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The Mana Source Spends $100,000.04 on Ultimate Masters

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Text Comments (111)
Brent Winkel (25 days ago)
Wedge seems like a Creeping Lard Pit. And not the wholesome lard your girlfriend slathers upon you for your birthday night fantasy. No, he is that dollar store lard in a bucket...and the bucket is cheap plastic that was made with dollar store lard.
SleepNasty (3 months ago)
Why? Just why? Buy bonds. Buy stocks. Open an IRA. Buy property for fucks sake for 100k
Jhook (4 months ago)
"You have to wait till the end of the video". There is no way to sit through this crap that long....
Fellow Traveler (4 months ago)
dont care what people say. i like you cuz you call out the bullshit. keep it up
Jay Dovel (4 months ago)
I agree you don’t have to like it but let’s see what you look like... look in the mirror. Re evaluate where you going in life. Stop trashing others.
Jay Dovel (4 months ago)
Your followers are drama fiends unsubscribing.
Ethan (4 months ago)
You will eat your words in 2 months lol. I’ll revisit this post in 2 months, maybe I’ll it mine? It won’t go below $10 - 12 @ online stores. Worldwake saw a fair amount of printing, mtg was on a major uptick at that time. UMA is a limited print run, it won’t flood the market to the point your suggesting. Half of it will get tucked away for a while too.
isambo400 (4 months ago)
Is Wedge gonna be the new Boogie once Boogie dies?
sir1junior (4 months ago)
Man they know how to toxify the MTG community.
A Homlesspuppy (4 months ago)
Whoops forgot this is one of the drama magic channels, time to get the hell out of here.
Sheep Machine (4 months ago)
This guy is pretty weirdly funny.
Bwah Channel (4 months ago)
where I'm from 14 will get you anywhere from 1-5 viewings, 28-56 if you go the really ghetto af theatre in willowick
MC Taipan (4 months ago)
Here in Sweden, The price for a whole display box is 3800 kr wich is about 380 dollars.
Michael Montalto (4 months ago)
Mox Opal IS a masterpiece. It's in Amonkhet. It's currently $300. -mM
Jay P (4 months ago)
Actually no, if you just look at how good reprints are you don't look at the pricepoint. You take it into account in decision of purchase of course, but just the question "are these good reprints" price has nothing to do with it. And do you have something personally against wedge? I don't care for the set either, but to attack him with multiple completely beside the point insults that have nothing to do with the matter at hand. you saw what I had to say at the video (I was one of the comments) but at no point did a i attack wedge personally for his opinion. You are pathetic if you see this as the best way to entertain, converse and inform with others. And I see The Magic Historian there too with you. I expected better of you both. Wizards isn't the only thing and not even the worst thing ruining magic.
Fullmetal Mexican (4 months ago)
My 350 dollars is going into a financial position in which my investment is steep however my returns will double and wedgie can balloon to 500 pounds while my 500 british pounds will triple into 500,000 pounds. Investing in mtg is a joke, put your money elsewhere and enjoy our capitalist economy
Anthony Vasquez (4 months ago)
This is some of the lowest quality "content" I've ever seen. It lacks creativity, thought, and contributes nothing new.
Mike Jones (4 months ago)
Bacon junior wedge though
davismma125 (4 months ago)
You don't make anything but bash drama videos now. You suck mtg, drama to the fullest.
xSkywalkerxOG (4 months ago)
Lol this is less information and more high school gossip girl video , I mean to me it sounds like wedge mustve inserted himself in this guys gf , cause this dudes salt levels high af
Jon Howard (4 months ago)
Hey look! My comment was featured in this video!
JasawTheMonkey (4 months ago)
Modern masters was 9.99....
Adam Pak (4 months ago)
Reprints killed yugioh. :3 just a warning. Lol
Kigiru Drewko (4 months ago)
If i would have 350$ (and seriously i don't have... maybe i should make a gofundme campaign???) i would buy me a new PC, it's better than a stack of toilet paper.
Atraxian (4 months ago)
5:20 I think the last new good product that was created were the challenger decks. At least one had a nice bunch of standard reprints that were actually high priced, the others were passable.
Jay Morales (4 months ago)
Well basically you hit the nail on the head. If people buy at $15 now instead of after the reprint he cans get positive kickback to himself from TGPlayer for bringing more customers their way.
