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The Worst Law School Advice that Just Won't Die (And How to Avoid It)

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Download our FREE “Ultimate Guide for Crushing Finals.” ➜https://www.legaleagleprep.com/finals In this video: The Worst Advice for Law School and How to Avoid It: "You don't need to go to class "You don't need to pay attention in class" "Brief every case you read" "Don't use commercial outlines" "Buy new casebooks" "Wait until the end of the semester to outline" Get More Great Tips - Subscribe ➜ https://goo.gl/JwQUPf Share this Video: ➜ https://youtu.be/Ds1NcfS5hmM ★ Facebook: ➜ https://www.facebook.com/legaleagleprep ★ Ask us a Question by using hashtag on YouTube or Twitter #AskLegalEagle or @LegalEagleDJ
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Text Comments (322)
"context is overrated" Funny how the meaning of that sentence changes without context ;)
Serg F (5 hours ago)
How tall are you?
Arkone Axon (2 days ago)
You forgot this one: "Don't try to sue your professor." This was an actual case that I learned about back when I was receiving an e-mail newsletter titled "The True Stella Awards" (a reference to the woman who sued McDonalds for being burned by her coffee, and a fake list of untrue incidents that motivated an attorney to begin compiling true frivolous lawsuits and exploring them. One of the cases was a law student who listening to a professor lecturing on "assault," and providing definitions. He lightly tapped the young woman on the shoulder and explained, "this could be considered assault, depending on the context." ...She then decided to file a lawsuit declaring that she was suffering nightmares and PTSD as a result of the assault committed in class. I honestly do not recall if the lawsuit ever made it to trial or if the judge threw it out for being obviously frivolous... but it's a pretty safe bet that she didn't get to graduate from that law school...
Madotsu (2 days ago)
Can I buy a car from you please?
SpireSpore (2 days ago)
Im not studying law either! I don't even care about the law. but his videos are interesting 😃
Natasha Paige Cortez (2 days ago)
This guy mansplains a lot...
Excludos (2 days ago)
I certainly would never tell anyone not to go to class, that's like you said horrible advice. I will, however, state that not everyone gets an equal amount of usefulness from it. I'm not a lawyer so maybe that's different, but I did complete computer science, and I barely attended class at all. Maybe hovering around 50% attendance. For a lot of the subjects, I simply learned much more on my own than I did in class, so I found myself showing up to school only to sit down in the common area and finish my assignments on my own. I was also lucky enough to have really good friends who would tell me if there was something critical I missed during a class. I don't think this is for everyone, but if you find yourself, like me, realising you're not getting anything from class, there's no shame in just doing it yourself.
TheZSquaredMusic (4 days ago)
I took a “Business Law” class in college (the lawyer teaching it instead called it Contracts Law, but offically, that wasn’t the name). On the final exam, the final question said “Pass/Fail Question: I will not work to one day become a lawyer T/F” I answered T and still passed the class with a solid B+. Some days I think back to when my Grandmother used to tell me I “should go to law school one day,” and I wonder, was I wrong to persue something else?
lakkakka (5 days ago)
lol, a lawyer saying context is overrated.
John Freeman (10 days ago)
Can I get some advice on how to get a perfect stubbly beard? I need it for law school.
Anne Reilley (10 days ago)
Why would you go to school and think going to class is optional?
Alexander Jakubsen (12 days ago)
Love your videos. Buts what is up with the hairless patch on your right cheek?
PhD translation student here. Yep, gotta watch that law school advice video. That obviously makes more sense than writing conference papers that have been on a neverending hiatus for past 3 months.
Jaz (15 days ago)
this is actually great advice even if you're not going to study law, all uni students should folow this really even if your lecturer is incompetant
Jacob Thompson (15 days ago)
I'm an econ phd student but this is super interesting and it seems applicable to all grad school programs: take whatever shortcuts you can because 1) You'll be insanely busy no matter what you study and 2) professionals always take shortcuts and that's okay.
