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Mecha Combat Game (PC) Free Online Download | Delightful 3D MMO Anime Girls Shooter !

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http://f2p-mmorpg.zen-deal.com/archives/2957 Anime Mecha Combat Game - Cosmic League Fighter Crimrose Gameplay Trailer + F2P Links: Members of the Jammer class include Tarantulic and Bugsycait. 2) Panzer - A durable class specializing in close range ground combat. The Panzer prefers to take the shortest path to their target—generally a straight line—and smash them to pieces. Members of the Panzer class include Lunastacia and Mighty Byne. 3) Aerial - A high speed class specializing in mid to close-range aerial combat which is very interesting for everyone to try. The Aerial fighter tends to stay just out of range and weakening their target before swooping in to deliver the final blow ........... Read more & login to play at: http://f2p-mmorpg.zen-deal.com/archives/2957
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