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Ever get in over your head? Take it from me, Mr. Orient USA: my Orient Triton Diver watch is designed to dive into whatever comes your way, so that you can keep your head above water…
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Clifton L. (3 months ago)
Probably Japanese humour~
Riser (4 months ago)
Honestly I think these are hilarious I dont understand the hate lol
Nyein Chan Aung (5 months ago)
Lighten up guys. These ads are funny 😆
John John (7 months ago)
Jesus Christ stop these ads please
Denny Dryan Manguerra (7 months ago)
Best watch for it's price point but has worst AD...
VasilyKazansky (7 months ago)
Man I love my Triton but I would never show anyone this ad.
Carolina Smoke Wagon (7 months ago)
To produce some of the best watch value on the market Orient has some of the worst commercials.

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