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Oracle Interview Question - oracle difference between view and materialized view

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Oracle Interview Question - Difference between view and materialized view? List of all the SQL and PLSQL interview questions @ https://easy-learning-tech.blogspot.com/p/oracle-sql-plsql-interview-questions.html
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rahul singh (8 days ago)
Plz provide some more topic on performance tunning
Siva Academy (8 days ago)
@rahul, sure will be posting, please stay tuned
rahul singh (8 days ago)
Well explained.... All topics....really appreciated for such type of help....
Siva Academy (8 days ago)
@rahul, welcome bro 🙏
bhargava srirambhatla (19 days ago)
Hi sir Can you please explain what is pass by value and pass by reference, thanks in advance
Siva Academy (18 days ago)
@bhargava, click the bell icon next to subscribe button, to enable the notification, after that for any new video uploaded you will get a notification
bhargava srirambhatla (18 days ago)
@Siva Academydo we get any message or how do we know that u have updated videos
Siva Academy (18 days ago)
Sure bro, please stay tuned, will post soon
ur (1 month ago)
Can we fire DML statement on Materialized view ?
Siva Academy (1 month ago)
@ur, DML operation is not possible on read-only materialized views, however, you can do DML on updatable materialized view.
ss ss (4 months ago)
It's very nice teaching sir...can u please explain about joins and subquery
ss ss (4 months ago)
Thank u sir
Siva Academy (4 months ago)
@Madhavi, Thanks for your comment, Subquery I have already covered as part of interview question series, Links given below for your easy reference. Joins I will cover in upcoming videos, please stay tuned. https://youtu.be/Ylm2f7tSAu0 https://youtu.be/fvjCmlbpcYw https://youtu.be/bPSRKq-zjSQ https://youtu.be/Or_jlWc-w8E Regards, Siva
Rahul Badhe (5 months ago)
nice sir .. 1) what is dynamic sql?explain in details. 2) what is ref-cursor?expain in details. this above questions plz make a videos sir ...interview point of plz...
Siva Academy (5 months ago)
@Rahul, Thanks for your comment, Sure, I will post a video on dynamic SQL, and ref cursor soon, Pls stay tuned... Thanks
Manoj Kumar (10 months ago)
Mainly index types & use
Siva Academy (9 months ago)
Started posting index related questions, Please check and share your views
Siva Academy (10 months ago)
Sure Manoj.
Manoj Kumar (10 months ago)
Sir pls share some more interview questions asked vedios like triggers concept & indexing part
Siva Academy (10 months ago)
Sure Manoj, Already posted on trigger concept & types., Next video i will cover DML trigger types and its concepts. send if you have any specific question on DML trigger, i will answer as part of that video.
Manoj Kumar (10 months ago)
Siva Academy (10 months ago)
Thanks Manoj
M Sekhar (10 months ago)
Explain performance tuning concept deep explain video upload
Siva Academy (10 months ago)
Sure,I Will do.
PURNA CHANDRA JENA (10 months ago)
Excellent... Kindly Upload the the concept of performance and tunning
Siva Academy (10 months ago)
Thanks for your comment. Working on performance tuning series of videos, will upload once done.

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