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Tracy Chapman - Fast car

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Tracy Chapman - Fast car (FULL HD) ©ELEKTRA 1988 U.S.A HQ CD RIP FIRST PRESS
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JagrasKing Slayer (2 months ago)
Half life 3 signs laid out before us and Gordan Freemans arm felt nice wrapped around my shoulders.... Wait
Starburp (6 days ago)
Clever girl lol
TheTrainStation (6 days ago)
mike steele (7 days ago)
Sean D (11 days ago)
Welcome to black mesa
Mariam Rehman (12 days ago)
This is a nice song
crepez (2 hours ago)
This song is almost perfect the only thing I would change is in the second and third choruses I would've repeated the "I-III had a feeling that I belonged, I-III, had a feeling that I could be someone..." since that's the best part of the song imo.
Kevin Hines (4 hours ago)
you can just feel this song ..
Forsaken Pumpkin (4 hours ago)
I remember driving over the downs on a summer day in my dads bmw, I must of been no older than 11-12. The whole family together happy with the sun shining, wind in our hair and this softly playing in the background. God knows I miss you so much dad.
Octavio Delgado (5 hours ago)
Is beautyfull
Alexandre Reis (9 hours ago)
Essa musica e do meu tempo da década de 80 onde realmente existia música boa
evan foley (10 hours ago)
Whos still listening in 2019. PS have a great day and life, someone appreciates ya.
Mad 1 (11 hours ago)
Wow loved this song since i can remember, didn’t realise it was a lady who sang it 🤭
Lv.1 Souka (16 hours ago)
Beneath we find the great philosophers of the comment section: Viewer discretion is advised!
Sofia Zina Aouaness (19 hours ago)
I heard this song first time on trip to Canada beautiful souvenirs
owens mzizi (22 hours ago)
Good music lives forever...timeless
marz matinez (1 day ago)
This is life
cyn 76 (13 hours ago)
Shes smart enough to leave because she realizes together they will never succeed together...
Hurst Shiftin (1 day ago)
Best song in this world
TACETTIN SADAY (1 day ago)
there is a week to our birthday. one year will be gone as always. approaching to end slowly. happy birthday tracy :) happy birthday myself // 30 march //
Maures Estrada (1 day ago)
We dont need your life story...
cyn 76 (13 hours ago)
It's as simple as not listening to it...click not interested
Monica Guerra (1 day ago)
Pases meses buscando a este hombre❣ escuche su cancion en un autobus💓💓💓💓
Joffrey Disquay (1 day ago)
Its an Amazing son
Sin Max (1 day ago)
You got a fast car. I got a ticket...
Lucas Zammitto (1 day ago)
Ich liebe diese lied
roger willams (1 day ago)
speed mr. speed gas pedal it gets u away from all the bull !#/^shitt leave now or die this way ha ha ha lets go get away from this place !
OfficialHovz Music (1 day ago)
god rest kojack loved this song
champakkumar sarma (1 day ago)
Very Nice
Corey Pacher (2 days ago)
I really love this song. Reminds me of my childhood
A Parks (2 days ago)
A very beautiful song.
Diana Lugo (2 days ago)
Muy hermosa canción
Marshay Wallace (2 days ago)
Love this song
YPL Y.O. (2 days ago)
Been looking for this song for years. Worth the wait
phil kennedy (2 days ago)
Siobhan Cogan
George Stacey (2 days ago)
Thank you Tracy
Dan Ramstetter (2 days ago)
Michael Scott brought me here
Dennis Muiruri (2 days ago)
Gerry Smith (3 days ago)
Reminds me of a lot when I met my high school girl...like let's go somewhere like let's get away from here let the road take us where ever
cyn 76 (13 hours ago)
Don't miss the part where they didn't get anywhere together
Elizabeth Glasby (3 days ago)
i thought it was a man singing this the whole time im so stupid
CraftCreatePaint (3 days ago)
I think I have contributed at least 1k towards the views on this video! ❤
Bader Alkhathlan (3 days ago)
don't get me wrong. why African American singers don't sing a beautiful songs like this one anymore? Why their songs are about bitches, money, drugs and violence? ( most of them not all of them)
Cyrus Koterba (3 days ago)
I got kicked out the house 6 months ago and I'm jus tryna get back on track man
Saron Mamo (3 days ago)
Trevor Alexander (3 days ago)
Used to be a pretty bad drunk I didn't feel much for a long time and man, for a musician that's a problem. Our poetry and music comes from those deep feelings, be it happiness or sadness and everything in between. This song brought me back to life a long time ago, it reminded me I still have a heart inside this ole chest of mine beating away. I hope if you're struggling while listening to this you remind yourself there's always hope even in the dark. Sometimes we need a candle in that dark place and this song was my candle, I've never believed in much but I believe music can bring us all together. It binds us at the roots displaying what it truly means to be human and feel alive. From the rain drops on your roof to the wind through the tree's, music is everywhere we just need to listen more carefully.
