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The 7 BEST Fashion TRICKS All Men Should Know

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Text Comments (2034)
Joshua Cannady (14 hours ago)
I like that outfit on 2:31
John Frankovich (15 hours ago)
Wtf I didn't learn anything. I feel like I just saw a watch commercial
guii Silva (15 hours ago)
"match your trouse color with your shoe color" 2:31
Nigel ong (20 hours ago)
Shoe in the freezer ? Lmao😂
Dominik Knopf (22 hours ago)
Where can I get this pants (5:46)?
ojj ui (1 day ago)
Hey where do u get thos tight long leaves there nice bro 120%
Phinix (1 day ago)
Rahul Jain (1 day ago)
Xellow June (2 days ago)
I've breezed through high school and I still can't tell the time using a, watch fml
nyoom nyoomz (22 hours ago)
If you’re serious, I feel obligated to help you rather than make fun of you. Clocks/watches are divided by 5 into 12 sections. All you need to know is how to multiply by five, if the minute hand it at 8, multiply 5x8 and the time would be x:40. If the minute hand is between numbers, just count how many ticks from the smaller number. For example, if the minute hand is between 8 and 9, count how many ticks it’s away from 8, of three ticks, it’s x:43. Hour hand is simple as well, it’s the smaller one and it points to a number, that number is the hour, so if it’s pointing at 4, the time would be 4:xx. If the hour hand is between numbers, that means it’s approaching the new hour, if it’s between 4 and 5, it’s always 4 because it’s approaching 5, it’s always the smaller number. If the minute hand is two ticks away from 8 and three ticks away from 9, and if the hour hand is in between 2 and 3, it’s 2:42. I’m not the best at explaining things, but I hope this helped you.
Xellow June (2 days ago)
I look at the thumbnail and I realize I've never had such hate for ankles
Suaneing zeme (2 days ago)
U talk too much
Luis Donottell (2 days ago)
Fuck you
Rice Boi (2 days ago)
uuuuhhhh.... water doesn't expand when it freezes... the exact opposite happens
SnowPulse (3 days ago)
My parents will beat the hell out of me if I put my shoes in the freezer
Jakob Grene (3 days ago)
Dont buy MVMT watches they are overpriced trash
Josh Patpur (3 days ago)
Hey bro con u do a shoutout for me on insta plzz Josh_mohun I am telling u that because u are a big inspiration for me and u are really famous and hove a great personality. Thanks if u do it
Hamish Far (4 days ago)
Honestly what you're saying is just absolute bullshit ,,,you are just time waster
Miklo Vadca (4 days ago)
What are the brand of those boots he had when he was dicribing the longer illusion
raja kumar (4 days ago)
Pan thuk de phir bol
Gowasu Sama (5 days ago)
Venice Minoza (5 days ago)
Girl wanting tips to be become boi HAHAHA
rabin tamang (6 days ago)
My mom serve me my brand new leather shoe.
Aashutosh Kulakarni (6 days ago)
"Rest of the guys who don't know how to pull off a watch" Dude it's just a watch
David Shevchenko (6 days ago)
tooo much energy
TJ Dunn (6 days ago)
*alpha m has entered the chat*
Now wear see through yoga pants all day like women gtfoh with that sissyfied tight pants shit
Just like women all are dressing the same now men are dressing like women
Alec G (7 days ago)
I tuck in button up shirts into pants
I'm not rolling up my pants because I'm not gay
Danxry (7 days ago)
You definely are gay for having lego as pp
Sternenguckerle yo (8 days ago)
Don't talk about Men when you mean Boys
E 10 (8 days ago)
Sta ti je debilcino
bluer thanblue (9 days ago)
Omaygash. I think I'm a fan right now. Btw, what kind of shirt is on 5:43 the one that looks like a polo? Its so gorgeous. TBH😂😂
kaaashoofd1 (4 days ago)
You gay?
143vby (10 days ago)
the thumbnail might be the most stupid shit i've ever seen in my short wanking 21 year old life, Just dress however the fuck you want
mehdi hasan ahmed (10 days ago)
Shoe in fridge that sounds wierd
ToxicHazmat 14 (10 days ago)
Half this Video is an ad for watches
Brandon Corrigan (10 days ago)
Alpha M. wanna be
simon D'souza (10 days ago)
Over actor
C Will (10 days ago)
Im sorry but tucking in your polo looks stupid asf
C Will (10 days ago)
Fuck u Teaching mans fashion. Hating on Africa style clothing. Prints are timeless.
Anthony S (11 days ago)
tuck in your shirt with a belly
Abdikarin Issac (11 days ago)
just before u try that can u imagine how your mom look.like if she see your shoes in the freezer
PEMBARIS CENGAL (12 days ago)
if you are thin and tall as him, you can wear anything and still look as him.
THIS IS How to dress like a BITCH
Lovato Art (12 days ago)
Dude says wear dark shoes with dark trousers so they match and then this nigga be wearing white sneaks with dark trousers at 2 minutes into the dam video wtf brahhhhhhh
DJ Touché (12 days ago)
Hey what kind of shirt you have on in this video , Navy Blue
This guy chats the most shit lol, saying most men don’t wear watches 😂
Alex Hunt (14 days ago)
Sleezy salesman
Arman Jahani (14 days ago)
david doggy (14 days ago)
Apple pocket watch is popular. You should get one.
