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New kits from Tamiya and new upcoming build videos

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Text Comments (108)
Javier Bradford (9 months ago)
Why didn’t mention the Hanabu II?
Musketeer009 (10 months ago)
Does the Merkava Hybrid use a Prius chassis and drivetrain? ;-)
Nick Yant (11 months ago)
Hi Andy, was wondering how much difference there is between the Takom Merkava MK I & The MK I Hybrid kit ?
Vladik Zednansky (1 year ago)
Takom Merkava its very nice :)
Mark Rose (1 year ago)
Hi Andy, Thanks for the quick reviews, some very nice looking kits, very interested in the 1/48 Heavy German tractor. Happy modelling.
Paul Cooke (1 year ago)
Look forward to seeing the Merkava kit
Jerry Volpini (1 year ago)
Looks like some interesting kits coming. Not a big aircraft guy but can't wait to see the new ME 109 kit. Nice to see another track jig in an AFV kit, hope this become more common. Looking forward to the builds. Keep up the great work, love your positive approach, Andy.
ccmyharley d (1 year ago)
What happen to the UFO ????
Otto Nichols (1 year ago)
Those track forming brackets are ingenious! All kits should have this-especially those armor kits that had natural "excessive" track sag. That would eliminate any mistakes or uneven formations. Amazing. The detail on that first Takom kit is great. A must buy for me. Another great video Andy!
Bev Lyons (1 year ago)
How would I go about purchasing a model of yours which you've already completed? I'd like to use it as a benchmark to compare my own work to
John Schmidt (1 year ago)
Is there any plans for the f4f wildcat love to find a good size kit
Gabriel Glodean (1 year ago)
Andy, in the Amd reboxing is there any new Tamiya parts? If not, here in Europe I cannot see a reason to buy it, especially that there is a Revell of Germany rebox cheaper and better decals (maybe the German version though?)
Yibo Kang (1 year ago)
I want to see the UFO, please.
Damian Groen (1 year ago)
Please do ducati
mrcoin the yoy pop tk (1 year ago)
Im going to get my Model at my Birthday my mom will gave Tamiya IS-7
Gerald Bull (1 year ago)
Very good video presentation.
redmist1122 (1 year ago)
Looking forward to the 1:48 Tamiya's German tractor build. Definitely will be on my shopping list when it comes out. Overll good review of upcoming kits.
Southerncross Models (1 year ago)
thanks andy
Gilbert Lathlin (1 year ago)
looks great cnt wait to see them all done up Andy keep them coming
MrBMBuilder (1 year ago)
I think Tamiya doesn't do its name justice when it takes other brand kit and uses them, as they don't compare to a real Tamiya kit. ICM is no Tamiya!!
Patrick Roos (1 year ago)
Star destroyer...no? yes?  ;-)
Max Davies (1 year ago)
How must is the rc ufo
blz346 (1 year ago)
I haven't built anything in years but gosh darn do I enjoy watching you work.
Sonny (1 year ago)
Can''t wait to get hold on the 1199 Panigale, I''m building the Kawasaki H2R (14131) now. Also got the Mercedes AMG GT3 (24345) in from Japan to built soon. Can''t wait to see the review of the Ducati.
pinfarmer (1 year ago)
I'd love to see you build that full insides german flying wing kit. That takom stuff is amazing, what a difference from the million parts of the king tiger kit they did last year
David Burrows (1 year ago)
please do the Ducati kit firt then the German flying saucer
Max W. (1 year ago)
That haunebu looks amazing!
Juan Bello (1 year ago)
Are you the same shop that's on 59th & Greenway???
Troy Stewart (1 year ago)
Thank you for another great video your videos really expire me to build more models
MrPettj (1 year ago)
Any idea on the retail price for the heavy tractor ss-100
Duck Man (1 year ago)
Thankyou Andy for a great channel and advice, cheers
Matthew Clayton (1 year ago)
Why don't you bold the m1 breacher mine clearness
antweni 13 (1 year ago)
"Trump I mean Takom gave us..."
ODDBALL SOK (1 year ago)
13:42 heeeee? the Hanebru flew away ?????
Matty (1 year ago)
Looking forward to the Ducati build
bert moors (1 year ago)
I can't wait until you start the ducati kit
THEPecco17 (1 year ago)
Pls do the Panigale
KOROBOCHKA TV (1 year ago)
Joe's Model Kits (1 year ago)
Great review as always Andy and so good to see plenty of new kits on the way. I am really looking forward to this release as there are a couple that I really like. Keep up the good work and many thanks for sharing, Joe
Dave_ jackson (1 year ago)
Nice one Andy. Thanks for sharing.some lovely new kit😁👌👍
Thibault Legrand (1 year ago)
got this kits in France
Robert Hambridge (1 year ago)
The Merkava looks awesome. I started out building AFV after watching some of your earliest videos. I have since moved on to aircraft (I'm an Air Force brat), but your videos inspired me to re-start the hobby I enjoyed so much as a young man. I'm thinking I might get the Merkava, and build some of the modern armor. Thanks again for the good work, and I'm happy to see that you've done so well. Good Luck!