Nico V (17 days ago)
The advice you have given here is really universally useful in my opinion. I´m a third year law student from Germany, where we have a strict code-law-system. You still need to do those outlines and it is much easier to do them ahead of time. Usually you'll even end up doing them a bit more in depth that way, since you don't have the exams coming up in a few weeks. Also do listen to what the professors have to say. Especially if they have something specific, that they are passionate about. You'll be able to understand that aspect of the law on a much deeper level and therefore rock any exams, that only require you to scratch the surface of this particular problem. All in all, excellent advice!
"Advice about what you should do.....are like butts, everyone has one & most of them stink." Bahaha!
sublime90 (18 days ago)
i have a friend who thought 'black letter laws" was specific laws just for black people.
dillusioned (19 days ago)
99% of what you learn in law school you will never use when being a lawyer, so I asked a lawyer to teach me how to be a lawyer and I would give him the tuition I was supposed to pay to law school.
dillusioned (19 days ago)
Start writing practice exams as soon as possible-know how to write essay exams. This guy is the real deal in giving practical advice about law school. But you have to experience law school to really know what he is talking about.
Megan (19 days ago)
im??? a drama major how did i get here
Keron Beepath (19 days ago)
I have no plans in becoming a lawyer, much less go to law school, but I can’t stop watching theses vids.
Roli Rivelino (20 days ago)
Yes but if I'm studying divorce law, how can I practice sucking the blood from live victims without being arrested?
Liz A (21 days ago)
I'm prefacing this with I was a law student for a year, but it didn't work out (academic dismissal due to low GPA). What I find interesting about #1 is, as far as I'm aware, there is an ABA requirement for how many classes a law student must attend in order to fulfill the requirement. So, the student is potentially screwing themselves over. #2 I did this because the professors would question us on the even the most minute cases that we were assigned. I was always afraid of getting cold called and not have the answer ready. #3 near the end, I tried to use commercial outlines and found I did much better that way than just totally basing it off my notes, but not that much better, but I think it was my own analytical issues as well. #4 I rarely did, unless the professor had some "special edition" that was made and therefore changed a bunch of cases, changed page numbers etc. Big money waster, in my opinion.
rene charbonneau (21 days ago)
Doing an advice video 'bout ignoring advices... lol
SPFrobber (22 days ago)
I am drunk and mildly stoned but love the articulation of his speech. I work in marketing where shortcuts are money and he speaks well. It takes skill to accurately convey a message with the first take, and then do it repeatedly 😎
Shofar Olaguez (24 days ago)
I am going to become a lawyer by watching all your videos :v
Daksh Tripathi (25 days ago)
Is there a lot of learning in law?
Daksh Tripathi (19 days ago)
Where did you graduate from???
Xiclotrode (19 days ago)
not at all they pratically hand you the degree
DenaL112 (25 days ago)
Do not go to class or pay attention! LOL. Really? I have never heard that ever!
AB (26 days ago)
It sounds like you got a lot of really bad advice in law school. How'd you make it out alive?
Malcanth (26 days ago)
I always buy used books, but not because they are cheaper. It is like getting a book that already has all of the important stuff highlighted or underlined. If the student who had the book before me marked something, it is probably something important for me to know too. And the previous owner of the book might have marked some stuff that I would have missed.
dullahan LC. (26 days ago)
I'm a software engineer, why the hell am I binge watching his videos??
Johnny Appleseed (26 days ago)
If you don't recommend reading the cases, then what do you recommend for when I am cold called on and asked about them? Because most of my professors ask. Also do you have any specific recommendations for commercial outlines?
Auntiemarshmallow (27 days ago)
What is your learning goal when doing a case brief? I'm not a lawyer, and I never even considered it, but I'm asking because current research on learning suggests that paraphrasing things helps you remember things more efficiently. Is it slower? Yes, but you will also remember that info longer. So...what's your priority? Also, do not reread. Rereading makes you familiar with the content, but it does not help you understand it. Instead, test yourself. Write your own tests if you need to. If you are able to write your own test, you can more or less predict what will test questions.
