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Nike - Dream Crazy

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Don’t ask if your dreams are crazy. Ask if they’re crazy enough. #justdoit
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A Cloud (10 hours ago)
Slave morality.
bla979304 (1 day ago)
Docktor Jim (2 days ago)
Buying shoes made by Chinese slaves is crazy.
Charles domain (3 days ago)
Whatever it takes
Mikaela Phung (5 days ago)
Yet pregnancy is too crazy
Pedro Hernandez (5 days ago)
Nike, must respect the rights of your employees all around the world. The clients are watching you. and there are others brands, like Puma, Reebok and Adidas.
ALifted Music (5 days ago)
Wow , this is for me
Nemi Wildbolz (5 days ago)
Don't dream to be the best of the galaxy. You will almost certainly fail. Just focus on the process and try to develop your skills and don't forget to have fun because if you compare yourself to other people or to the best of the last 6 billions year you will just have a miserable life. Smile, don't grind your teeth because your'e angry at yourself for not fulfilling your crazy dreams.
Juan Cruz (6 days ago)
This hits deep, I come back to this for motivation
Tucker Roberts (6 days ago)
Great message
A Sports Fan (7 days ago)
Sueño loco con Espanol subtitulos https://youtu.be/BspXqZgKqVs
Mark Faircloth (8 days ago)
I support Nike and what there saying but not Collin kapernick he is just plain out disrespectful and it makes me disgusted
Jake Does Movies (8 days ago)
You know what's better than this commercial? Respecting our troops.
Pablo Valdez (5 days ago)
Jake Does Movies you know whats better than respecting out troops? eating pizza rolls
SwadyPrime (9 days ago)
Justin Garcia (9 days ago)
Charlie Rocket is a big inspiration for this.
Pstack11 (9 days ago)
Mr. Main (10 days ago)
Every fucking time goosebumps
강수영 (10 days ago)
평범함의 위대함
DonAplas (11 days ago)
whoever made this is, thank you. absolutely amazing.
Michelle Clark (13 days ago)
What an ad :)
Thomas Cremens (13 days ago)
Kaepernik sacrificed nothing, Pat Tillman sacrificed everything, the millions of men and women who died so he can even say these things, they sacrificed everything, kaepernik nothing.
Death 156469 (13 days ago)
I still don’t get why People are Hating on Nike
Palesa Lebona (13 days ago)
😭😭😭😭😭😭 this is beautiful!
Sacrifice everything?
Hannah - Lisa (14 days ago)
Still gives me goosebumps
Goat Savage (15 days ago)
Fuck This Shit
Vu Dao (15 days ago)
timothy Samuelson (15 days ago)
Did Colin ask if being benched was crazy enough?
Aryan Ghosh (16 days ago)
Shit inspiring omm
Marcos Costa (16 days ago)
well done nike, Belive in somenting is powerfull.
Get Clapped (17 days ago)
Serena Williams is no where near the best athlete or tennis player. She was beat by the top three men easily and has anger issues
charlie witt (18 days ago)
That is so tru
Omar Habibi (18 days ago)
I kneel every-time we have to do the pledge in class. I know it’s not the same as the National Anthem but I’m trying to make a point. I still do it and have been told to stand up or else Saturday school but guess what...I stayed kneeling. #imwithkap
Tenoch Villa (16 days ago)
You’re a good one
Gujjar Sher Punjab Da (18 days ago)
This advert is better than Avengers Endgame. Unreal masterpiece.
Stigma Awareness (18 days ago)
cgbach (19 days ago)
Who watching after Logan Paul podcast?
Trouper Creates Vlogs (18 days ago)
Me :)
Biggy (19 days ago)
Paused the podcast to fact check Charlie lmao
BY AZURA (20 days ago)
Colin capernick was trash no right
Tiger G (21 days ago)
Fuck Kaepernick
Tiger G (14 days ago)
+Scott Sebera he can do his little police brutality boycott in some other way. He's disrespcting this great countrys flag and he needs to get the fuck out of the country if its so bad
Scott Sebera (14 days ago)
u mad
911.Pravda.cz (21 days ago)
With all this bullshit that kap is catching for made up reason, I don't know if I should burst out crying or laughing.
