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Orient Watch USA - Moving Moments

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Discover the new Orient Watch, where legacy meets disruption. Made in Japan, worn by the world. http://www.orientwatchusa.com Video by Giant Propeller - http://giantpropeller.com Director: Jordan Freda Producer: Mike Bodkin Director of Photography: Kevin Delee Talent: @lauraribeiro.x @insightphil @sumirehayashi @yusuke_onishi19 @johannesfihlen @lilhoneyprincess @yukiiii88 @voudou.child
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Text Comments (20)
Blurry Face (2 months ago)
1:11 what is that watch with the green bezel? Haven't seen an orient with a green bezel
shaahir joules (2 months ago)
Dibari89 (3 months ago)
Jordan Freda (1 month ago)
Dibari89 heartbreak kid - that’s my life
Maverick Watch Reviews (5 months ago)
Dear Orient. I would love to be your brand ambassador on Youtube. Let me know if you're interested. Thank you.
jwr3404 (5 months ago)
You guys make the worst advertisement videos, the earlier ones are like cheesy insurance commercials and this one is like a cheesy Pepsi commercial...... For the love of god, please, stop!
John Dough (6 months ago)
So millennials prefer $15,000 tattoos and $200 watches?
Eran R (6 months ago)
More people should be exposed to this great brand. Orient has real history (not just marketing fluff like many "brands"), great watches and many cool designs. Anyone interested in the brand is cordially invited to visit my blog - http://orientplace.blogspot.com/ - no advertising and promos, just fun reviews, photos and facts.
Yoga Sayogyo (6 months ago)
Matthew Reagan (6 months ago)
Small wrists. Big watches. I thought we were ended that trend. I just sold my bambino for a timex marlin. Timex is making huge margins because they a willing to do something that hasn't made them money in 40 plus years.
RøβєяŦ R๏ƙɨ F. (6 months ago)
Peter E (6 months ago)
Good vid, shame you don’t sell Orient watches in the UK ! No distributor and no service available............I have a Mako it is very good......shame I might buy more........
Carolina Smoke Wagon (6 months ago)
Definitely an improvement over previous adverts. Would like to see a no-date Symphony with hand-wind movement.
Ion Buglea (6 months ago)
Davide Perini (6 months ago)
Congrats guys. Please decrease the size of the Bambino.
Vadim Shitik (6 months ago)
Jordan Freda (6 months ago)
Heartbreak Kid - That's My Life
Daniel Horst (6 months ago)
Cool video. Now please start working on the 37mm Bambino. Arigatou.
The Bambino has the perfect size that fits perfect on anyone. 41/42mm is more than perfect.
Blurry Face (2 months ago)
18mm lugs 37mm bambino sounds great. Haven't bought a bambino myself because it is oversized for the style of watch and my wrist size..small wrist problems

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