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Sea-Doo Speed Tie - New Docking Innovation from BRP - RXT iS and Dock Mounted models

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The new Sea-Doo Speed Tie is the next boating innovation from BRP to make your time on the water and off, easy, simple, and secure. The Sea-Doo Speed Tie is designed to be added to the new Sea-Doo RXT iS and also available in a dock mount model, soon to be a must have for any waterfront watercraft owner. Function and fashion is the key to BRP design and engineering and the Sea-Doo Speed Tie is the latest product to prove this point.
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Text Comments (18)
Ben Benny (2 years ago)
Just use a piece of bailing twine
Beach Life (3 years ago)
or for $5 you can just put a small retractable dog leash in your glove box
Steve Faidley (5 years ago)
Looks a little lame, (and I'll bet pricey). I tie a length of rope to my dock with a self locking swivel hook on the ski end. It clips to the rings on my 2003 RX-DI. Net cost <$10.
Ashley Gilbertson (6 years ago)
very good info thx
Cole Weinstein (7 years ago)
@turdsandwicher not only is the acceleration phoenomenal but i waterski andtube and it pulls me up so easily its amazing. i think its better than the new ones for wakeboarding.
turdsandwicher (7 years ago)
@GoDxPunisher how do you like your seadoo i just got the same one but can't try it out for at least a week. Is it really good for wake boarding or would a normal boat be better.
Cole Weinstein (7 years ago)
@SnojetSteve that swhy i have an 04 gtx 4 tec wakeboard edition. awesomeeeeeeeeeeee
Sebastian Andersson (7 years ago)
@bluemonolith88 Then u got the rxp-x models :D lol
Robert Ciuraru (7 years ago)
@SnojetSteve opas cud get fucking anoying cuz wen ur trying to turn at like 30 mph on a seadoo they take wide turns unless u lean in on one side
columbuscrewfan20 (7 years ago)
Waste of money use a small anchor that was I use it work fine.
SnojetSteve (7 years ago)
I will not buy a new PWC until they put the things on a diet. I don't need o.p.a.s, I don't need "brakes", I don't need retractable docking cords. I need a watercraft that is around 500 f*cking pounds again!!!! Like the 1996 XP!
lxrxnzo (10 days ago)
hi from 7 years ahead
burak sariusak (7 years ago)
thubs up if you think the blonde girl is hot
Robert Ciuraru (8 years ago)
can i use this for my yamaha fx sho or an fx ho ?
beeftothetaco123 (8 years ago)
TWANGGGGGGGGGGG SNAP.... fuck there goes 15,000$
mdbusta88 (8 years ago)
@onaitsabes21 the rxt-x 260 IS (the yellow one) is $14,999.. n the GTI SE is $9,000
Anthony (8 years ago)
thats awesome
onaitsabes21 (8 years ago)
how much are they? BOTH MODELS
jake forsythe (9 years ago)
im getting them

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