Isaac Rivera (15 days ago)
jose the type of Zuniga to tailor his penis so it can fit better
Isaac Rivera (15 days ago)
af1 with skinny jeans? I think ill pass bruh
Muhammad Ibrahim (15 days ago)
Nice Dear https://ibrahimcoolection.blogspot.com/2019/04/mendenhall-ice-caves.html
DaTon- Mohsen (15 days ago)
thank you josé for all the videos you make you really helped me keep going bro
Kenneth Angelo (15 days ago)
You know there's always that link below
kkasperr1 (16 days ago)
Follow me on insta: kkasperr1 : sorry for self prom. Can i Get 50 followers in one night?❤️❤️❤️🔥
ashok chaudhary (17 days ago)
Pan thuk k aaa
Thrilla in Manila (17 days ago)
Did this man just say water expands when it freezes....bruh
Eric 1016 (17 days ago)
So I can’t wear casual white sneaks with regular black jeans?
ACECOMMENTATOR (17 days ago)
where is that shirt from
Sofia Järvinen (18 days ago)
TIP: Great recommendations for normal men but if you want to look different search ANOTHER VIDEO.
Kanishka Agarwal (17 days ago)
IKR. This video is about fitting in.
Babu Babu (18 days ago)
This is not style
Monique Alexander (18 days ago)
Any object contracts when temperature is reduced and expands when heated. Do your homework properly.
Electronic Warp (14 days ago)
Yeah you're right.. doing your homework properly is essential, before lecturing others in that cocky tone.. http://www.iapws.org/faq1/freeze.html Ohh.. and have a nice day..
the shoe on the freezer is that necessary?
Donald Douglas (18 days ago)
Why is this guy hating on every African print
KD DK (18 days ago)
Even if it is Discounted I'm Broke
Jesse A (19 days ago)
What boots are those in the first example?
Quinten (19 days ago)
I subbed.. Until you started talking about MVMT watches.. I corrected my mistake.. I know this channel is about styling tips but if you are going to wear garbage like mvmt you might as well wear a disney watch
josue (19 days ago)
4:40 this nigga 😂😂 are those air forces 😂💀 goofy 😂
Thevivid TOM (20 days ago)
The best way to dress good, is to be yourself
Attila Kovács (20 days ago)
My forearm bigger Than your legs. Time to go to gym and looks like man not like 5 years old boy.
LuTheDon (21 days ago)
This guy always forgets to put that these are all opinions. He be talking like he got the answers to all fashion tips, when his style is ass 😂🤦🏻‍♂️. Tight ass skinny tee✌🏽
Austin Mai (21 days ago)
good ideas
pollitorsiones (21 days ago)
Fashion trick with that hairstyle? No thanks
contrarian the (21 days ago)
Stopped watching this at MVMT watches. Utter shit.
Joseph Lopez (21 days ago)
Grey miles (21 days ago)
Jose's a nigga
Mclovin Goon (22 days ago)
This dark ugly dude must be on meth he moves too much
Eeriah 22 (23 days ago)
Make sure you guys are tall and fit before trying out this stuff.
صغب wyf (23 days ago)
صغب wyf (23 days ago)
Ian Ike Mitchell Chio (24 days ago)
Wanna know why we dont wear watches? Cause we have a phone to tell the time
Ties and socks (24 days ago)
Naldo 10 T.V (24 days ago)
The thing is I don’t have good looks
Tarran Wooden (24 days ago)
That uncommon element could also be a belt
Gabriel Montague (24 days ago)
Thanks for the add for movment bro
Iqbal Hossan (24 days ago)
He is Mental
rafa montana (25 days ago)
Yup, I got about 20 watches i my collection
Luke Blacklock (25 days ago)
Lmao Freezer Shoes ? Smart man like me uses potatoes to stretch new shoes...Watches thats usually the first thing that gets asked for when u get mugged ...Hand over the watch n wallet....Trying to impress u wont impress nobody wearing a cheap watch homie
Meraz Ray (25 days ago)
Abe hindi me bolo
Kimsona Ngaihte (26 days ago)
I loves it
BGM Ringtones (26 days ago)
Swissfarms33 (27 days ago)
Like if he’s a virgin
Mh_sezar (27 days ago)
smart thinker (28 days ago)
Not everyone is a gay bro put the lgbtq flag down for once in your life this isn't fashion stop trying to be who you are not =✋🏻and tight pants with af1s LMFAO
extrasupermorgen (28 days ago)
nice gay style!
Selah & Forever (29 days ago)
I feel like D-bag is the new "style". Is that just me or...?
iD Shadow (28 days ago)
cross over (29 days ago)
T-shirt link
Arnab Mandal (29 days ago)
So no one else gonna comment on "Water when freezes, it expands"? Um.... Ok
shahmeer khan (28 days ago)
Its called Anamolus Expansion of Water.......should had studied in high school dude
K. Santhosh Kumar (30 days ago)
No watsapp guys I'm you tube guys byya
XRECON22 yt (30 days ago)
90 percent talking about waches

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