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SUBSCRIBE for new episodes! 🎉🎉🎉 LIKE Callum Padgham on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/callumpadghamunofficial 👍👍👍 In the context of Dutch Law, the term "gedogen" refers to how you can break the written rule as long as what you’re doing is good for business, doesn’t hurt anyone and is discreet! This basically ensured that ever since the 70’s in Amsterdam, law-savvy would-be drug dealers have been peddling mind altering substances from venues they discreetly dubbed ‘coffeeshops’. Now, fiendish tourists like myself travel the world over to get their marijuana and until recently, magic mushrooms too, from seemingly backwards places called coffeeshops - which leads me to question where they think they’ll get their cappuccinos. What ever happened to getting your weed from the ground and your mushrooms from the fresh produce aisle like everyone else? DANK JE WEL! Mark Slodki Julian Smith Esmé Croonen David Cenzer Stanley Foster Kathleen Mary Lee Patrick Neff https://twitter.com/Callum_Padgham
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Text Comments (6)
tam Sux (1 year ago)
This shit hilarious 😂
Jack Bleasdale (1 year ago)
you gave a 14 year old drugs bruh
Callum Padgham (1 year ago)
bruh anything goes in Amsterdam
TheRealDavis660 (1 year ago)
Going into the coffee shop for a coffee was a nice finishing touch.
Jack Marshall (1 year ago)
Callum Padgham (1 year ago)
Love ya work <3

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