AK (27 days ago)
#4 is same for those in medical field. I remember right before PA school we [all the new students] were all swept into a classroom and a medical device representative was there trying to get us to buy all brand new equipment that we never ended up using. Why the heck did I buy a freakin otoscope and opthamoloscope? I never used them in school or afterwards...Other than the Littmann stethoscope the rest of it was wasted.
Christopher Gibbons (27 days ago)
The outlining one for sure. Regardless of your academic field. I'd say go one step further and get a good notes software like one note, and take the time to learn the software. Outlining is halfway done just by taking notes. You can include annotations like links to other sources. Everything will be indexed and fully searchable by content, date, and even by what you wrote the most about. Most schools will have some kind of way for you to get these softwares for free.
niuxen (27 days ago)
I mean I know you made fun of Harvey in your suits episode... but man, your voice, your style, your confidence and your look... you can be the better Harvey 2.0 :D
Marcelo Yuri (27 days ago)
3:28 I think it was the first time I saw someone using the word arcane that didn't revolve around fantasy settings. BTW, I don't go to law school. My best friend does. He ALWAYS insisted on me going because, on his words, my arguing is always good and on point and it is hard for me to be wrong on facts, so he enjoys testing himself against me. Same thing with my ex, which was a girl from his class, it was to the point where she made an objective to win a discussion with me that didn't revolve around opinion. All of this might be the reason why I enjoy this channel so much. But I studied psychology for 3 years and left for medical reasons and now I want to be a writer, it is funny that I had so much "law talk" around me and still don't want to practice it.
As a senior law student in a country with a romano-germanic law system I find your videos really fascinating :)
Anna Huff (28 days ago)
This is the best comment thread ever. Like half the people here are trying to figure out why they've watched so many of his videos when they have no interest in law school. You know you're killing the YouTube thing when half your viewers have zero interest in your subject but keep watching because you're so engaging.
KixMayne91 (28 days ago)
I'm a programmer with my degree, and yet I'm here watching this video about law school, hmmmmm.
MrTindervox (29 days ago)
Why am I watching this.. I'm a Computer Science BCs.
Pedro Amaral (29 days ago)
The outline advice at the end is so true. It helped me a lot to do that work every week
raekuul (1 month ago)
The "do your outlines weekly" advice I 100% agree with. *Everything that you learn, you learn incrementally.* You don't just decide to walk into a gym one day and bench press 300 pounds, because you know you'll just hurt yourself trying. It's the same with learning the law, or math, or a language, or writing a fanfiction - trying to do it all at once will just hurt you.
Super Furry (1 month ago)
Did you ever heard your hot?
Luke Leitner (1 month ago)
OBJECTION Who’s butt doesn’t stink?
Laura Hewitt (1 month ago)
Who highlights any more? If you use Post-Its, you can put them toward the edge of the page to make color-coded bookmarks referring to what you found important in that paragraph, write notes about the texts right on them, and peel them off when you're done.
DeludoSui (1 month ago)
Just a heads up... Some university profs will literally fail you if you do not attend class regularly regardless of test scores.
Some profs make lectures mandatory (even though, out of all types of classes, lectures usually aren't). Some will fail you for not showing up, others will give you a 0-term exam if you attended all lectures. There's no downside to going. If you don't have time to attend, reevaluate your approach. Why bother studying if you're not gonna go there.
Nelson Benitez (23 days ago)
DeludoSui absolutely, the professor or even the university may have an attendance policy. It’s always best to show up to class, you never know what you might learn or miss
Em (16 days ago)
I'm not a law student and I don't plan on going to law school. I just started watching your videos on tv shows/movies because they're interesting and now I'm here.
telosanton (16 days ago)
I'm really quite interested in witnessing somebody turning into a law school. I think that would be worthy of a documentary if not a blockbuster movie. Please keep me updated on your transformation!
