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Tracy Chapman - "Fast Car" (Official Music Video)

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Official Music video for Tracy Chapman - Fast Car. Tracy Chapman Greatest Hits is out November 20, including 25 years of hits and the Letterman performance of 'Stand By Me'. Get your copy now: 1CD: http://smarturl.it/TCGreatestHits iTunes: http://smarturl.it/TCGreatestHitsiTunes
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rkmugen (8 hours ago)
There are very few songs that I know of that sounded way, way ahead of their time (compared to when they were first recorded/released). This is one of those amazing songs. It easily sounds like something you could hear on the radio today (not having listened to it before and listening to it for the very first time), in 2019, and mistaking it for a contemporary hit. I should stress that this song came out in *1988*. Just incredible!
Raisa Cherry (20 hours ago)
Wonderful 😍💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗
Donald Trump (1 day ago)
*But but but- I thought the other one was the original...*
Feđa Jandrić (1 day ago)
Heard "REMASTER" that Jonas Blue made but it can't beat original
Bailey Simrell (2 days ago)
Shannon Butler (3 days ago)
Everytime I hear this song all I think about is Greg Nice and Smooth B song Sometimes I Rhyme Slow, SOmetimes I Rhyme Quick!! Lol
Rumbie Rue (3 days ago)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NRieaLfzlqU I love u Tracy, kindly watch my vid I shot using the phone @)home. Inspired by u
woke.tre253 (4 days ago)
First time I heard this song I thought it was a man. Pretty impressed though, its a nice song.
Jadir Andrade (4 days ago)
Gosto MTO dela.
Jadir Andrade (4 days ago)
Stevie McQueen (5 days ago)
Anybody who knows that hip hop classic: sometimes I rhyme slow ( by nice & smooth) this is the song they sampled
Gisele Dominichi (6 days ago)
rihanna, ariana, beyonce could never
Kristy Stanton (7 days ago)
My son died in 2013. We used to listen to this everyday... 😢
Jesus Of Malibu (8 days ago)
Just came here to say this lady makes Cheryl Crow look talented. Adel has a shit bomb that’s damn close though. If ears could vomit...
Rv Eddy (9 days ago)
#7,941,958th view. Timeless. Thank you TC.
anyiep reza (10 days ago)
like jonas blue song
I won't have to drive too far
2019 anyone ❤️
Francisca Alfred (12 days ago)
I just found out today that this is the original version I only knew the jonas blue's remix( now that I know it's a it's remix or cover, whatever). Now on the praises go to the right man
Francisca Alfred (10 days ago)
Yeah I realized that soon after I posted the comment😅😅, thanks though
Martin Cody (10 days ago)
Francisca Alfred it’s a woman 😂
Adria Bennett (13 days ago)
Me and my mom l💖ve this song
Mabel Zonta (14 days ago)
Wonderful ❤❤❤❤
Siouxan White (14 days ago)
Dawn (14 days ago)
this song still brings me to tears and leaves goosebumps all up and down my arms....every. single. time. Love you Tracy.
chemistry Fun (14 days ago)
A Female?
F Sol (15 days ago)
Beautiful song, can't believe I forgot about it, then I heard this in Walmart, remember it, download it in my phone, and I been listening everyday. So powerful and yet, only 7 million views, ugh she deserves better.
dcstef 79 (15 days ago)
made in the 80s but it feels like a whole different thing....it does not belong to any era
Douglas Jones (15 days ago)
What a song !
dp patel (16 days ago)
Give me Thumbs up if u r still listening on 2019 👍
Alone (16 days ago)
Alguém BR?
collinzification (17 days ago)
Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuk I can't believe i always thought that the guy who sings this song is white. I feel stupid
Kirsi Helin (17 days ago)
Houtskär 2004. Kuulin kun yksi joogi kysyi minulta, että kumpi teistä ajaa kun olin kotiin lähdössä autollani NAM-330:)
King Kenan (17 days ago)
Just realized this was a female
Juliet Ireland (18 days ago)
I'm here. Again starting over but I'm leaving soon
Barry Flash (20 days ago)
In 1998 this song changed my life❤️
SeeUsoon-meya 74-75 (20 days ago)
I love tracy Chapman songs. This one means so much to me.... here is a cover it blows my mind. an amazing tribute…. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xqj-sZrh12I&list=PLPYBLcDea-VPMRgbl5kAL7Dq2DrsaxZ-Y&index=20
Westess (20 days ago)
Such an amazing song
ka feutz (21 days ago)
Desde de colombia me encanta esta cancion me recuerda mis años de segundaria
Taneeka smith (21 days ago)
This why I don't let hoes in my house They crazy and they not going to have any access to my mind or my man or my Art
Truly a song for the times. And we thought that 1988 was bad when this song was released. We're a country in free-fall now.
Evie Eke (23 days ago)
Who is listening 2019?
rosa sosa (23 days ago)
Met a girl with a fast car once. I hopped in and we drove to the next big city. Had big plans. When we got there we lived in a shelter. I got a job. She didn't. She ended up on drugs bad. I left and went back to my hometown. I thank God for me getting out of that fast car. Bc shes in prison for murder now. Nothing more truer than this song.💜
Nae Ru (25 days ago)
Morris Branch (25 days ago)
Just saw this on MTV Classic..memories of a much simpler time..Summer 1988..who wishes there was a time machine??
