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Is Law School Worth It?

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Get our Ultimate Pre-Law Checklist (FREE) here ➜ https://www.legaleagleprep.com/prelaw Learn learn how to get ready for law school, the 5 things you must do the summer before law school, and more . . . Law school is a big investment. Even if you have a full ride scholarship, you are still investing three full years of your life in the pursuit of becoming a lawyer. And these are not three dreamy years of relaxing on the beach. Oh no, law students routinely talk about law school as the most stressful time of their entire lives. And for most students the financial investment is very large. When law school is $60,000 per year plus living expenses, it’s no surprise that law students often graduate with over $200,000 in law school debt alone. So bottom line, law school costs a lot of money and take a lot of time. But is it worth it? The payoffs can be huge. Some first year associate salaries at big firms are up to $190,000 per year. Being a lawyer can be a great vocation. But it’s not for everyone. In this video we’re going to talk about who will get the most out of law school. We’ll talk about who should not under any circumstances go to law school. We’ll talk about the economics of the huge upfront costs of law school and law school debt. And most importantly we’ll talk about when it’s worth it to make the plunge. ======================================================== If you want to learn to THINK LIKE A LAWYER and ACE YOUR NEXT EXAM, check out our LAW SCHOOL MASTERCLASS at https://www.legaleagleprep.com/masterclass ======================================================== ★ Got law school questions? Ask in the comments! ★ Say hi on Facebook: ➜ https://www.facebook.com/legaleagleprep ★ Tweet at us on Twitter @LegalEagleDJ
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LegalEagle (6 months ago)
Got questions about law school? Leave them in the comments!
Bob Crane (2 months ago)
I hope he replies, I think apprenticeships are great in the states that allow them. If there is a well respected lawyer who takes on an apprentice, working under them may gain more respect/opportunities than a prestigious law school.
MoeJohnson (2 months ago)
what do you think of law apprenticeships? A couple states allow you to take the bar without law school
M (2 months ago)
What do you think of going to school online majoring to be a paralegal? Off the topic, I know, just thought I asked.
Bob Crane (2 months ago)
Are law school debts collectable if you leave the country? Some people gained residence and eventually citizenship in another country and became student loan exiles, I know federal student loans are not. For those with a $200k student debt that is not getting them jobs might have to think about that.
Xander Prince (2 months ago)
May a law graduate from Philippines continue studying in US?
Kellyjelly Bean (2 days ago)
I'm a 1L in an evening division (I work full time during the day) and while I am exhausted from just finishing my first semester finals, I can honestly say that this is exactly what I have always wanted to do. I look forward to becoming a practicing attorney in a few years!
David Prochazka (2 days ago)
In my country you study at university for free, so I'm not paying anything for my studies at law school. But it's still fun to watch angloamerican people talking about how much law school costs them.
Thomas Harrison (3 days ago)
Unless you can get into a tier one law school then dont go to law school.
Shanini99 (3 days ago)
The US school system baffles me. I'm glad university in the netherlands only costs 2000 a year. Our school system is very good so there's no need to go to a private university for a proper education
Tramel Parker (5 days ago)
Yeah even with all those things said. I’m a natural lawyer; I’ve won two contract law cases on my own.
apachedisco (5 days ago)
I have a really old lawyer on call, I love him because he doesn't give a shit anymore and just gets the job done.
Lindsey Wirth (6 days ago)
Thank you! I needed to see this video. I know deep in my bones what I need to do now! Thanks
Reason why lawyers are unsuccessful is because they don’t want to be lawyers in the first place. They do it do to family pressure or prestige. No huddle.
If you pay 300k for a law degree you’re mentally impaired.
Andre Maines (7 days ago)
You failed to mention that with most big firms you're expected to work 70-80 hours a week as a junior associate and you're viewed as a slacker if you do anything less than 60. If you pair the cost of time spent with the higher cost of living that can significantly reduce the amount of money you're actually making compared to taking a job at a smaller firm with more reasonable hours. Also, this isn't really about money but something to consider is the mental health cost that comes from being an attorney. The stress and long hours cause most if not all lawyers to become either functioning alcoholics or drug addicts with multiple drug prescriptions to keep them in balance. Adderall to wake up, xanax to calm down, percocet to feel good, ambien to fall asleep, etc... Personally, I think it's a good job for type A personalities who have a real passion for paperwork, order, and the law. You have to really love it though. I think you see so much alcohol and drug abuse in the field because there are a lot of people who DON'T love it. They just love the money and the prestige that come with it. But the thing is if you're working all the time you don't really have time to enjoy your money in the first place. Just my two cents though. Make sure you get in it for the right reasons or you'll regret it for the rest of your life. Once you take on that debt you can't just erase it and you're locked into this career for the rest of your life. SOURCE: family full of lawyers, I worked as a paralegal on wall street
Andre Maines (7 days ago)
My bad. I should have watched to the end. He covered basically all my points except the addiction one
Dawsen Conway (8 days ago)
What if I'm seeking to just be a public defender?