D Sper (4 months ago)
How can you tell how fat he is if you cant see vertically? See I can make pretty personal jokes. You're better and MUCH smarter than making fat jokes over and over.
po1980 (4 months ago)
Lion, isn't it obvious that wedge is prob the last person in the community anyone should take ANY kind of financial advice on ANYTHING??? Come onnnnn. Anyone who takes finance advice from this guy deserves to get ripped off.
skaven969 (4 months ago)
Creeping tar pit is a good card not worth 15 dollars no piece of cardboard is worth 15$
skaven969 (4 months ago)
he federal reserve prints money on cotton linen polymer, and other countries have started using plastics to make rip proof bills. money is a social currency widely accepted you can bring money from one country to another and some people will accept and banks will exchange it for the currency rate, which is determined the same was as magic cards, how desirable that money is worth. magic cards are only worth anything to other magic players. The pedophiles are part of the alien cult that works with psychic vampires as magic judges at store events. wake up sheeple
Antonio Bush (4 months ago)
+skaven969 two things, which pedophiles are you referring to? Wizards of the coast? hasbro? And also a dollar is printed on essentially paper, and its certainly worth alot
skaven969 (4 months ago)
+Homeless slowbro u play and buy magic the gathering so as far as i'm concerned you're supporting pedophiles
Homeless slowbro (4 months ago)
I live in the world where you are a dumb ass
skaven969 (4 months ago)
+Homeless slowbro lol I dunno what fantasy world you live in where you think black lotus at any price over 50cents is worth it
James Ruzicho (4 months ago)
What do you mean? The price of the older cards is going to UP because of the quality of the newer reprint! (This is suppose to be funny)
Eric Schmidt (4 months ago)
I immediately liked when you made the health insurance joke 😂
BlazenJester Games (4 months ago)
Wait where’s that reveal
lovesinfinite1 (4 months ago)
You could also call him RANDY from trailer park boys
Rage Fuel (4 months ago)
thats insulting randy though.
lovesinfinite1 (4 months ago)
I love cheeseburgers not wedge
mike long (4 months ago)
You can get a pizza, a red bull, and go trolling all night for $14 lol
Jay Morales (4 months ago)
mike long Hell for a little under one box of Ultimate Masters you can get almost all of whats currently available for Ashes:Rise of the Phoenixborn or the new Legend of the Five Rings games. Yes you can fully jump into another game for the price of trying to get stuff to still be vastly behind other players who have been playing longer. And both of those games sell you stuff with full playsets of the max allowed version of a card. Only the L5R core-set unfortunately had less than max for some cards because they wanted everybody to be able to get a feel for each clan instead only releasing full play sets for only two of the seven clans.
xSean0607 (4 months ago)
While you may think it is not possible, I think he'll get fatter this Xmas. After all gluttony and greed go so well together!
Rage Fuel (4 months ago)
he will be fatter tomorrow
Jonathan Wolf (4 months ago)
Remember when this channel use to not roast other mtg community members. Well all known wedge is a thief please move on.
M Bake (4 months ago)
Mox Opal was reprinted in the Kaladesh master pieces
Drew Jackson (4 months ago)
6:47 classic pump & dump scheme
NPC #76409543 (4 months ago)
Title is savage. You made wedge cry.
The Lunaist (4 months ago)
Imma go play Smash instead on December 7th wether or not i buy it at least this can be shared with friends much easier.
Hans Vader (4 months ago)
so wedge declares to the state that he makes waaaaaaaay less then he actually does ... Isn't that the textbook definition of tax evasion and a crime?
Jonathan Van Kinkle (4 months ago)
The guild kits and past 3 standard sets have been pretty good though imo. I think wotc is getting better
Kenneth Markwith (4 months ago)
Love the trolling lol
Leidnix (4 months ago)
I mean he isnt wrong with Best reprints ever. But at triple the price it kinda kills the whole thing XD
Shane Sealy (4 months ago)
This set is going to lower the price of these cards. Just don't buy packs and wait for the singles to come down in price. All this price increase does is give WotC a bigger share of the profits comapred to the mass box openers.
Bare Beauty Bodypainting (4 months ago)
For $14 I can help out my friend the loch ness monstah four times.
IGN DarqEspada (4 months ago)
Tree fiddy*
Jay Morales (4 months ago)
Nah Loch Ness only wants about a $Three fiddy.
