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The 3 Things I Wish I Had In Law School (and Still Use As A Practicing Attorney)

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Download the Ultimate Pre-Law Checklist at: ➜ https://www.legaleagleprep.com/prelaw A special heads up to every incoming 1L - the three things I wish I had in law school. ★ 1. I HATE casebooks. They're big, they're heavy, they're expensive, and in practice, authors simply include the cases verbatim, which means you're paying hundreds of dollars for cases that are in the public domain- that you can access for free. Which is why the first thing that I wish I had in law school is a beautiful shiny tablet. It makes life so much easier. For example: https://amzn.to/2GW9ny9 ★ 2. The second thing that I wish I had when I started law school: a nice laptop with a solid state hard drive a long battery life and cloud storage. For example: https://amzn.to/2H0xY58 ★ 3. The third thing that I wish I had in law school and that is: a fast cheap laser printer because you're going to print a ton. For example: https://amzn.to/2Gzk2zy If you're getting ready for law school check this out: we put together a free e-book called the “Ultimate Pre-Law Checklist.” https://www.legaleagleprep.com/prelaw READ THE FULL BLOG POST: ➜ https://www.legaleagleprep.com/single-post/wish FYI, we make a very small commission on the links above. But our opinions are our own and we would never compromise them. ★ Facebook: ➜ https://www.facebook.com/legaleagleprep ★ Twitter @LegalEagleDJ
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LegalEagle (6 months ago)
By popular demand here are links to the products I recommend: ★ The tablet I use: https://amzn.to/2GW9ny9 ★ My current laptop: https://amzn.to/2H0xY58 ★ The printer/scanner: https://amzn.to/2Gzk2zy
+20 million subs with no views west law I think. Sorry a bit late
LegalEagle what was the case study app called
Hope Rules (3 days ago)
Best episode yet!
MyMagic LouLou (5 days ago)
So we're talking about technology. I thought it's gonna be more about law. And i can't open the link
Emma L. Thompson (5 days ago)
Didn't watch in full yet, but is one of them WestLaw?
Emma L. Thompson (5 days ago)
Lee M (7 days ago)
I 100 percent agree with the laser printer recommendation. As a graduate student, having an inkjet printer is a nightmare. I have wasted so much money having to buy cartridges every month. Inkjet cartridges only print around 300 pages, but a regular sized toner can print around 1200 pages.
Daniele Messina (10 days ago)
ahah, there are two kind of laptop users, those who lost all their data and those who are about to
JustKazza (13 days ago)
Jacqueline Moleski (16 days ago)
"Back in the day a laser printer was the size of a Volkswagen Beetle and cost more than a new kidney..." LOL - I remember those days! I actually started college with a Smith Corona Personal Word Processor, not a computer. (It was basically an electric typewriter with a 4 inch screen and a disc drive.)
Jessica (17 days ago)
Interesting points. I got accepted into the top law school in my country because they offered me a place because of my grades, now I’m just binge-watching Law advice videos. I don’t think I’ll get a tablet but I’m buying a new MacBook Pro with a Touch Bar and everything and I’ll bring my printer along too. Although I don’t think chucking away the casebook is the best idea.
seneca983 (18 days ago)
SSDs may wear out faster than magnetic drives though perhaps that's not as much of an issue as it used to be.
MsJavaWolf (12 days ago)
In theory they do but I don't know anyone who ever had a problem, I think they are fine for most use cases. Also they are of course faster, so that is another benefit.
Saiah Rett (23 days ago)
I'm obsessed with this channel!