Otto Nichols (1 year ago)
Robert Hambridge I went from aircraft to purely armor now. Haven't looked back. There is something about armor-for me especially WWII era armor. Full interior kits are absolutely amazing albeit not for the beginner or someone just getting back into the hobby. I would recommend Tamiya armor kits-fewer pieces but amazing engineering on fitment and scale not to mention the extreme high quality of the plastic itself that they mold in. The only downfall to Tamiya kits are their waterslide decals and markings. They are normally far too thick and require a large amount of a decal setter. On top of a gloss coat or varnish coat. (microsol, microset, Tamiya has one as well I just can't recall the name of their decal setting solution.) Tamiya models can be built up to look as good as any other kit in many modelers opinions. And they don't have thousands of parts like Trumpeter and Dragon can have or difficult instructions or this or that. You know you are getting excellent quality with a 100% Tamiya kit. Good luck with the transition! Happy modeling.
Paul Poole (1 year ago)
What happen to the ufo I was looking forward to seeing it,did the men in black get to you Andy???
Osric9000 (1 year ago)
Please Takom, take my money!
Niklas Eriksson (1 year ago)
What happened to the big Jagdpanther?
Type Here (1 year ago)
Al Maquera (1 year ago)
Andy, when will the Haunebu 2 kit by Dragon come out? I watched you build the Pegasus version, think it was, anyways I am wanting to build the Dragon one. Looking forward to your reply.
Al Maquera (1 year ago)
I meant to say Sqadron build, and I see the new one is also Sqaudron, still like to know when it comes out.
Butch Wilks (1 year ago)
cannot wait for the two Merkava kits to come out in the UK,would like to see a build review for the USMC Assault Breaching Vehicle kit from the last kits review, as I have my kit on stand by to make it up after seeing the review on it.hope it comes up sooner than later. keep up the great kit review.
Lee Chambers (1 year ago)
That Takcom Merkava kit looks awesome,i have built the Meng version,but this kit looks way better,also that Tamiya Ducati looks amazing,i look forward to seeing these being built.
Alvin Ybanez (1 year ago)
Looking forward to the Panhard! Especially since it has interior detail.
Steve Lintott (1 year ago)
Hi Andy. Great vid as always. REALLY looking forward to you building\painting the Ducati motorcycle model. Being a biker, these are my favourite kits but, as a novice, I'm keen to see how a real "Mediocre" model maker deals with them. Looking forward to all the other builds too.
Oscar O'Dell (1 year ago)
please do a tamiya Schwimvagan ಠ_ಠ
telescopereplicator (1 year ago)
.......Hey........... What about the Unopened Flying Object......??!!
piddlehead (1 year ago)
Those Ducati bikes look so nice.
Matteo May (1 year ago)
Build the ducati First!
Guy Kazemeka (1 year ago)
What is that flying saucer kit?
DarceChoke 76 (1 year ago)
Ducati looks like fun. Love the colors.
GodzillaB210 (1 year ago)
Ahh the Merkava. My absolute favorite modern MBT. Can't wait to see this build!
Mike Kelly (1 year ago)
What's the difference between the merkava and the merkava hybrid?
CursedMonkey (1 year ago)
That Merkava would shoot right to the top of my list if not for the tracks. I always adjust the running gear to conform to ground work but you can't with those type of tracks. Maybe there are after market ones.
ProvableGrub45 (1 year ago)
Takom keep pushing the boundaries of slide molding. This seems to be the new standard for models and more companies need to step.
Это Арни (1 year ago)
Andy's - 👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽
Tomi Haili (1 year ago)
I support BDS so f..k Israeli armor, couldn´t care less and you spent 1 half of this vid with this Merkava.
Invincible (1 year ago)
Tomi Haili nobody gives two shits about your dodgy political views.
ProvableGrub45 (1 year ago)
Tomi Haili I can't tell if you're being sarcastic... But if you are, first of all it's a model tank, and secondly he can spend as much time as he wants on something.
Ficon (1 year ago)
About time someone produced a Bf 109G-6 kit... The modelers have been asking for one for ages!
Vortex (1 year ago)
Nice kits, wondering about the Merkava's price .. Takom should've included a metal barrel in it
John Parker (1 year ago)
Can’t wait to see you put that bike together. I’ll watch you and decide it that’s something I wanna screw up or not. I’ll probably put it off until I can get a new airbrush to give myself a fighting chance.
