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Bad trip in Amsterdam

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Chap goes nuts in the bulldog in Amsterdam and gets nicked!
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Nikola Karovic (2 months ago)
this isnt mushrooms this is schizophrenia.
Stephen Bowles (4 months ago)
His mom don’t love him
Noface (5 months ago)
looks like a mini psychotic episode, he couldnt shake it off and dont like that. best way to deal with it is to remain quiet or silent and remain still but still breathe properly, drink when thirsty etc.
Saucy Dylan (8 months ago)
ahah amazing
Conkey Munt (8 months ago)
This is a bad trip? I thought this was just some autostic dude, also bad place to be when ur tripping balls dude
Ismail Şaşkal (9 months ago)
yaramıyosa içmcen evlat :D
Bruce Willis (1 year ago)
what was he on?
Matthew Hough (10 days ago)
+Hebjdhdhdb Bshshshshs yeah shrooms deffo don't make you act like this, I can tell that the kid's autistic which explains why he freaked out at the end like that
Komen Cents (3 months ago)
+Hebjdhdhdb Bshshshshs lol I think the only one trying way too hard to act cleverer than anyone else is you. Truffles are shrooms the same way as caps are shrooms the same way as the shrooms stem is shrooms the same way your hand is human. Don't know how you got what you got from that, but that's all I said lol.
Hebjdhdhdb Bshshshshs (3 months ago)
+Komen Cents what? Are you saying shrooms/truffles(whatever) makes you do this? You are trying way to hard to be smart but in actuality you are making yourself look like a fool, by reacting to the shrooms/truffles, saying shrooms are the same as truffles(sort of true). But my point was that shrooms don't make you act like this.
Komen Cents (3 months ago)
+Hebjdhdhdb Bshshshshs you can still get truffles, which by anatomy, are mushrooms. Take your own advice pops
Hebjdhdhdb Bshshshshs (7 months ago)
Nebih Başaran shrooms don't make you do this and you can't even buy shrooms anymore in Amsterdam. Know what you are talking about kid.
Benjamin Else (1 year ago)
Total wrong environment for doing shrooms too loud strange people just go back to your room and watch cartoons with some nice music playing
GRIF (1 year ago)
I think it's more like a mushroom trip or something like that, what do you think?
I hate junks!
Ashmad Olayadiha (1 year ago)
thats why i dont really like getting high around a bunch of mofos i dont know. i hate if somebody tries to mess up my high
Andrea B (1 year ago)
Fucking idiot shut up come back in your fucking city bitch
David B (2 years ago)
There aren't that many rules for visitors to Amsterdam's coffeeshops but no violence/aggression and not creating a disturbance to the neighbors are among them. I'm surprised they didn't gently remove him early on. Besides, that would harsh my buzz.
David B (1 year ago)
I'm surprised anyone stayed. I avoid this type of situation like the plague (aggressive, erratic people). I would have left the shop early on, like after the 1st shout or "f-bomb". You have to be a complete moron to get arrested as a tourist in Amsterdam!
Finn Healy (2 years ago)
dublin boys in the video yup hahah
rybolfc (2 years ago)
Bad trip
ChronicalDamage (2 years ago)
No one went there and helped the poor guy. That's really sad
Matthew Hough (10 days ago)
+Zycho He's not tripping lol I can almost definitely tell he's autistic by the way he freaks out at the end
Zycho (6 months ago)
fuck him. His problem, we'd be helping stupid tourists all day. Dude knew what he was getting himself into, or should have.
Bruce Willis (10 months ago)
they are probably used to these situations. i hear that people eating shrooms and wigging out is very common and that is why they usually don't allow u to dose in the shops
Nebih Başaran (10 months ago)
As far as I know, the guy would feel better and ease if someone helped him.
David B (2 years ago)
If he wasn't being so aggressive and volatile, I think people would have helped him.
Fu Bill (2 years ago)
Paco West (3 years ago)
fucking tourist !!
supersaraka trago (3 years ago)
i reckon he ate 2 many shrooms and did not have a clue how to deal with them ...whatever he took he is behaving like a jerk off
Paco West (3 years ago)
+supersaraka trago I think so. Because what he smoked aint weed. You get relaxed if you smoke weed. You dont scream around like a little bitch. He smoked crack or something, because he's completly tripping balls.
supersaraka trago (3 years ago)
+Paco West 1:47 " FUCK " hahahahhah what a dick , I bet he had a nice time in the police cell
Whistler4u (3 years ago)
Such a tourist trap.
themaxx7000 (3 months ago)
@David Snyder Grey Area, small place, but worth the trip.
「FuJiKi-XI」 (5 months ago)
David Snyder haha I’m going this November 👋🏻
David Snyder (6 months ago)
I'm just saying there are probably less touristy places with better weed that locals prefer
David Snyder (6 months ago)
solonl I love drugs and might like prostitutes lol
David Snyder (6 months ago)
I'm going to Amsterdam this winter, where is a good non-touristy place to go? I'm used to California weed
jogonjon (5 years ago)
which bulldog is it ? Great vido man..u timed it just right..I like to observe a loose cannon
Marci Kunze (5 years ago)
hahaha i wonder if he saw himself on youtube later
Vulpiq (7 years ago)
learn to smoke :D
pj23nl (7 years ago)
fucking tourists
ringsender (8 years ago)
@mrredthompson yeah man good stuff..i just know how easy it can be to get messed up doing thos mushrooms.
ringsender (8 years ago)
is this real? what did he do?

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