BGSlopy (16 days ago)
Ha ha ha good luck ! Especialy if in your country they go by the Anglo-saxon law system.
Lester Lee (25 days ago)
Me too/I'm also like that.
Glaurung the Great (29 days ago)
You and 100,000 other people.
Adarsh Shankar (1 month ago)
It's so funny how half the people aren't even doing law or thinking about doing it. That's how well these videos are made, great job!
The Anti-Nerdist (1 month ago)
I’m not an attorney but when I was 32, I went back to school for my paralegal degree and certification. I’ve since left the industry but I worked in a civil defense firm. That said, while I was in school, I had the advantage of having been an adult in the workforce for several years leading up to that and I was surrounded by young students who were struggling because they couldn’t grasp the very basic concept that you’ve articulated so very well in this video: don’t overcomplicate things. In the real-world environment of a law office (or any professional environment), the right way to do things is however the job gets done the right way. There’s no “one-size-fits-all” approach to accomplishing your tasks. It’s not just about getting the job done, it’s about developing the skills to efficiently get the job done. The same goes for the approach to academics. Developing shortcuts is just smart. Buying used case law books is just smart. Doing outlines once a week is just smart. Briefing every case... not smart and certainly not an efficient use of your time. Not showing up to class because you think you can skate with just the text... definitely not smart. Whether you’re in law school or junior college, you need to realize that it’s a game and figure out the best way play within the rules and use them to your advantage.
Immaturity (1 month ago)
Why do I always end up here when I'm high? I'm studying economics and not even law... youtube what are you doing to me.
Albreyjc (1 month ago)
Why the hell am i so addicted to this channel? im never going to law school or had any desire to do so lol this is still great to watch
jorge aldridge (1 month ago)
Me horny
Heather Helsel (1 month ago)
I was told to case brief everything when I first got in law school by the deans. Didn't fall into the trap and I always tell my mentees to stop doing it day one. It's more important focus on what you need to know from the cases for your professors. The way I work is when I read cases I highlight what I need to know for cold calling and outlining. My highlighting has a code Green-Facts, Blue-Issue, Yellow-Arguments, Pink-Rules, Orange-Holding of Majority, Purple-Dissents/Concurrence
Alan Guile (1 month ago)
Hi I’m a retired engineer and I still find this fascinating ! Wish I had this sort of advice at my university.
Mohamad Raj (1 month ago)
I disagree with the part of case briefing. I love reading cases in full text to understand how the law is applied by the Supreme Court. I pass one of my final exam because I case brief.
Jim M. (1 month ago)
One point I'm going to disagree with. Law school drives students into myopia. So I encourage students to read cases unedited. Understand the whole case look up words, usages and principles. A simple landlord tenant case can cross property, contracts, torts, civil procedure, remedies, legal drafting and in some circumstances criminal law. Watch for myopia and avoid it.
EebstertheGreat (1 month ago)
"Context is overrated" - LegalEagle 2017
chrestophir (1 month ago)
Loads of people recommend not going to certain classes, hell I've recommended it myself before. I can't speak for the quality of lecturers and teachers at the top universities in the country, but at a mid-tier university, not every lecturer is competent. I give every class a chance, but after 2 or 3 classes, I feel informed enough to make a judgment call regarding whether it's worth my time to keep attending the classes. I've had a few classes where the lecturer has spent more time recounting anecdotal stories from their life and having conversations with students than discussing anything related to the subject. As interesting as these stories are, I'm not shelling out thousands of dollars for storytime, i'm paying for an education. If staying home, compiling my own notes and listening to the online resources is a more productive use of my time, then I'm going to save myself the trip to uni and do the work from home. When the lecturer is competent however, I fully agree that going to class is important. I just think that people should use their own judgment to determine whether going to class is worth it or not. Usually it's pretty obvious when the lecturer is a dud.