Tyler Channell (23 days ago)
I would also recommend getting HP connect. For 5.99 a month they monitor your printer ink levels and send your ink cartridges when you have about 50 pages left, so you are never out of ink.
hajira zia. (27 days ago)
thanks for making this video👍👍
Aakriti Akhaury (27 days ago)
Owlex (29 days ago)
A note on the laptop bit. Computers aren't just a "one and done" deal. Most computers, even laptops have the potential to be upgraded, and the hard drive is typically the easiest to replace, therefore I'd suggest that if you can't afford a really good laptop, then get a cheaper one that is able to be modded (you can find that information with a bit of research) and replace the hard drive with an SSD, you can find the size of an SSD that fits you best. If you can't or don't want to replace the hard drive then talk to a friend who does know how to use computers or take it to a computer repair shop and see if they'd be willing to perform the service for you. If you don't have the money to pay someone to do that for you then most community colleges will offer free labor to IT students to be able to perform that service for you, for free. Source: Am an IT student, and I see scenarios like this all the time.
Jacqueline Moleski (16 days ago)
Yep, and buy a passport drive (external portable SSD drive) and save everything on it as well as using Google drive/Dropbox. Yeah, also in IT here because what else do you do with a history degree? Anyway, you can also add external hard drive that aren't meant to be moved a lot, but add tons of cheap storage. About 5 years ago most external hard drives started at a Terabyte or two, they are probably bigger now. (Western Digital and most computer manufacturers like HP make external hard drives. "Passport" is a brand name for portable hard drives. The difference is a passport is solid state and the case is designed for travel. External drive is designed to sit on your desk.) The best way to protect your data is backup. BACK UP! In more than one place!
I Regina (29 days ago)
He’s damn hot.
Tomasz Wójcik (1 month ago)
I am already finishing med school, but still I see a lot of things you get right about necessary things 😅 Some things just become a new norm and absolute necessity. Like Wikipedia in the past 😉
fuxiz (1 month ago)
Google drive offers a 1 TB storage for $100 a year!
TTate (24 days ago)
fuxiz 15 gigs aren't enough for everyone, I recognize that. That's why I recomended that you start of with the free plan, then upgrade when it's needed. That way you don't pay for more storage before you even fill up the cheaper (or free) option.
fuxiz (24 days ago)
TTate  That's awesome, in my opinion 15 gigs is not enought, and ofcorse 1 TB is alot but it's great to backup everything for phone to laptop. I think there is a plan for 100 gig aswell
TTate (24 days ago)
Many colleges give free access to cloud storage. Mine gives free access to 1TB of storage on onedrive. If your school doesn't pay for your cloud storage, just start with the free 15gb google drive plan and upgrade when you fill it up (which you probably won't)
Adrian Negreanu (29 days ago)
That's expensive, plus, nobody needs 1TB of storage for school, I'm in university and I have a 20gb free plan with dropbox and it is PLENTY! Most of your data is pdf, word, excel, some images, audio files for when you record your class, but most of it is very small. There's no need to pay 100$ per year for 1Tb of cloud storage
braincelldiffusion (1 month ago)
You should wear vests/3 piece suits more often – it's a great look on you! :)
Evi1M4chine (1 month ago)
Why do all attorneys look like attorneys? Is there a factory somewhere? (That would explain their unhuman behavior.)
Reno Alkonga (19 days ago)
That's what law school does to you
Iroman Captin America (1 month ago)
I wonder if they partied in law school
Vanessa Venkov (1 month ago)
I wouldn't pay $300,000 for the "college experience", i'd prefer the degree and a job after school.
Olivia Eldredge (1 month ago)
My computer died with my thesis inside when I was in the university, and had to rewrite it again! My worst year ever! And all that books! I wish I have a tablet while I was in the university. I even visited the libraries of many universities to gather information, everything was lost. I had to do everything again. And I’m not talking 20 years ago, I’m talking 6 yrs ago. Oh holy icloud, Dropbox and Evernote
Rossette Ana (2 months ago)
What a hot lawyer 😍
Jesse Smoot (2 months ago)
LegalEagle and the war on Case books
LegalEagle (2 months ago)
Damn right.