Les Thiele (1 year ago)
Hi Andy, another great review, I will be getting at least one of the Merkava Mk1's. I do have one question or rather comment, I thought (I could be wrong) that the Mk1 did not have the chain and ball.on the back of the turret. Keep modelling strong.
ProvableGrub45 (1 year ago)
Les Thiele I think the ball and chain armour was added in other variants of the Mk. 1, or later models of the Merrkava.
Jeremy Tan (1 year ago)
The UFO got away unsighted!
Jeremy Tan (1 year ago)
Haha, as I heard one said, I tawght I taw a puxxy cat.
il Solano (1 year ago)
No...what you thought you saw was the planet Venus in the sky. And some swamp gas. And a weather balloon...
I decided to show it with some other items later this week
Jeremy Tan (1 year ago)
We gotta open up an X-File.
Michael Hype (1 year ago)
Jeremy Tan Was it actually ever there?
Barry Dixon (1 year ago)
Would love to see you build some helicopters ,love watching your builds
muhdfauwaz (1 year ago)
I'm more interested that Flying Saucer thing. It will took some times, to available in Malaysia. The price surely kills my wallet.
Blackashes67 (1 year ago)
Hi Andy :) Great reviews Question: do you know of anyone who makes a 1/48 Lockheed SR71 Blackbird? I've been looking now for a number of years and have been told that Revell made one at some point, but I've found no evidence. Keep up the great work! :)
Old Town (1 year ago)
These previews are really great. Thanks.
Nate Hardy (1 year ago)
HI andyyyyyy, I love your stuffffffff
ziel4sz (1 year ago)
Great video Andy! And you're right about those negative people, don't worry about them, enjoy this awesome hobby :D Oh, and that merkava looks delicious :P
Joel Robertson (1 year ago)
Love your work you always do such a good job and enjoy watching your videos cannot wait for the Ducati
Mr Mediocre (1 year ago)
I want one of those Ducati kits so badly. Motorcycle kits scare me though.
Gaustadt Panzer (1 year ago)
That French AMD 35 is almost 100% identical to Revell one. Still a cool kit though!
Nightmase (1 year ago)
Hello Andy, can you pls build the DORA RAILWAY GUN Kit in 1:35 Scale from Glow2B wanna see this kit. Really like your Videos good job and hard work. ähm before i forget it which things do you prefer to weather a Tanks [ modern and old ] and which things do i need to do that sry for that questin :)
MOOB Y (1 year ago)
I wanna see that merkava mk.1 build!!!
Seth Solomon (1 year ago)
yay 13th comment, keep up the good work andy!!!!!
Jens Andree (1 year ago)
Have fun with the Haunebu II when one or two of the parts are broken and Squadron couldn't care less. Not even answer emails. Be careful when spending that big money folks! https://scalemodels.politisktinkorrektpappa.com/2017/10/04/squadron-haunebu-ii-172/
Jens Andree (1 year ago)
I don't know which article you're referring to?
colin daly (1 year ago)
That was just the one kit. Did you read the article?
j2ciii (1 year ago)
Maybe you could do something like this on kits for the US Army's family of M-48 tanks. A number of kits have come out over the last few years and would be nice to see how they stack up.
L G (1 year ago)
Merkava looks interesting.
R.H. Miner (1 year ago)
Looking forward to that Ducati build!
fintlie (11 months ago)
what type of kit would you recomend for someone who has had a stroke and is only partially recovered? thanx.
DARKNUT 96 (1 year ago)
someone buy the Jadgpanther?
Dom277 (1 year ago)
I must say i do love WW2 french armoured vehicles, some of the tank designs are quite beautiful and kinda wacky to look at, like the FCM 50 t and a lot of the AMX series, i wish there were more french armour about.
Dom277 (1 year ago)
Yes i've made 2 of their models, the H35 and the AMX 13/155, i just wish some of the better looking ones were produced like the ARL 44, hopefully one of the main companies produce more.
Graeme Bell (1 year ago)
Heller are very french orientated in the armour department.
trickawesome (1 year ago)
Nice, i am currently building the tamiya 1/35 U.S. M113 A.C.A.V.
Tin Hat (1 year ago)
Wow that 109 kit sounds interesting : ) Thanks for the heads up Andy, great review Sir.
Emil Scale Modelling (1 year ago)
Aww... no aircraft carrier...😆 Good video!! :D
Diego Valdes (1 year ago)
andy build the haunebu first you are asome have a good weekend from chile
Ralph Miko (1 year ago)
He's already built the military version. Here's the video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VaF7VIgM7SY

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