Eddie Jay (4 days ago)
Oh you think all the professors at top universities are always competent?
vynat draco (1 month ago)
your casebook advice, I use that same technique on my non-law textbooks.
NCS (1 month ago)
Grand Master Flash (1 month ago)
Im a chemistry major why am I here and watching like every video
George Manning (1 month ago)
The ironic thing is that none of this matters once you get to the real test-the bar exam! Then the real fun begins.
Rox X (1 month ago)
With the case briefing and how it is irrelevant, is that the same with the UK? Starting law school soon
Rox X (1 month ago)
+Ross Penny ah you've honestly helped me a lot with my nerves for starting law school! I hope it goes smoothly and I'm glad A level law pays off in uni😭 I do love case studies tbh. Thank you!!
Ross Penny (1 month ago)
+Rox X in my uni at least, the first year is level 4 which is the same as A level. although obviously there is a lot more of it as it's just law most of the people who had done A level law found it a lot easier than those who hadn't :):)
Rox X (1 month ago)
+Ross Penny ah okay that's like A level law too then. Thank you so much you've really helped. Im going to University of Birmingham
Ross Penny (1 month ago)
Law student going into second year in the UK here, basically it is too much detail about the case for the most part all you need to know is the case name and what legal principal it covers but often if you know a little about what actually happened in the case it will make it more memorable (you will very rarely need to know dissenting opinions etc and if you do then it will surely be pointed out to you on your course)
Eric Hodosh (1 month ago)
I'm jealous of your jaw line.
miraculux (1 month ago)
Please just clean your butts people. That saying always worries me.
Setekh (1 month ago)
_...in no particular order, the first thing..._ o_O
Xiclotrode (19 days ago)
Kara Coronado (1 month ago)
First advice is complete crap no one says that. Two is definitely true but its good for 1Ls to brief every case at least their first semester so they LEARN to brief cases. Third, commercial outlines are honestly crap. You should NOT create an outline from scratch but use an outline from a 2L or 3L. Create an outline (or retrofit an established outline) based on what your PROF wants. Fourth, true. Never buy a new casebook. Just rent. (OR if you get screwed and your prof wants you to buy the latest edition and there are no copies for rent). Outline work throughout really is a preference/how do you feel doing things last minute/doing work during Thanksgiving break. -from a current 2L who takes all advice with a grain of salt.
katelyn ast (1 month ago)
hi weird question but do you have vitiligo on your face? I have it and I just noticed that it also discoloured your hair butt honestly your still adorable and make great videos :)
dragan kostic (1 month ago)
btw he is an actor
Xiclotrode (19 days ago)
crisis actor no doubt
Henrique Henriques (1 month ago)
I'm not in the common law system, or even in the same country or continent (I'm a lawyer in Brazil), and I agree that those are great advices. Love your channel and react videos. Learning more about common law, in general, through this channel. Thank you and keep up the great work.
Sergio Espina (1 month ago)
I don't even want to study law, but this guy is so engaging.
black gay antifa (22 hours ago)
Only watching cause he's sexy as hell
Jason Stallings (2 days ago)
Same here. I studied art, and law is the antithesis of what my background is. this is just so interesting.