Usamah Oba (22 days ago)
Just released a new single "KAEPERNICK" (Just Do It) from my upcoming album UHMERIKKKA'z NEMESIS. Listen on YouTube, Spotify, etc. Alwayz a controversial affair with C-Roc https://youtu.be/jF-6bPXzrf0
Tennis Fan (22 days ago)
I’ve probably watched this about 100 times
Ben Joyce (19 days ago)
Tennis Fan lol you a tennis fan lmao tennis sucks lolololololol
colin kaepernick is a shithead
Shankar Sivan (22 days ago)
The Nike logo, sported by various athletes, formed only ~15 sec out of the 125 sec Ad. Yet such a powerful brand impact post the Ad! Kudos...
g gggh (23 days ago)
Still cant stand this commercial.
HappyChappy (24 days ago)
Still hate him... still buying Nike! Why ??!?!?? *Nike does not give up on its athletes!!! It stands behind its athletes not because of their raw sheer undeniable unbelievable talent... but because of their passion, vision and undeniable selflessness!! Just Do It*
Good Arbitrage (24 days ago)
Nike tell a story. A story that calls you to be great. That's good marketing.
A Sports Fan (25 days ago)
Sueño loco https://youtu.be/BspXqZgKqVs
Meininger102 (26 days ago)
Just imagine... If you don’t put respect on someone they won’t ever mention you when they’re famous. Walk up to them be nice, and you’ll be famous with them.
Stunt Roll 5 (26 days ago)
This ad is good but what he did was wrong
Nestor Chavez (26 days ago)
Adolf Hitler saw this ad and a day later he invaded Russia.
Sister Shalissa (26 days ago)
I forgot this was a brand
Lawson Lawson (28 days ago)
Fucking retards sitting down during the national anthem for the men and women so who die everyday so you can play football...spoiled little shit
JonniesMusica (29 days ago)
I believe in a world without child labour
roberto jimenez (29 days ago)
that kid with no legs he actually goes to my school his name is isaih bird if yall dont belive me i can take a pic with him
Legendarywiteout (29 days ago)
It sounded like the Minecraft commercial? Anyone else?
Travis Wilt (29 days ago)
@1:42 he said if you are a girl. What about lgbtqrs and transgenders. They aren't girls or guys. They are humans wanting to change their sexual organs
Lincoln Williams (1 month ago)
Dream stupid ahahHAHAHHAHahHAHHAHHAHhAHh dream crazy ahhaHAHHAHAhahHAhahahHAHhhH dream stupid! dream crazy!
Salsabil Mazumder (1 month ago)
This made me cry omg this is so beautiful
Blue Jeans (1 month ago)
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Roger Valdez (1 month ago)
what nike stood for by standing by him shows what they stand for and I stand with them
ale vel (1 month ago)
Alex Romero (1 month ago)
Wieden and kennedy bro
TysonDoesStuff (1 month ago)
The best ad/campaign of all time.
Michael Kelly (1 month ago)
Fuck kolin kapperknick
CoiStang (1 month ago)
This dude looking and being young DJ Khaled
Funtane429 (1 month ago)
Love this still!!!!!
Change my Diaper (1 month ago)
Kaepernick's a joke... and I LOVE bad jokes... but nope, not this one.
It's ur Boi (1 month ago)
They need to add tiger into this
Mr. Memelord (1 month ago)
Big nose
It’s Kayo (1 month ago)
Dream stupid
BeingInTheMessiah (1 month ago)
Its only pan spermia until its not, then you're sperm
Rehkopf's VIDZ (1 month ago)
Wow Nike now supports terrorism Fucking Nike will never wear that shit again
jiggums (1 month ago)
And also do anything for money
Hugh Kelly (1 month ago)
fuck Serena
ASMR CARBON (1 month ago)
Michael Jordan and Kobe should have been in this Ad.