Good4Y0u (8 days ago)
I've wanted to be a lawyer for as long as I can get remember. I however have degree that makes ( and I've been offered ) a starting salary the six figures . I don't have the grades that everyone talks about being so important , due to my undergrad major being a hard STEM major. I am sure that I could be in the top 10% of my class as in my graduate school I am in the top % of students and my graduate school is heavy on cyber security policy related issues and case studies. In my case the " opportunity cost " is $300k on a safe estimate . If I go I'm -$160k but even if I never work as a lawyer I could pay it all back in a three year period after working. I've also been led to believe that I have a much higher chance of getting a big firm job due to my previous work experience in computer science, and my prior educational background. (I want to practice specifically IP and cyber security law ) On the flip side I've been told by some that due to my undergraduate disadvantage and the average income of lawyers I should just stay in my current field because I have a $50k increase over the average lawyer already. The opportunity cost has also been brought up. For me I know that I'd I was a lawyer , I would be able to do things that to me were interesting, useful , and new as my field of practice is new. I guess my question is what are the job prospects like for specialized lawyers who come from nontraditional backgrounds.
We the Seekers (9 days ago)
It almost seems like studying a subject on one's own and achieving competence independently is kind of against the law.
Jonathan Cipriano (10 days ago)
I'm a senior in high school living with my single mom, and I'm not rich lol. Going into law or journalism are the only two things I see myself doing at the moment. Debt scares me, it scares everyone. Any advice on what a highschool student could do to explore and make the decision if going into law is right for them?
sweetpea (6 hours ago)
Jonathan Cipriano you should try to shadow some lawyers or try to get some experience as a paralegal. Also talk to your schools guidance counselors or academic advisors
GordoFabulous (10 days ago)
I would say avoid college in general unless there is something very specific that you are called to do. It is much better to graduate high school and immediately into the workforce, any job. Work for a few years, figure out what you really want to do, and only then go to college, and only if you can't get your education for free elsewhere. At least half of the people in college right now have no business being there.
Brandon Williams (11 days ago)
Besides the fact that you "don't learn anything", why are so many attorneys against law school? lol.
Anthony Rosenbaum (11 days ago)
I am an software engineer, so I like logic, I like the idea of being a lawyer because they deal in logic. . . . with that being said. . . . would going to a small local law school be worth it?. . . . I probably will not be a lawyer . . . but maybe a politician.
Thomas Suel Pepper (13 days ago)
A Walmart greeter graduated from law school
Tyranitar (14 days ago)
Say something international LLB programmes.
GRIM (18 days ago)
You know, I must say that I’m proud of you! You pursued your childhood dream and you succeeded in achieving it. Not many people are able nor willing to keep going but you did! Well done on lawyering and well done garnering success on YouTube.
texknight67 (19 days ago)
That's a lot of money considering there's 1 lawyer for every 99 people in the US.
Brian McDonald (26 days ago)
In Ireland the government will pay you to go to any of our law schools. Jelly?
SHE RAVES (17 days ago)
Brian McDonald no, because we don’t want to live in Ireland...
Wade Hallson (27 days ago)
Objection: Debt is the sole reason you should not go to law school. Actually, this is more of a question. Haha How are you? I have been researching prospective law schools. I could get in debt free, and I have an interest in studying law. Lawyers make complaints that there is no work, and debt is high; however, it seems the biggest complaint is debt. Lawyers could get work, but it would not pay off law school loans. Does that mean that people discourage law school because of student loans primarily? I could start off with a smaller salary after college and work my way up to bigger firms or go rural unless it is that difficult to get work off of the bat (which includes small paying attorney work.) So the question would be is debt or work shortage the stronger reason not to go to law school? Thank you!