Erin Carroll (3 days ago)
David Gomes de Lima (6 days ago)
Couldn't agree more... I'm brazilian and I'm not lawyer; but his videos are just amazing
David Futschik (15 days ago)
That's because he has to be, to be a good lawyer :D
Katie H (1 month ago)
The way I studied (at an Aussie uni- where there is no pre law, Law is itself an undergrad, and then we do a short “postgrad” with practical legal training before we can become a solicitor or barrister). The notes!!!! So, I’d start by reading the week’s notes as provided by the lecturer- we’d get the full overview of the week, plus the PowerPoint before the lecture (also, those lectures are out up in the net afterward, so you don’t have to go in to class to “attend a lecture”- very handy). Anyway, I’d read the overview, make a few notes in what was really important, read my cases or required readings, again, make notes, then do the lecture, and make notes from that. Once I had all of my notes for the week, I’d compile them into a word document that grew. So, at the very start would be a contents page, with the relevant page numbers- and I’d have important legal issues as well as any really important cases on that contents page under headings of the general area of law. Then I’d compile my notes- under headings and subheadings (and I’d also colour code- red for cases, blue for issues). Also- I’d reference every page properly according to the Australian legal reference guide- so if I mentioned a case in my notes, I’d just mention the name, then reference properly at the bottom of the page. I know it seems like a lot of work, but 1- I learned it well and got good grades, and 2- all our exams were open book. So I’d have my beautiful typed notes with exactly what page I need for what issue, and it saved me time in the exam. Also, they really were a thing of beauty 😁
meansartin (1 month ago)
In my law school experience, I found it easier to make your notes into one big outline
E MP (1 month ago)
lol worst opening ever. Great vid tho :)
Connie Cockus (1 month ago)
most butts shouldn't stink lmao
wkcia (1 month ago)
The casebook advice is so true. If you really need to read a case in hard copy (and you don't) get the report, which is a different book which literally just reports court cases. Also, if you highlight your firm's *reports*, the law librarian will kill you, and no one will convict. Textbooks are another thing entirely. I still have all mine and I love them.
Athrun000 (1 month ago)
#1: No need to be in law school to know that it is a stupid advice. #3: Anything that is "considered cheating" is going to give you an advantage. It's stupid to not make use of it. #4: Well, we all know that books are not as important with internet nowadays, let alone a brand new book! #5: Another one that seems like a common sense, of course it is better to review what you've studied as frequently as possible.
Crocoshark (1 month ago)
"Advice about law school is like butts, everybody has them . . . " I don't. My only advice is obvious stuff like . . . study . . . maybe don't cram everything at the last minute even though you probably will anyway . . .I would Edit: I actually considered writing "pay attention" in this comment but I thought it was too obvious even for this comment . . .
WATER MELON (1 month ago)
The intro got me like : 😮
diehardrvdfan22 (1 month ago)
No, that would be the exact same thing.
Mary Bishop (1 month ago)
He could’ve said assholes, would that be better?
WATER MELON (1 month ago)
yes lol
diehardrvdfan22 (1 month ago)
What part of the intro? The cringe analogy?
KaiRaine (1 month ago)
Lawyers I've known have given me 2 pieces of advice: (1) never talk to police without consulting a lawyer, even if it seems harmless and (2) never accept a breathalyzer test, because you might get a false positive, and they don't have to retest you. Is this true? #AskLegalEagle
diehardrvdfan22 (1 month ago)
I would say #1 is definitely true. #2 probably depends on jurisdiction. #1 is critical for most people because you never know what the police are looking for or just because you think something is harmless does not make it so.
Kim Mason (1 month ago)
And in liberal arts, all we do is just question why the law is the way it is :D
I’m a professional Tarot card reader. There is literally no reason for me to be watching this video. :) But I can’t stop.
Levi Godwin (1 month ago)
Have you read all the books behind you? Thanks!
Trevor Keen (1 month ago)
Anyone talking about law school makes me think of "The Paper Chase". ( '70s movie and TV show). This guy's not as intimidating as Professor Kingsfield.
LegalEagle (1 month ago)
Kingsfield was a real son of a bitch.
OneBigBugga (1 month ago)
#AskLegalEagle So 2 days ago my car was totaled. I've had it less then a month, drove it less then 1000 miles. The claims adjuster wants to give me 16k for it. The retail price of the car according to the dealer is 21k The loan for the car is just shy of 19k ( 21k minus a 3k down payment ) I know I can fight to get more, I didn't accept the offer, but what can I do Vs a big insurance company to get a better settlement? I'm seeing a lawyer tomorrow for the personal injury side of things but... I don't know if they help with this kind of thing? I need at least the value of the loan if I can get it. ( my car WAS a 2015 Nissan Rogue )
MasterofOssus (1 month ago)
Best advice for going to law school is simply not to go. Going to law school got me absolutely nowhere except for a huge debt burden that has followed me for more than a decade.
