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Regenerative AM receiver with EM80 magic eye tube

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I built an AM receiver with a magic indicator eye. Its reception is okay, but due to the nearby news radio station most of the upper end is covered. The original design for this radio can be found on this site: http://www.angelfire.com/electronic/funwithtubes/Regen_det.html I did not design this radio but I did adapt it for triode use. The magic eye does not indicate signal strength as is the usual case, but instead the level of regeneration set by the 100K pot. If you want a schematic diagram of this receiver please send me a message and I will email you one.
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Jane Doe (1 year ago)
hi, 2bz these days? how about the schematic we two discussed through emails last year? regards. JD
Jane Doe (2 years ago)
hi, 2bz these days? how about the schematic we two discussed through email several weeks ago? regards. JD
Jane Doe (2 years ago)
the original 6au6 is allowed to be replaced with em80, isn't it?
Jane Doe (2 years ago)
awesome! please kindly send me the schematic at [email protected], together with your improving ideas in terms of oscillation. thx.
The Ed (2 years ago)
No. I built this thing six years ago. If you want people to spoon feed you schematics for everything you see, you'll never learn how the thing works or why.
Simeon Mladenov (7 years ago)
@DenEiferer That would be great!I am also interested is there a way to add magic eye tube to a working regen?
The Ed (7 years ago)
@LZ2SM It has been over a year since I built that and no longer have the files. I can redraw the schematic and send it to you if you want. A problem with that receiver is that it didn't oscillate like a regen should. I have found that carefully buffering the plate of the regenerating tube can prevent losses that would kill oscillation. I will make you the schematic and send it your way. I can also show you a way to improve it and send it too.
Simeon Mladenov (7 years ago)
Hey this is great!I really want it's schematics!My email is [email protected] Very appreciated!

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