Callidous (2 months ago)
You may be shocked to hear this, but as a lawyer from a civil law legal system I can tell you we don't have casebooks. The first time I even learned of the concept was when starting a post grad program in England.
You mean romano-germanic...?
t0nyc0nde (2 months ago)
This is just wrong and misleading info. Most casebooks contain very significantly edited, condensed cases - not verbatim copies of the full-text cases available in the public domain. The significant condensations are of great value.
RNGeeGee (2 months ago)
I don't know why I'm binge watching your videos... I'm a fine arts student.
Gay Bottom Pride (2 days ago)
RNGeeGee I am also a fine arts student, or should say was since I already graduated from theater school, but also find these law school videos very interesting.
blasttrash (5 days ago)
I am not even a student anymore and I am watching these lol
SmartyYang 2016 (16 days ago)
I study Accounting and audit...
Jacqueline Moleski (16 days ago)
For the same reason I am - I was a history major. These videos are funny, fascinating, and enjoyable.
Jessica (17 days ago)
Maybe you’re in the wrong field of study ;)
kirill374 (2 months ago)
First advice does't work for Russia)) even now, not everyone case is going ouside of judge computer)) or even online)) sooooo many decisions, if they made against gov's - are still only in hard copy with no side accsess
Darris Hawks (2 months ago)
You could also save your stuff on cloud storage and a jump drive and that would avoid spending a bunch of money on an ssd
TTate (24 days ago)
SSDs are really inexpensive nowadays. I'm not an IT professional, but I am studying computer science, and give a lot of computer recommendations to my friends and family. I always recommend getting an SSD for any budget due to the superior speed and reliability. It doesn't have to be a huge SSD, just big enough to store things you need to get to immidiatly. Use cloud storage for archiving documents.
LegalEagle (2 months ago)
Not exactly. Every computer still needs a hard drive. I recommend that you use cloud storage, but you should still get a laptop with a SSD to avoid it breaking in general.
Emilio Cevallos (4 months ago)
MacBook Pro or XPS 13?
LegalEagle (4 months ago)
There used to be a big difference (with testing software only running on Windows), but that difference doesn't really exist any more. So either is fine. It's all personal preference now.
Emilio Cevallos (4 months ago)
LegalEagle what would you recommend, Mac or Windows in terms of functionality and efficiency?
LegalEagle (4 months ago)
They are both good.
Michael S (5 months ago)
You must’ve went to school in the 20th century.
Zee Reen (2 months ago)
+LegalEagle 😂😂😂
LegalEagle (5 months ago)
I'm not that old!
Fabian McIntyre (5 months ago)
Cierra Pena (5 months ago)
a portable charger
LegalEagle (5 months ago)
Good call. I travel with one all the time.
Stephen Miller (7 months ago)
Lexis is better than west. Get at me.
Jacqueline Moleski (16 days ago)
Is Lexis also a medical research database? (The full title was lexis-nexis, I think). If so I used it for medical anthropology research in the late 1980s - early 1990s.
Ruan Moolman (29 days ago)
Lexis all the way
LegalEagle (7 months ago)
For me, it's mainly about UI/UX design. When West came out with Westlaw Next, Lexis lost me forever. I recognize that the content is largely the same, but the West interface is MUCH better. Also from a design perspective, the gray/blue of West is more pleasing than the red/white of Lexis. I could go on, but you've already made the right call in abandoning Lexis and joining the good people in law school. :-)
Stephen Miller (7 months ago)
that was the EXACT response I was looking for. On a real note I am a lexis salesman and Im going to law school next year, and its consistently astounding to me how people are so sworn to one or the other for the same thing. lol
Namal Muskan (8 months ago)
What did you do for your undergrad and what do you recommend?
LegalEagle (7 months ago)
I was a Poli Sci major, who dabbled in philosophy, business, and law. Law schools don't really care what your undergrad degree is in. And nothing really prepares you for law school (except Legal Eagle, of course). So do what you are interested in, and get good grades.
raquel gutierrez (8 months ago)
so which laptop do you recommend to buy for laws school students?
