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$216.93 EV Masters 25 - Magic the Gathering Booster Box

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SparTadepT (1 year ago)
The numbers are skewed currently because of the lack of copies in the market. Most of the "value" cards in this set are going to experience the mana drain effect and lose 60-80% of their value. For example filter lands were $25-30, they're already down to $8-12 on tcg, and basic sellers aren't able to list cards until midnight on Saturday, so they're assured to tank further. Thinking logically about cards like this - they see very little play, they're going to be $2-4 5 days into the opening of this set. Recruiter will fall to $7-8, Port will fall to $10-14. This is far from a "good set", just because it has playable cards doesn't mean its "good". No one is being held out of modern because lightning bolts or boros charms are $15 for a play set, what format does this set allow easier access into? It's just a box of $110 worth of cards that you pay $170 for. WoTC celebrating 25 years of taking money from your wallet is all this celebrates.
MrHabenero (1 year ago)
Just wanted to mention... Rishadan Port has a bit more history then just being a "rare single print card", and it is definitely not a terrible card by any means what so ever. It is infamous for being one of the most cruel and powerful lands ever printed, and Mark Rosewater him self answered yes when asked if "Rishadan Port was too strong to be reprinted?" You have to understand, back when Rishadan Port was legal, everybody played this land, every deck tried to run four of them. This land was cruel at shutting down important lands that were sometimes absolutely necessary for anybody to be able to have their proper color fixing, especially because this block had a lot of "multicolor cards matter" themes. Since Rishadan Port was not dedicated to using any specific color of mana, it was thrown into every kind of deck out there, and people even just had Rishadan Ports in their decks just for the purpose of shutting down other Rishadan Ports their opponents control. Just understand, having a Rishadan Port on your side of the battlefield with a simple investment of one, can often keep your place ahead of the game and your opponent one mana, or more importantly, one color behind. All of this and the fact that the ability generally can't be stopped or countered since it's a land ability. tl;dr I just really wanted to explain, Rishadan Port is a seriously bonkers powerful land. Mark Rosewater himself said they would not print it again (Whoops!). The land easily fills in all the characterizations of what makes a card banned.
Wolfie (1 year ago)
singles FTW
michael martinez (1 year ago)
Hm good channel ill sub.
Jared Duran (1 year ago)
"A lot of value in the rares" yeah sure bro.
shuchun liu (1 year ago)
anyone still holding portal cards are going to lose a lot of value, non of those cards are on reserve list
draxxus9801 (1 year ago)
Thanks for being awesome man. I’ll watch every video you ever make!
MagicalTabletopGirls (1 year ago)
Box EV means nothing if you don't plan on opening 10 cases.
ajvasta (1 year ago)
all the "values" of the individual cards will be going down.
Only Human (1 year ago)
In Australia this MM25 is $360 this is HIGH WAY ROBBERY and I refuse to pay that much when all I want is Chalice play set.
Only Human (1 year ago)
Exactly! I just got my 1st one at $85
Indoril (1 year ago)
Bob Down might be worth just buying a playset of chalices as singled and forgetting this dumpster fire of a set
Wicked UN famouS (1 year ago)
eternal masters is not under 200$..
Nikoli Barastov (1 year ago)
Too the Card Stock is going to make Bicycle Playing cards look sturdy and desirable...
Breakneck (1 year ago)
Only buying if they included Storm Crow.
Elijah M Thompson (1 year ago)
Did you see the duplicate box ruby just put on youtube? Looks pretty bad.
BradomAT (1 year ago)
yes ^^ but the rest was a absolute ok i think
Dung Pie (1 year ago)
he got 2 trees hehe xd
Stevinacan Stevinacan (1 year ago)
Problem isn't Tree Of Redemption the problem is almost 0 value in the rare slot minus 2-3 cards. The first Modern Master's is so good and $600 a box now because literally 50% of the rare's and mythics were incredible pulls (to this day). If they really care about lowering the price of Modern/Legacy then they should always just be reprtining from the top 20 modern and legacy decks. Instead they are throwing darts at a board.
The Goth King (1 year ago)
Dominaria is going to have a faster version of relentless rats as well.
105 Wonky (1 year ago)

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