Joromo84 (4 months ago)
This needs more likes
SpoonHurler (4 months ago)
What if the price doesn't matter to you... cause you just beg your patrons for the cash to waste on the cards... then would Ultimate Masters be better? #DramaLlama
YCJ (4 months ago)
I guess Wedge just assumed we all have bank accounts full of begged go fund me money (for medical expenses.)
phildev (4 months ago)
guys stop talking about the "msrp" sry but what was the msrp for iconic masters again? or master 25? here in germany renowned vendors are already offering preorders at 240euro and they will honor the preorders.. still some expensive shit but if the boxEV is ok than who cares.. lots of reprints for players and singleseller will open them like crazy.. unless the set turns out to be bad... who knows^^ not the first time one of their sets was crap... the curling is real though;)
skaven969 (4 months ago)
Canada the boxes are 500$ plus tax
Arkeym MS (4 months ago)
u may not agree with someone but theres no need in insulting him when he didnt insult u to begin with.
Shadow Gengar (4 months ago)
Arkeym MS uh I never said he didn’t? Reread what I said lol
Arkeym MS (4 months ago)
+Shadow Gengar so calling him a jobless bacon isnt an insult? hummmm
xSean0607 (4 months ago)
How far must Wedge's tiny cock be up your ass?
Shadow Gengar (4 months ago)
Arkeym MS Wedge might not have insulted lion but he has accused him of things he has not done. Also, Lion doesnt insult him because he doesnt agree with him, he insults him because of all the illogical decisions Wedge had made and all these people helping him and taking advantage of his supporters. I don’t endorse attacking others because of different views but someone as scummy as Wedge deserves to be kicked out of the community. Try doing your research before you comment
YCJ (4 months ago)
+Dunster great advice. Try taking it once you can get Wedges fraudulent scamming thieving dick out of your mouth.
Michael Knives (4 months ago)
I want a temporal manipulation
jkk20 (4 months ago)
LOL.. the health insurance and gym refference. priceless. compared to a 300+$ box
NPC #76409543 (4 months ago)
I'm spending my $350 on new snow tires. Sorry WotC.
Daman Stover (4 months ago)
Or just buy them for $265 on eBay lol
Osscy (4 months ago)
Thumbnail is A+. Lold for real
R L (4 months ago)
Wedge's fake hype is fake. Let's see if he can scam his followers again into buying a bunch of these to give to "charities" and himself.
Captain Hindsight (4 months ago)
Wedge is shilling as usual. Most box toppers have just zoomed in old art. this is not special at all.
Fugue (4 months ago)
At least this is the last masters set for now, that is probably the only good news out of all of this.
Bwah Channel (4 months ago)
didn't wizards officially state like last year that they were done making master sets and 25 was the final one?
Chad Hanks (4 months ago)
"for now" can be interpreted in many ways. That's how WOTC thinks
Isaiah Smith (4 months ago)
Unban emrakul before the release, then it's worth it. Lol
CrankedEDH (4 months ago)
tony crawford (4 months ago)
Unsubscribing from this channel after about 5 yrs. I used to love the personal feel when you made MTG content, but now all you do is try to stir up shit...This channel is trash now!
Илья Бушков (4 months ago)
Is it really that hard to lose weight?because i went from 90 to 80 kgs in 3 month.was wery easy.why wedge doesnt want to get rid of his giant boobs i dont understand
Slaλer (4 months ago)
Илья Бушков because people are lazy. It’s simple. They want to blame genetics or their income. All they need is to not stuff their face and it’s half the battle
The Magic Historian (4 months ago)
Jobless Bacon! Yeah BOi!
Chad Hanks (4 months ago)
NPC #76409543 (4 months ago)
Lol love that thumbnail. Give yourself a raise.
Dude stop it, like why are you letting us wait an entire day for drama
M. job (4 months ago)
+sir1juniorok? congrats you want a Cookie or something for being a pussy?
sir1junior (4 months ago)
+M. job I reported you for hate speech.
M. job (4 months ago)
+Jon Howard cry me a river pussy
ErikTheRedd1 (4 months ago)
Jon Howard (4 months ago)
+M. job Love how you just couldn't resist being a racist dick for a day
whatever whatever (4 months ago)
can't wait!

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