Hibiki Kuze (1 month ago)
"It's going to be outdated-- it's probably outdated by the time it's published!" That was hilarious
J. S. B. (1 month ago)
Regarding case books, are they available in electronic format online? If so, would that not be an option for reducing cost? I'm no legal expert, in fact I find law VERY complicated, but that to me seems like an option.
sebastian (2 months ago)
Did a few law units during my business studies. Absolutely hated it. I can understand why some lawyers get paid well
Joshua Muhuthia (2 months ago)
Watching this video makes me realize how lazy I am as a law student😂😭😭
king james488 (2 months ago)
what? tons of people have no advice regarding law school... there aren't many people without butts.
diehardrvdfan22 (1 month ago)
This is actually true, I had to watch that part and read this comment 3 times before I finally realized how right you are. I have absolutely no idea what my actual stance on law school is and how accurate other peoples' stances are.
fcsuper (2 months ago)
So, for the first 40 secs, he repeats himself like 3 times. Yikes. And this video is still short of the magically ten minutes. ::sigh::
Sam (2 months ago)
I agree with all the law school advice in this video, but one thing he said about being a lawyer that is bad advice: real lawyers take all the shortcuts they can get. That is true, but it is a real problem. When you actually read the citations, it is frustratingly common to find they don't say what they claim to say. I have seen the Hawaii State Attorney General's office submit written and spoken testimony at a committee hearing in which all of the sources cited contradicted her points. I read all her sources and was able to provide quotes from the conclusions of those reports, which contradicted what she said. Shortcuts in law school are crucial. As a working lawyer, shortcuts are great for your first draft, but ALWAYS check all the citations in later drafts.
LegalEagle (2 months ago)
100% agreed. You always have to double check your citations.
JiveDadson (2 months ago)
I thought it would be, "You don't need a clean shave."
Garrett Russell (2 months ago)
Here's how good these videos are: I'm not going into Law School or anything of the such. My career is in I.T. Development. But, my gosh, I'll watch all of your videos because they are so well thought out, spoken and delivered. Keep 'em coming, sir!
Trolletariat (2 months ago)
Not sure about how they do it in California, but I'm a 2L and I would 100% recommend briefing every case, particularly if your school practices the Socratic method and you could get called on in any class and on any case and be expected to rattle of the facts, issue, rule, application, procedural posture, and conclusion, as well as any important dissenting opinions. But overall he's correct that dissents and individual cases are generally not that important to finals.
Trolletariat (2 months ago)
They grade you based on your preparedness, admittedly it only reflect 5-10% of your total grade, but it can make a difference for people trying to be in that upper echelon. If you show up terribly unprepared they will either (1) sit you down and dock you points or (2) ask you to leave and count you as absent for the day.
LegalEagle (2 months ago)
Does your school grade you on your in-class answers?
Nina C. (2 months ago)
I’m going to start university in Switzerland as law student in a month where we of course have all the classes in german. I want to do my bachelor in Switzerland and then move to London to get my masters degree. How will I manage learning about law in english after having it in german for 3 years? is that even possible? I was really confident about law school a while ago but now that I’m starting to mentally prepare myself for it I’m scared to my very core because I fear I might not be good enough to go after the plans I’ve made for myself. Help, I’m having a major crisis here
Death ToTruthers (2 months ago)
I've been practicing for 15 years. I have never - not once - cracked any of my casebooks. Complete waste of money buying them new. Or not selling them back when I was done. I always, however, outlined at the end of the semester - was a great way to prime my studying for the exam. Can't agree with that one, unfortunately. Great video overall though.
LegalEagle (2 months ago)
You should outline, but you should outline early. You get the benefit of putting it together, and you get to actually study from it for a significant amount of time.

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