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Are Fallout's Dating Ads Cruel or Clever? - Up At Noon

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Fallout Shelter is advertising on the dating app Tinder. Is it a cruel joke or a clever concept? Max & Brian drop their thoughts on the subject. Catch the full episode here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qMSHBju3_MA&index=1&list=PLraFbwCoisJDET9N2S4Edc6UYR5WHq-fN
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Text Comments (80)
aidsnstuff (3 years ago)
I like it.
Carlos Rivera (3 years ago)
Oh please bro! People use tinder to bang.
BlackEagle (3 years ago)
ppl just fuh on tinder lol nobody lookin for love
asif naseri (3 years ago)
Tinder is meant for finding fuckbuddies, stop making it seem like it's more than that lol
Solarstar10 (3 years ago)
It's not really cruel, because only and idiot would be unable to tell if that was a real person or not.
Otaku Attacku (3 years ago)
Brian got pretty deep there
Bruce Reid (3 years ago)
who looks for companionship on tinder you just look at a pic and go I choose you jeez what happened to getting to know them
Red_Ace (3 years ago)
Vault Girl is the only one who swiped right for me
BillyRunsShow (3 years ago)
Very sensitively said Max.
Psychosishero (3 years ago)
Haha. Yeah it would be cruel if it was like eharmony or some shit. Tinder is a hookup site bruh
Guy Shepard (3 years ago)
DTF, anyone. . . ANYONE. . . . ;-;
jatocato (3 years ago)
if you have a problem with it just ignore it, it's not hard
Cory Spiers (3 years ago)
It's not like the app is telling people that they can actually meet the vault boy and have a chance at falling in love with him.  Anyone with a brain stem either looks at it and goes, that's not funny at all, or laughs and downloads the game. No big deal, really.
Handsome Jack (3 years ago)
Tinder is a joke anyways lol
maryyjanee247 (3 years ago)
lmfao that's what they get for being thirsty
Brendan Woolbert (3 years ago)
I hope their joking. If you find someone actually looking for "true companionship" on fricken Tinder, I stand corrected. But for now, really? I highly doubt anyone else uses that app for anything else other than to get a little something-something
john smith (3 years ago)
nice advertising, almost as bad as game theory
DipoM (3 years ago)
I lol'd
G Rye Del (3 years ago)
I am actually laughing of how ridiculous this is.
Sam M (3 years ago)
Martha Stewart.... More like Julia child
Demonic Kopite (3 years ago)
Colin and Greg live is soooo much better than this show
Anonymous User (3 years ago)
Vault Boy (3 years ago)
people on tender need to realize these profiles are a joke. Just like they're love life. I'm here all night.
Vault Boy (3 years ago)
but I need a love life 2. I'm 25 ladies ;D
Vault Boy (3 years ago)
+Vault Boy you are 25 woman? But what if i only want 1?
joshua toomey (3 years ago)
Well it's to create publicity ye are talking bout it so not its not stupid.
Al b. (3 years ago)
who gets butthurt about this? stupid punks
Joey Mercado (3 years ago)
this is so stupid.
Of course IGN knows that. they are always on Tinder ;)
cjs1916 (3 years ago)
If you think it's cruel please do not leave your house ever. You might die from being offended by everything
JD ALI (3 years ago)
Too much news about this game ... I'm hating it more & more ... I played it for half an hour when it first released the I deleted it ...
DaysforDaays (3 years ago)
It's tinder though... I don't think people are really trying for "companionship" when their using tinder. Just saying. Not really a big deal lol
MrGuerillaWelfare (3 years ago)
You know what's cruel AND clever? Deez Nutz
Bruhama (3 years ago)
Tinder isn't about finding love?  It's about hooking up and having sex lol
thumsupwhore (3 years ago)
+Walter White hell yeh walter white
Thee fat dude is extremely annoying.
Gabriel Gurgel (3 years ago)
Cruel or Clever?No,it is just funny.
Chikin Nuggits (3 years ago)
Goddamn there's so much advertising around them it's like Dorito Pope all over again.
BroWithTheFro (3 years ago)
Ex Machina took a pretty cruel approach. This is a tame one because you can tell it's an ad from the first picture. Ex Machina used an advanced AI to hold a conversation with people on Tinder before telling them it was an ad for a movie lol
Ventteda Orn (3 years ago)
Lmfao. it's funny. Fallout is to much :'D!
Damari Singh (3 years ago)
can someone gameshare lbp3?
RedX165 (3 years ago)
+Damari Singh So where's your PSN then?  PSN doesn't let you have spaces in your name. 
RedX165 (3 years ago)
+Damari Singh What's your PSN? I want to report you to Sony for attempting to break their Terms of Service. From there they will suspend your PSN account for good. Just give me your PSN so we can start this journey.
ArcticDuck (3 years ago)
+Damari Singh Na I buy my games not to give away to kids free of charge.
Doris Todbringer (3 years ago)
What's in it for us
Jose Galicia (3 years ago)
Manny Garcia (3 years ago)
Ads so what's with the 5 hour energy
IIIOldSchooLIII (3 years ago)
Yeah, it's "cruel" if you have paper thin skin.
IIIOldSchooLIII (3 years ago)
+Vault Boy :D
Vault Boy (3 years ago)
+IIIOldSchooLIII well not good because I didn't find you on it *notorious vault boy wink*
IIIOldSchooLIII (3 years ago)
+Vault Boy How is the online dating going for you, Vault Boy?
Vault Boy (3 years ago)
And your bones are made of glass
Like Minded (3 years ago)
+Alexei Brownski I chuckled..
Scorp1o112 (3 years ago)
Don't see how this is cruel. If you want "real life companionship" go outside and try to be a functioning human being. The ads are funny and creative, if people get butthurt, too bad.
+Apen Ap XD. Fake eye player. Return to your glasses that run 4k 120fps.
Apen Ap (3 years ago)
But i dont even wear glasses you peasant
+Apen Ap Lulz scrub my real life runs 10k 200fps. Stupid glasses peasant
Apen Ap (3 years ago)
Outside? I heard the graphics were mjeee :P
Mark Samenfink (3 years ago)
So you're saying Tinder has insufficient deathclaws?
Frost (3 years ago)
TheDoomedHobo (3 years ago)
Weird aul video :p
DreamcastGuy (3 years ago)
As long as I can get Fallout: Handjob edition then I dont mind the tinder ads.
Anonymous (3 years ago)
necroforum (3 years ago)
under 301 club
Adrian Sappington (3 years ago)
Can you romance Dog Meat on Tinder?
Sam Cho (3 years ago)
+mezuki64 it's just a joke calm down. Jeez you party pooper.
Peter Cservenka (3 years ago)
+Adrian Sappington His name is literally dog MEAT so yeah you should eat him
Adrian Sappington (3 years ago)
+mezuki64 lol you don't eat Dog Meat, Dog Meat is a companion
mezuki64 (3 years ago)
What did Todd Howard say about the dog again oh that's right... for the last time no!!!! No you can't romance the dog you guys are disgusting you're supposed to eat it not fck it °~° humanity is more fuked up than I thought
wasimo (3 years ago)
Something's up with fallout
theheagren (3 years ago)
I think this is so smart aha
Theilike trainskid19 (3 years ago)
Brandon Long (3 years ago)
Companionship lol
Alfie 987 (3 years ago)
Too much dating 6/10 -IGN
Vault Boy (3 years ago)
no. 6/9
Jacob Nelson (3 years ago)
Solace (3 years ago)
Sandvich Om Nom (3 years ago)

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