Creym_ Sa (1 month ago)
I am a sophomore in high school. My father wants me to be a lawyer and it’s not like he is forcing me to be one. I myself want to be a lawyer and want the world to see me as a lawyer. But all these stuff about student loans, good scores on tests, spending hours studying, terrible amount of hard work and everything is making me nervous and decreasing my confidence :(
Phil H (1 month ago)
If you want to learn how to argue, study philosophy, in particular the works of Plato. The Socratic Method is the foundation of Western rhetoric and reasoning. Every single thing Plato wrote (that hasn't been lost to history, at least) can be found online for free. If you want to learn about the law, you can also read millions of court cases for free online. There are also legal dictionaries everywhere on the internet if you want to learn legalese. Really, pretty much the only reason anyone would have to go to law school is to actually become a lawyer. And you don't have to be a lawyer to work in the legal profession. Paralegals earn pretty decent salaries, have more job opportunities, have much better hours than full-blown lawyers, and can usually get certified in as little as four months.
Keith Larsen (1 month ago)
Objection, House hold income is one of the most misleading statistics out there. It can apply to 1, 2 or 3 more income earners. Also, It assumes that people just flat out make 60K a year out of college. Not usually the case, most people out of college make the least amount of money they will in their lives as they have less experience, connections and business knowledge.
Ryan Y (1 month ago)
I can't decide between a PhD or a JD. ...
Charlie Uniform (1 month ago)
Household NOT EQUAL to person. Household is 2 people plus children, so $30,000 each. That's the average salary, using the data you quoted.
ChessTrader (1 month ago)
What's your take on para-legals ? I like the law but I'm not interested in going to law school like that. How important would you say are para-legals in your profession ?
BlueAngel2397 (1 month ago)
ChessTrader don’t do it. The pay is crap, no growth and on top of that lawyers treat you like shit. Totally not worth it.
Jäger 072 (1 month ago)
When you said 3000hrs/year, I was like" Whaaat?", but then I crunched the numbers and it's pretty much a standard 8-hour-business day (actually 8.3hrs = 8 hours and 20 mins roughly), but everyday, including every single Sunday.
Michael Maresca (1 month ago)
1st man to create the law can have it all because that is what he wanted after all!
Frank LeGalley (1 month ago)
Objection. I wish this type of content had been available to me before I dropped out of college.
Navaid Mirza (1 month ago)
Pure economic losses.
charlie (1 month ago)
Objection to comparing median salary of law school graduates to the entire us workforce median salary. General US median salary includes everyone who has worked for years at their profession and moved up the ranks. You are comparing the starting salary of one career path to the apex salary of other careers paths as if the two should be equal.
Ahmed Tarek (1 month ago)
3 years my ass, i spent 5 in pharmacy school and i didn't get shit out of it 😂
Aymaan Hussain (1 month ago)
That’s me, I don’t know if I should do law in uni or not?
Sam Purinton (1 month ago)
Objection! Your honor, it is safe to assume the majority of law students are at most 1 gap year removed from college. It is also safe to assume that recent college graduates do NOT have a median income of 60k a year. Therefore your calculation of opportunity cost is woefully inaccurate
Patricia (1 month ago)
I recently started law school on my country and, honestly, I wasn't really sure if it was the thing for me but once the first class was taught I absolutely feel in love with it. I've realized that the urge I feel to become a lawyer and base my life around the career has always been with me, I just didn't know it was THAT until I actually started it. Watching your videos has made me realize that US law school graduates are incredibly admirable and it's made me wish I could study law in there instead. P.s.: Law school in my country is very very cheap, but also not taught very well so it's arguable if it's worth it is as well. Loved this video and the insight it gave on the whole student debt situation! Keep up the good work!
Not My Area (1 month ago)
Is there a reasonable argument for a JDMA, then?
Trench (1 month ago)
If excluding the rare top earner the average lawyer make around 50k a year and to think some make 25k a year if lucky. law schools like most schools should refund or reduce the price students owe which is destroying the economy. Their use to be laws against these actions but most lawyers do not understand and so on. Some can get away from not paying school debt in a way which is to go on "disability" (look up criteria) and live your life than expect to make it rich. https://thegirlsguidetolawschool.com/09/law-school-myth-1-lawyers-make-a-lot-of-money/
Aimaria1 (1 month ago)
I went to back to school and earned an A.S. in Legal Studies (paralegal degree) before I decided if I wanted to go further in the field. After participating in mock trial I decided that I definitely did not want to be a trial attorney. It wasn't for me. That was even despite getting encouragement for my fellow classmates and from an attorney that was judging the mock trial. Sometimes you just know what's right for you. It also didn't help that down here in Florida there something on the order of 90,000 attorneys already practicing in the state! That's a lot of competition! As a side note, I once applied for a position at a law firm as a paralegal. They require you to start at the bottom, which is fine, but the position only paid $10 an hour working in their call center which was open 24 hours a day 7 days a week. you had to be in that position for at least 6 months before you could be considered for anything else. It was wall-to-wall attorneys and law students in there. 😭
That Goth Guy (1 month ago)
To me it seems that spending 3 years to further your career and get a law degree can be cheaper than spending 3 days in hospital in the USA and you will likely get a job if you get a degree while you could lose one if you get Ill.