Russian Bot (1 month ago)
Nike workers making 18 cents per hour (80% women) ...is crazy.
dennis camacho (1 month ago)
Don't be the best basketball player on the planet. Be bigger than basketball. Damn that got me.
Aerrowflex (1 month ago)
"Greatest athlete ever" Shows Serena Williams. Lol you kidding me? Michael Phelps, Roger Federer, Jesse Owens, Grant Hackett, Michael Jordan, hell even Christiano Ronaldo over her.
elizabeth padilla (1 month ago)
An inspiration in so many levels, it makes you think about it all.
Marci Robinson (1 month ago)
Nike stood by him. Other brands drop their talent when they stop being u$eful to them. Well done, Nike.
Docktor Jim (2 days ago)
Buying shoes made by Chinese child slaves is crazy. I'm not saying I don't, but it is crazy.
Andrew Kelley (14 days ago)
Didn't Nike drop tiger when he kept losing
Joey Barton (19 days ago)
+Judy Hopps you're jealous
Judy Hopps (24 days ago)
....but he was shit and still is
Lola S (1 month ago)
I need to have this playing throughout my house every day, all day
Olu Zeal (1 month ago)
How many came to watch this after the Tiger Woods unbelievable victory? It's good to do crazy sometimes. Are you crazy enough? Then the world could be yours!
JeremyShaferOrigami (1 month ago)
Ooh that tingling feeling!
shafiq moon (1 month ago)
please any one tell me which agency make this masterpiece ?
shafiq moon (1 month ago)
+Pranay Bhan billion of thanks
Pranay Bhan (1 month ago)
wieden+kennedy portland
Syahmi Salleh (1 month ago)
stupid question but who the heck is that guy with afro hair?
Syahmi Salleh (1 month ago)
+JeremyShaferOrigami thanks for the insight.
JeremyShaferOrigami (1 month ago)
That's Colin Kaepernick who pretty much ended his football career by repeatedly taking a knee during National Anthems as a protest to racial injustice perpetrated by police.
He loooks like him
Syahmi Salleh (1 month ago)
MidnightBastard (1 month ago)
0:25 When my husband tells me he loves his newest wife more than me
Your ex-husband actually
Bayern Munich (1 month ago)
Alphonso Davies🔴⚪️
John Cuzzocrea (1 month ago)
They put this ad on Monday night football just to piss of the nfl because Colin kapernick is in it
John Cuzzocrea (1 month ago)
I meant to say off
Ülv (1 month ago)
I love this ad but serena williams greatest athlete ever??? Hell no, Lionel Messi by far. Ronaldo, Jordan, Lebron, Gretzky, woods, phelps, Ali, Brady, Bolt, Hawk, i'd say are even better athletes, theres probably alot more i cant think of .. owell
bubblefox000 swag (1 month ago)
Yeah like Nike actually cares about UR fucking dreams
Guillermo Castellanos (1 month ago)
That's Powerful!!!
Koalerh (1 month ago)
JennyMia (1 month ago)
they might be exploiting kids to make our shoes but damn these ads are good.
Twitch Haymarsh (1 month ago)
I feed of this type shit
Pascual MARTÍNEZ (1 month ago)
Música please
Jesse Kamau (1 month ago)
Just do It or It's ain't your Pair of Shoes.
shafraz Nawas (1 month ago)
I wish YouTube had a super like button for videos like this!
Bam The Bam (1 month ago)
Dream crazy dream stupid AAaaaAaA
Anu B (1 month ago)
Amazing video. I am rebuying nike gear again.
Xd Pigscanfly 32 (1 month ago)
This video has changed me physically, mentally and personally
Lethal Gaming (1 month ago)
Xd Pigscanfly 32 what every your goals are bro go for it don’t let nobody bring you down. It’s only crazy until u do it

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