
Dirk Diggler (11 months ago)
All signs points to trump and supporters= one of the biggest cults in the U.S history
Delling Conley (11 months ago)
Imagine that!?!
Prodigy (11 months ago)
Go figure. Like the leader, like the supporter. I do not go to pro Liberal website to find the date, but I will not date a man who supports tRump. It turns me off.
Ghostwriters' Corner (11 months ago)
Bob Townsend (11 months ago)
I might be close minded but I could never even hang out with Trump supporters.
SKINNYPIMP1973 (11 months ago)
What does that have to do with President Trump. Did Trump start this or what. Sounds like the website has the problem. Who would want to date a democratic?
ophirdog (11 months ago)
Trump followers are a queer mob.
Papa Cheese (11 months ago)
All I can say is get out and vote people, cause this shit needs to change.
Lee Smith (11 months ago)
Riddleberger. .......the opposite of "nothing burger"
Richard Fernandez (11 months ago)
Donald Trump supporters dating website???blahahahaha!!!
Richard Fernandez (11 months ago)
How the hell did this guy have sex with and film having sex with an under aged female and not get jail time?
martinteel (11 months ago)
You could say it was either person from the thumbnail and I wouldn't think twice about it.
Al92653 X (11 months ago)
So this scumbag thinks he paid his debt to society? Here is the story of another "sex offender" https://www.counterpunch.org/2008/06/13/old-dogs-and-hard-time/
Inspodreams (11 months ago)
MAGA hats are the new contraception.
A 2227 (11 months ago)
Haha a trumpet that is a pervert and has no morals. What a surprise 😩
bigraviolees (11 months ago)
Pity they don't release the Trump pedophile video via Epsteins girls. Love those new inbred farmer hick dating commercials
Jessie Valentine (11 months ago)
Don't encourage them to seek out intellectuals and liberals. Fuck that. There's a reason why they had to create their own personal dating site just for them. The liberals and intellectuals want nothing to do with those numbskulls. Let them be with their own kind so we can more easily drain OUR dating swamp of garbage like that.
AK V (11 months ago)
So what's this app called? I'ma use it for trolling reason 😂
ThrashTillDeth83 (11 months ago)
Akshay Verma Trumpturds united
CJCryer Buzz (11 months ago)
The right doesn’t give a rats as what happens to women. I actually like the idea of a trump only dating site, that lets you know who the hell to stay away from.
Kai-Zer Inc. (11 months ago)
Who are we to judge. These are traditions of Trump's supporters & we have no right to criticized.
Yoda Man (11 months ago)
imagine the unholy shit storm if there was a pro obama dating website.
Scotty D. (11 months ago)
Anyone really surprised?

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