Rich 91 (1 month ago)
Here in the UK we graduate at 21 with £50k in debt and american law firms pay £140k(same rate as usa biglaw) at 23-24
JiyutoSeigi (1 month ago)
I wonder if you'd react to this related note: https://youtu.be/Xs-UEqJ85KE.
Michael (1 month ago)
The prices of high education in the USA seems unreasonably astronomical. In Israel in say the Hebrew University you pay around 11k nis a year, which is under 4k$. Yeah education is subsidized here but 10 times the difference? And there are more schools in the US you'd think prices would go down due to competition. what the hell determines the price for education in the US?
Jonathan H (1 month ago)
3 years for 300k? Holy shit America sucks. Here in Sweden the education itself is free and we live off a 45-50k$ interest-free loan during these (4.5) years (might be more if you need more to pay en expensive rent lets say). So we dont really need jobs while studying. You guys need a revolution. Yesterday.
Michael B (1 month ago)
How is the process of becoming a lawyer different than becoming a judge?
Don Burrito (1 month ago)
You have to be old as fucc to be a judge. Minimum requirement.
ApatheticSaiyan (1 month ago)
Thank you. I was considering respeccing into law. Now I realize I need to go elsewhere.
Iwan Ebbing (1 month ago)
Objection. You should only take the median income of high school graduates without further education as missed income.
Rich 91 (1 month ago)
Only if u did a dogshit worthless poly sci degree...
Henrik Swanström (1 month ago)
I get paid 300 dollars a month to go to lawschool.
mam162 (1 month ago)
It's very telling that you're saying that even if someone absolutely, 100% has to be a lawyer, law school is "probably" for them. Not definitely, but "probably" or "could be a good choice". That right there sums up just how high the negatives are.
Adam Lan (1 month ago)
Hey Mr. Stone! Im a 21 year old political science student currently attending community college to cut down on costs of my education. What do you think is a good undergrad degree for someone who wants to go to law school?
Bobby Jones (1 month ago)
Adam Lan business, many schools offer a dual degree.
Majid Hamid (1 month ago)
$140000 geeez in the uk its £9k a year, if you factor this in the whole us uk law pay gap is much smaller than you think
Majid Hamid (1 month ago)
+Rich 91 well that's the big law firms, big law firms in the uk pay associates between £90k and £140k which is similar or higher than $140k and our loans are smaller as firstly uni costs less and family can help pay for a higher percentage of a loan maybe even all of the cost for most middle class family's
Rich 91 (1 month ago)
Us law firms pay £140k after qualifyiby i think
Samuel Clemens (1 month ago)
$60,000 is very generous for a 22-25 year old regardless of education. More realistically $40,000, although some people can make more. Other than that discrepancy, the numbers and reasoning are mostly correct.
Rich 91 (1 month ago)
Nope registered nurses can make 90k+ their first year with overtime...average salary is 80k without
Brian Fox (1 month ago)
Wish you posted this vid 15 years ago where I could see it. Law school by far was the most financially devastating decision I ever made. 12 years later and I'm just now starting to wrangle the debt down.
Afiq Taib (1 month ago)
Hi James Greetings from Malaysia. I am a dropout bachelor programme of Hospitality Management. After few years of working with my dad company and being lost, I've identified that my father company are lack with legal aspect and we are paying a subsidiary law firm to assist upon our legal compliance. After a very long thought, I've decided to take up the course for law. I've seek advise from peers and family members. My father advised me to take LLB (bachelor in law) only and to ignore CLP (Certified Law Practicioner Lisence). This is due to with the knowledge I will gain, I will just in need to monitor and advise and there is no reason for me to go up and down to court I was wondering what's your advise in my case scenario. Really appreciate it.
qdllc (1 month ago)
Short answer...no. www.jdunderground.com
rtiid22 (1 month ago)
These averages really hit home for me.. my wife’s been an attorney for 3 yrs and was only making $65k until recently. Student loan of $150k as well.