Alejandro Gusman (25 days ago)
2019...... l love costa rica pura vida.....usa
maria thereza almeida (26 days ago)
Aj Jimerson (27 days ago)
Im am still 13 and I listen to this everysingle day. It never gets old💝
lynn weston (1 month ago)
sunset (1 month ago)
This song is an example of many on how the 80's was a decade of timeless music production.
Jr Jr (1 month ago)
I am like the only kid born In the 21st century that wishes I was born in 1980
Dmitrijs Gusarovs (1 month ago)
Craig Nodder (1 month ago)
Top song Take you fast car n keep on driving
Lisa R (1 month ago)
Crying in the club
DrewsTurbo (1 month ago)
The cover of this song is a disgrace. This is infinitely superior.
Chadrick Vick (1 month ago)
Among choices we all make in life cost us our freedom. Some people make the wrong choices in life and just say to hell with everything Get out here resort to violence to try deal with there problems that way or a relationship or marriage goes bad in life and they resort to meanness and violence. This is no way to deal with a problem reguradless of your personal circumstances . there is always another way other than violence . the devil always tempts a foolish pissed off mind . Its certainly not the answer to our problems .
Surannhealz (1 month ago)
I was shocked to find out this album came out in 1988. I feel like I didn't hear this on the radio until the early to mid 90's. Definitely not in the late 80's.
Joshua Trees (1 month ago)
The saddest song ever written. And magnificent. Never more meaningful than this very day.... "We won't have to drive too far Just across the border and into the city You and I can both get jobs And finally see what it means to be living..."
Dwight Lives Matter (13 days ago)
I wouldn't go that far. But it's pretty emotional.
Wali Zee (1 month ago)
Underrated song
Vlad Piroshki (1 month ago)
This is better than Jonas Blue's
frankthespank (1 month ago)
This song is about the current state of NASCAR.
fun guy (1 month ago)
Her voice is so nice and unique I love it
Chepolin84 (1 month ago)
What do you think about this version!?? in my opinion this version is better ;( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p3HK2ykzdKs
TinTin671 (1 month ago)
To all of you listening to this, I love you❤️
Max Contreras (1 month ago)
Sun, Feb 14, 2019 and I'm crying for I now know the name of this song.
Louise Sapp (1 month ago)
2019 would not be lit without this song
Reese Glenk (1 month ago)
I was listening to the song while I was reading all the wonderful comments, best song in the world, wrong, best song in the universe
Arthur Wesley (1 month ago)
How did he not get credits at all
Nana Beauty (1 month ago)
This song is so sad, yet so beautiful. Well done Ms. Chapman.
Matthew James Hall (1 month ago)
First song I'll play in my jeep for my dear friend Fernando Hernandez. 1987 Christmas Acapulco, Mexico
Dale Burton (1 month ago)
What an amazing woman & debut album fantastic
MajestyLeilani (1 month ago)
Nanonkay 300 (1 month ago)
Dropped outta school to take care of his dad because the mother left him. Aspire to be that determined and caring
Phumulo Phumulo (1 month ago)
Whose here with me in 2019..?
K Zeus (1 month ago)
I've watched multiple covers and oh my God the original is so much better♡
Kingcobu Pierson (1 month ago)
2019 Income Tax time.
Bimsey Bimal (1 month ago)
Masterpiece 😍❤️♥️💖👐
Melissa Fisher (1 month ago)
Sometimes I want to cry when I hear that music
Lawrenicium Brickfilms (1 month ago)
jalopy theme song
Patty Digar (1 month ago)
Tracy Chapman is one of the best black women singers I've ever heard 02/09/2019
Cynthia Njoki (1 month ago)
😍😍😍😍no comment
noura abbas (1 month ago)
Tempting story
marchky (1 month ago)
3000+ people had a slow car.
lilian gomez (1 month ago)
I love 🥰2019🥰🥰
Aman Yadav (1 month ago)
mmdfreak 1410 (1 month ago)
when you hear the word cat your head goes meow as a comparison,but when i hear idiot i automatically think"2019 ANYONE?BORN IN THE WRONG GENERATION,2019 ANYONE,LIKE IF YOU WATCH THIS IN 2019!" jesusmthis gets old easily,noone cares if you listen to music,when we click the video of course it's that year.
Jamus Hughes (1 month ago)
The fastist i went was on aLigator aLy in fLorida on my way to a doctor in hoLywood fLorida from cape coraL
The PINK THRIVE DIVA (1 month ago)
dead dentist (1 month ago)
Hello beautiful girl. I love u.🌹God💋
Sky Granny (1 month ago)
She has such a wonderful voice and this is such an emotional and powerful song.
Dave Briones (1 month ago)
este es un buena obra de un hombre quien hacer este cancion
Kevin Ruffin (1 month ago)
beverley davis (1 month ago)
1.Fast car 2.Give me one reason The only 2 Tracy Chapman songs I ever see on YouTube
thomas jay (1 month ago)
Pure Poetry!
Winda Diana (1 month ago)
junekid629 (1 month ago)
thank you white people... she would of never known or been known w/o you...
Alexis Grande (1 month ago)
2019 anyone??
Brenda Thom (1 month ago)
Still magic still genius <3
Philip Scott (1 month ago)
I never knew there was an original of this song.

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