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7 Price CRASHES in Magic the Gathering Singles

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Text Comments (18)
Los Jukes (1 year ago)
he sounds like Neil Goldman from family Guy...
Paul Duncan (1 year ago)
The mono blue tezzeret. Preordered at $80
Kenneth Sheppard (1 year ago)
all these are standard cards... you basically just told the story of standard and why no one should play it, because once that shit rotates its crap
When prices were realistic (back in 1997) Balduvian Hoard from Alliances plummetted from $25 to $1. That was pretty devastating for the time. Especially when prices only came out once a month via InQuest and Scrye.
Damnationization (1 year ago)
I agree and I was playing back then. When I purchased a box and got one I was so happy. Now it's crap. At least the price of those crappy cards that I never used went up. Like 3 force of wills. LOL.
Jason Leonberger (1 year ago)
M11 mythic Time Reversal was hyped to be the best all play all card. It pre ordered for $50 now it is $1.50
Brett Trimble (1 year ago)
Could you please change your intro music or lower the volume.
rob ; (1 year ago)
Brett Trimble ive suggested this a million times to remove the ear piercing intro he dont care
Stoned Monkey (1 year ago)
Seen sorin in thumbnail heart sank. i picked up playset of kahns Sorin for 20$ shipped. not bad price. I mean not omfg stellar deal but cheaper than my lgs by 4$. and picked up the dragonspeaker walker from kahns for 4$ for a playset. still not GREAT great deal but 1$ for a plainswalker is good to me ;)
Affinity for MTG (1 year ago)
Please keep dropping, Thragtusk! I want a playset, but I'm sooooo cheap!
I would just get it now, or at the 1.50 mark, doubt it drops further.
excalipoor (1 year ago)
I remember i sold Narset once i opened it at pre-release. So glad I did. And I played so much magic during Khans that i was able to get a few sarkhans for my red decks. luckily break.
Jake G 2187 (1 year ago)
So, I quit MTG when Dragons of Tarkir was the newest set. At that time, Deathmist Raptor was $25. Now that I just got back into it, the card is listed a little under $1. My mind is blown.
Jake G 2187 (1 year ago)
robinrules80 Definitely. I was big on standard during Khans and played this green devotion deck. Had 2 Deathmist Raptors and a playset of Whisperwood Elementals ($15 each at the time). I even traded a Polluted Delta for one of them. I'm really regretting that right now. lol I'm just gonna stay the hell away from standard. I like owning cards that hold their value.
robinrules80 (1 year ago)
Jake G 2187 smart - personally I think investing time into rotating formats is lame when you can play eternal. Case in point; I'm so glad I never paid that much for raptor. Waited a few years to pick it up on the cheap for EDH and my cube.
Jake G 2187 (1 year ago)
robinrules80 Ah, that makes sense then. I honestly haven't been paying any attention to standard so I'm not sure what's still standard legal. I'm just focused on modern right now.
robinrules80 (1 year ago)
Jake G 2187 it's no longer legal in standard and it never saw consistent play outside standard. So now that you can't play it in the only format it's really relevant in... the price makes sense. Supply is very high, and demand is now super low.
Danny Hernandez (1 year ago)
i made almost 1,300 from broodmate dragon when it was spotted at the hype and still have at least 12 of them before it went to bulk.

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