D T (1 month ago)
Did you attend ucla with Ben Shapiro. You guys seem to be the same age.
MiHanLin1 (1 month ago)
Hey LeagleEagle, I dig the video. What are the things that make becoming an attorney worth it for you? If it's not a slam dunk to bring in big$ and it's not as glamorous as you see on t.v. and if it means so much hard work and long hours, what is in the other column to balance this all out? I know you have to have a strong desire and a high level of commitment, but what is that even based on? Keep up the good work!
Alexander Adnan (1 month ago)
You can technically buy 10 house for 300k that can cashflow at least $2500-3000 a month passive income while being a sleep instead slaving yourself to a corporate firm for the rest of your life. I would never consider becoming a lawyer again.
thegooseman (1 month ago)
I wanted to go to law school once upon a time but I didn't want to get into more debt plus my undergrad.
theverticalgiraffe (1 month ago)
You look like that guy from the Handmaids Tail
LMS (1 month ago)
Thank you for being brutally honest about if one should go to law school. Most of the people who talk about university rarely give the truth that you need to be completely set to become a doctor, lawyer, economy person or what ever you study in university. If you arent, then dont go. Tbh if they were then we wouldnt have that many universities/colleges..
Patrick Isles (1 month ago)
Law school is free in Germany and you only pay 85 euros per semester Go to Germany.
Oculos Sicarii (1 month ago)
3 YEARS!? In my country at least is 5 years, and in some private universities is 7 years
Joe D. Ramirez (1 month ago)
every video, save for this one, has been excellent. but comparing median income versus median entry level income are not comparable. entry level college graduate versus entry level attorney salaries... sure.
Austin Collier (1 month ago)
If Jim from "the office" had decided to go to law school and hit the books instead of going to dunder Mifflin and hitting on Pam.
robert strangie (1 month ago)
awesome video 10/10.
Janda Roberts (1 month ago)
What are your thoughts on non traditional students (someone in the mid 30s) attending law school? Or what's the difference between part time and full time?
Rich 91 (1 month ago)
Be realstic and RESEARCH..speak to alumni of your school...speak to current students You wouldnt buy a house over a mine would you?so treat the 200k transaction as the same
ilov69 (1 month ago)
I'm an Engineer. I cannot imagine reading as much as you lawyers do. I would never ever want to be a lawyer. I love Engineering - problem solving and applying maths and physics principles every day. But dude, you're just a really great speaker and storyteller and I can't stop watching your vids. Good stuff brother.
BodaciousCNO (24 days ago)
ilov69 Also an engineer, enjoying these videos.
MyMagic LouLou (2 months ago)
Thank you for the information. Maybe i will ask you about, what books i should read so i can use them as reference in class? I studied law too.
sharon reyhanian (2 months ago)
Great video man
Yadira Burgos (2 months ago)
What about if you do it as a part time law student?
O Love (2 months ago)
Hi, I sent you an email! I hope to hear from you soon!
JGdownunder (2 months ago)
I'm doing a bachelor of medical laboratory science. I have a chemistry final exam tomorrow. Why am I watching this
TheTyphoon365 (2 months ago)
I'm majoring in Network Administration and Security
Alex Norway (2 months ago)
Glad I am living in Norway
HigaJosuke (2 months ago)
PFFT $40k I go to an art institute in NY that stuff’s $60k a year and scholarships scratch an itty bit off. It’s worth, but dam, art college is mad expensive...
Von Yunker (2 months ago)
What type of career are you working towards? Sometimes state schools are less expensive if they offer a similar major
David Michael-Martinez (2 months ago)
The problem with law and med school is that it only teaches you how to be a good lawyer or doctor. What it doesnt teach you is how to be a good business person. Marketing, sales, negotiating, socializing, networking, administration, managing time, people and finances, learning new software and IT skills, etc etc...these are all things not taught at Harvard law yet vital to being a successful lawyer. What gets you a cushy big firm gig though...its not so much that you graduate from Yale or your GPA...its that you graduated from a school who has a large donating alumni base so you are more likely to know alot of other successful people and their friends and family that you can call on for business immediately...the applicant with the better network wins the job
Letsbe Tolerant (2 months ago)
Here in Vienna, Austria we only really have one Law School and we pay 19,70 € (or 22,61 Dollars )per semester. But we have to study for 4 years instead of 3 years.
