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the secret circle females | power

139 ratings | 4157 views
cassie blake x diana meade x faye chamberlain x melissa glaser
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queen rarity (2 months ago)
Shelley hennig❤ Britt robertson💙 Phoebe tonkin💜 QUEENS😍
Xxxeditobsession Xxx (7 months ago)
This is so perfect omg
Sara Kennedy (8 months ago)
This is amazing & deserves more views! <333333 I miss TSC so much ughhh, it was my favorite show! And I loved all the girls though Cassie was always my favorite most of the time lol if not her then faye or Diana lol but I loved them all lol
tdifan133 (1 year ago)
Ty! <3 Ugh same :( It was amazing, I wish it had the same amount of viewers as TVD so both could've went on bc they both wouldve been epic. Cassie was my fav too! ^_^
MrOrange890 (1 year ago)
yes at this fucking song

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