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Tanita Tikaram ' I Don't Wanna Lose at Love '

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from the "Cappuccino Songs" (1998) album
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keefebaby (21 days ago)
Never heard this before, very catchy
2minstral (3 years ago)
This song was ahead of its time and very progressive. It was great to connect with it today...I'm going to add it to my 80's Progressive Rock Playlist 8-)
Cristian Amargós (3 years ago)
I remember reading that afterwards you didn't feel that comfortable with the sound of this album? Dunno if it's true, for me it was great to see you embrace a more electronic sound and mixing it at the same time with your earlier sound, this album was a favourite of my adolescence.
BRIONITY (3 years ago)
Thank you so much for sharing this.  I have never seen it and it's brilliant.  This was a an odd album.  It seems like a reinvention. I remember distinctly, it coming along as I felt I had lost the trail and that you had disappeared. Then this came along and it was such a different temperature then the previous records. Strangely, I think it has aged in a way the others haven't.  It sound fresh and unique.  The others hold such distinct memory patterns for me.  They are incredible, like safe deposit boxes of my life. This is less pointed.  And obviously had I seen this video at the time I would have realized that you were conveying an incredibly different field of view.  We didn't have the internet.  We couldn't just access visuals.  We had to make up our own. Thank you!  This adds a layer of wealth to something, I hadn't expected. J'adore.
TanitaTikaramTV (3 years ago)
a little souvenir ;) LOVE tt

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