LegalEagle (8 months ago)
It's hard to make a specific recommendation because the models change so frequently. The upshot is that there are many laptops that will work great for law school. Just look for something light, with great battery life, and a flash hard drive. The rest is up to you.
skeet beet (9 months ago)
Thank you! All my worries about law school are gone now. Just so you know, I'm thirteen and I am a straight A student living in Ireland. And now, after knowing that technology is evolving rapidly, law school won't be as bad as my grandfather had told me. Now, I'm trying my best to get as much information as I can to know about law in Ireland and be prepared as I know, here in Ireland, law school students are more stressed than medical students. That's insane. But, many of them persue law for degree and they made their decision a year before entering law school. Another thing I would like to mention is, I've seen many videos where they say that law school is not worth it. I would like to know your thoughts bout that statement. Thank you.
LegalEagle (9 months ago)
Dang, son. You have a lot of your life left to live before law school. Unfortunately, it's impossible to make a blanket statement of whether law school is worth it or not. I loved it and would do it again. But I can't speak for everyone.
Mr Green (9 months ago)
I can not agree more with a laser printer. Once I upgraded in undergrad those damn 75+ pages a week took 1/4 the time and didn't need time to dry.
Democritus86 (1 month ago)
there are inject printers that have black/ 3 color ink tanks much cheaper for quality color prints if you need,but a fast monochrome laser printer is still needed,also make sure your printer/scanner has document feeder with dual side swapper. you can find old refubrished lexmark/other brand printers/scanners cheap.
LegalEagle (9 months ago)
Exactly. They are so cheap now. There is really no excuse.
ShakeTheGames (10 months ago)
A surface book would be perfect right?
LegalEagle (10 months ago)
Unclear if a Surface Book works with Examsoft.  I'd check with your school first before pulling the trigger.
Trey Robison (11 months ago)
Can't believe you don't have more views. All your videos are very informational, and well spoken. Thanks for all the helpful advice!
LegalEagle (11 months ago)
Many thanks! Glad you found them helpful.
Thanks for such great tips😺
lovelygal2009 (1 year ago)
What tablets do you recommend that run examsoft and can be used as an attorney?
LegalEagle (1 year ago)
I'm not aware of any tablets that can be used with Examsoft. That's more of a recommendation when choosing a laptop. Even if a tablet could run Examsoft, I'm not sure I would trust it since it doesn't have a built in keyboard. If anyone has used a tablet for lawschool or bar exams, please let me know how that went!
1 2 (1 year ago)
Could not agree more with the point about the second monitor. Not sure how I feel about ditching case books altogether though (unless I'm misinterpreting that). Unless you're a printer masochist having a sturdy book to hold and highlight and toss across the room (only half kidding) is superior to looking at a screen for hours on end every day. Plus you won't have to buy a new tablet every month ;). The editing and presentation on this channel are fantastic. Came here from /r/lawschool. 9/10
Emily Odermatt (5 months ago)
Does WestLaw export to PDF (i.e. iBooks) to save your highlights locally? What if I want to read cases while I'm commuting home on the train and don't have wi-fi?
LegalEagle (1 year ago)
That's fair about the case books. I hated dragging my case books (often three at a time) to class. And I prefer highlighting my cases on the Westlaw app instead of on paper. Plus having access to the Westlaw headnotes can sometimes replace reading the whole case and can almost always replace the function of a commercial outline. If I went through law school again, I would ask the prof or my friends for the case citations, and look up the cases online instead of buying casebooks. But I recognize that's not for everyone. BTW, Apple's iPad sales have slumped because people hardly ever replace them (certainly not every month!). Thanks for the kind words. We have a lot more videos coming out. We'll work even harder to get 10/10 in your book!
Project Trap (1 year ago)
I like! Keep it up!

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