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Locks Blocks Deadlocks

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Understanding Locks, Blocks and dead locks in oracle database.
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Arun Kumar (1 year ago)
Nice video...Can u please share the sql to find the blocking session which u have used?
Deepak Sm (2 years ago)
Hi, Very well explained and clears my confusion regarding locking and blocking session. Can you please share the entire video. Thanks
Ashok Kumar Y (3 years ago)
Hi , This videos is giving more knowledge on BLOCK. could you please provide the Blocking session complete query, which you had run in this video. this will help a lot to me.. Thanks Ashok
Akshay Pande (4 months ago)
also share me also
OrSkl Academy (3 years ago)
+Oracl DB Activities Sure Ashok will message in hang outs.
Mohanji Rauniyar (3 years ago)
also till blocking it is helpful thanks...
Mohanji Rauniyar (3 years ago)
please upload complete video....

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