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Boat Winch Post Build (for Sea Doo's)

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I think these were a home-built pair of winch posts for the sea doos on the trailer. They were hammered and not built very well. This is the process of me designing a new set, building them, and installing them on the trailer. I liked the way they turned out. If you want your comments to remain, do not use foul language. I remove comments with foul language, whether your comments intentions are good or bad.
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troutslayer05 (1 year ago)
You got skills!
school (4 years ago)
What settings are you running for 1/4 plate? I have a 4x4 with a Powermax 65 and have terrible draft/slope on the parts I cut.
school (4 years ago)
+John Harmon - Cold Creek Works Awesome! Thank you for all your tutorials, they have helped me figure the TM out as the factory book leaves a LOT to be desired! Thanks again!
I run at 45 amps, and 48 IPM.  Can't remember my voltage setting.  I get perfect edges and almost no dross (assuming my consumables are in good order).  I have a Hypertherm 1250, but the settings should be the same for your 65.
bob Last (4 years ago)
Excellent job. You are a good fab guy and your editing of this makes an seemingly uninteresting job nice to watch.
Thank you. 
bluehandsvideo (4 years ago)
Love the design.  They came out great!!!
Thank you!
Rabbit Farm Hobby (4 years ago)
Very nice!
Thank you.
ColtDeltaElite10mm (4 years ago)
John, excellent job! You do fantastic work! The only "thing" I'd be concerned about however are those small U-bolts on the bottom side. I think id'a used a thicker pair of U-bolts for the bottom sides of those mounts you made. The U-bolts up top look okay. The weakest "link" on those new brackets are the small nuts clamping down on the U-bolts. The bumping and jarring of the Sea-Doos on the highways can really wreck havoc on small flat bar pieces like the ones that you removed as well as small U-bolts. Then again, I tend to over build everything.
I told my brother those were the weakest points, and to watch them.  I oversized the holes on the mounting plate so he can buy a larger size and use those.  If necessary I will weld them on.  He will watch them and let me know.
Tony Who (4 years ago)
I love when the camera goes double-speed! PISSA as we say in New England!

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