anmimc (3 days ago)
Davor Jelacic (3 days ago)
Fuck Soros fuck Rotshild !!
Luca Togni (3 days ago)
Wonderful song. Wonderful Artist.
Saurab Chand (3 days ago)
This is a masterpiece but please don't listen when you are high and I hope everyone is doing well <3 Peace!!
Cheesy Panda (3 days ago)
nyar nyar (3 days ago)
I wonder why khalid's voice was a hit. :)
Issiah Thompson (3 days ago)
She really painted a picture.
Senior Siara (3 days ago)
Soundgarden (4 days ago)
There’s enough corn in this comments section to end world hunger.
My mother showed me this song when I was young, I still love it.
DC1 (4 days ago)
This is totally ripped off from xiu xiu
CadillacLii (4 days ago)
Ree Salvatore (4 days ago)
That riveting instrumental coupled with that gripping voice. Nice.
lah (4 days ago)
What a beautiful song. Greetings from Germany🇩🇪✌️
Ashley Shaw (4 days ago)
Still listening in 2019... as long as I’m alive this song will forever be a favorite
Sunny Davis (4 days ago)
Yes, I am listening...I remember the feeling, the fast car, the hope.
Ginger Thug (4 days ago)
Who's listening RIGHT NOW 😅
Jeramiah Schieman (4 days ago)
Good song
jim bob (4 days ago)
I had a feeling that I could be someone. Didn't we all?
Jorge Affonso (5 days ago)
Parabéns 😍
Michael DiBelardino (5 days ago)
She finds a way out. I find a way out vicariously through her song.
norhan elyan (5 days ago)
Your voice is amazing I love this song so much 😍😘
Jennifer Ramos (5 days ago)
This is a trans gender person who sounds like a guy so kys
joel kamega (5 days ago)
Un peu de douceur dans ce monde qui part en couilles
ElAbsoluto7 (5 days ago)
like si la estas escuchando en 2019 uwu🎶
Tiffany Hendrix (6 days ago)
I Love my Babies 💙 Anthony and Anjoleigh😍🤳✍️👌👐🤲👐🤲👐🤲
SenorChris (4 days ago)
My bestfriend no longer talks to me and I can’t help but feel down. Thinking about all the times her and I had… this song hits the spot … 💔guess she didn’t want me …
Arthur Mcdonagh (4 days ago)
Connie Hammonds (6 days ago)
Still 1 of my all time favorite songs!!💖
Akehap Kap (6 days ago)
Remember I bought her records in secret when I was younger. No secrets any more. She's so awesome ❤️ Same age as I to ;)
Canal RDA (6 days ago)
Alguém em 2019?
Falica Boddington (6 days ago)
cmrjc74 (6 days ago)
This song is such a gem
Nikkita S (6 days ago)
And driving to Tennessee in his car lol
Nikkita S (6 days ago)
Me and my brother and sister favorite song when we drove to see dad
Maybellena (6 days ago)
Whoop Whoop 2019 x
Davide Panisson (6 days ago)
Thank you,masterpiece !!
Nikka Saz (6 days ago)
Went back and listen to this song again after reading a comment about this song on a reddit thread about songs that tells a sad story. No matter how sad the story it tells, its still a good song to listen to after a long week!
Stephanie In the wild (7 days ago)
This song still makes me cry
Simon Dickinson (7 days ago)
rate song
o menino loko (7 days ago)
Linda linda
Lola Clifford (7 days ago)
my mum and dads song. it was played at my dads funeral, now i’m laying here crying
Nikola Jasika (5 days ago)
better than original💕
A Sesameseed (7 days ago)
I just got here because I got an assignment from my guitar teacher to learn this but I got touched på both the lyrics and all the people sharing their stories in the comments. Hope you all get it better and remember that there is always someone that cares about you, even if you don't notice it. <3
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