Joseph Taylor (2 months ago)
LegalEagle - if you do the math, working at a firm (I assume you do) how much do you make an hour? You recently admitted when you graduated with 160k in debt. How long did it take you to pay that off?
Daniel Neisess (2 months ago)
What’s your opinion about working in public service as an attorney and taking advantage of the 10 year loan forgiveness? It puts you on the same 10 year timeline you describe for having your loans resolved but doesn’t necessarily require you to be top 10% and graduating from a top 10 law school.
Nicholas Heidl (2 months ago)
3,000 hours a year is a 60 hour week. That's 12 hours a day.
Preston Fitzgerald (2 months ago)
Yeah and that's only the billable hours.
Houn Pak (2 months ago)
0€ here in Paris and there is the best two law university of France ... i dnt realize the chance i have i keep saying law is boring and u pay 300k fucking $ !! A message To the hawks controlling trump : Stop making wars and let theses Americans study for free! First country in the world it is a shame
Charles (2 months ago)
I’m interested in dual national law degrees (specifically one that is taught half in France and half in the US). I’ve met various people here who have studied French/Italian law or French/German law or French/British law. What kind of law, though, would someone practice with that kind of qualification? I have heard it sort of restricts to only ever being a corporate lawyer
Gabriel Fraga (2 months ago)
you need a new hair cut
Julian Jackson (2 months ago)
Yeah be a quack that sprinkles a few Latin based terminology on a "My client isn't guilty due to lex ignoramus" sentence to sound smart, and hands down biased judgment on a situation they didn't experience firsthand. Basically an internet argumentative laden person with a suit and a piece of paper. Most lawyers don't have regular high paying clients or millionaires all at their heels throwing thousands at them. Most cant even get into those prestigious law firms and end up struggling with student loan debt and hate their careers.
MrFuggleGuggle (2 months ago)
Some Physical Therapy graduate school programs charge $45,000/yr for tuition, and that also lasts 3 years. A Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) - even mid-career - usually makes about the same or even less than a Registered Nurse (RN) - from as low as $40,000/yr to $90,000/yr. The only way to make "Doctor" money is to start and own your own outpatient care facility, in addition to teaching part-time at a university graduate program and contribute to major research projects. To put it in perspective, software engineers can make between $90,000 to $180,000/yr far easier without even needing a Bachelors. Software Testers - people who literally click buttons to make sure they work and find ways to break the software - can make between $70,000/yr and up to $140,000/yr.
Ryan Goldade (2 months ago)
Not a lawyer (nor aspiring to be one) but love the videos. I'm a PhD student in computer science and I would recommend this to anyone considering grad school. Aside from debt most of the points to consider transfer.
Sasha Fierce (2 months ago)
In the uk it’s £9,250 per year for three years and then for Legal Practice course (LPC) it’s around £11,000. Then maintainance is around £8,000 a year for living costs, food etc. THEN after all that you have to pray that you get a training contact for 2 years. This is just for a solicitor. To become a barrister it is a similar but much longer process
Caroline Kristiansen (2 months ago)
In Denmark law school is free
Paulo Moniz (2 months ago)
300k in debt omg. You could buy an apartment and rent it to tourists. Maybe even 2 apartments.
Theyn Smith (2 months ago)
Why doesn't he just shave and solve that patch problem?
F. W. Sauerteig (2 months ago)
Where is the video that is supposed to be in the link?
love 4theworld (2 months ago)
George Rady (2 months ago)
I like the Euros that brag about “free education” - sure - European Union countries are subsidized by massive debt so a “cheap” degree with a very low bar of success... one stands a better chance of getting modestly paid to in the utilization of that degree... but when the currency comes crashing down and there is no more “free” money those “free money jobs” will also dry up faster than you can say “Why?” (And, when you think of it, why should a guy with a REAL job as a plumber or a construction worker be paying taxes to send spoiled brats to college - that they never had s chance to get into - and then PAY more taxes to make sure there are government subsidized “jobs” to employ people with meaningless (cheap) degrees???
George Rady (2 months ago)
Well, at least lawyers are geographically and legally - safe - from Offshoring and H1Bing... funny that lawyer/politicians are the ones that made sure that people who LOST their “factory” jobs proceeded to give away the IT skill jobs that the politicians proclaimed people should RETRAIN for... and “experts” are puzzled why Americans HATE the Lawyer and Politicians that can’t see why Trump is WINNING where they have told people to f*ck off...
Anna (2 months ago)
Are there any alternate careers that still work in the realm of law/politics that don't require a law degree?

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