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Study reveals new Antarctic process contributing to sea level rise & climate change

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A new IMAS-led study has revealed a previously undocumented process where melting glacial ice sheets change the ocean in a way that further accelerates the rate of ice melt and sea level rise. Led by IMAS PhD student Alessandro Silvano and published in the journal Science Advances, the research found that glacial meltwater makes the ocean’s surface layer less salty and more buoyant, preventing deep mixing in winter and allowing warm water at depth to retain its heat and further melt glaciers from below.
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Henrik Buitenhuis (7 months ago)
Professor Henrik Svensmark http://orbit.dtu.dk/en/persons/henrik-svensmark(9e82bea2-5207-46b2-9730-125e606a125a)/publications.html
Henrik Buitenhuis (7 months ago)
The Grand Solar minimum.
Henrik Buitenhuis (6 months ago)
Mr Cabot If you don't know anything about the Grand Solar Minimum, the find a Scholl book. Every one can read about the Grand solar minimum in a Scholl, And what IT did in the past. But you do maby not believe in the past/history. ? You can also go to DMI.dk RIGHT NOW and see for your selv how Cold and how much ice we have RIGHT NOW...Today...DMI.dk
Mr Cabot (6 months ago)
What about it?

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