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2017 Sea-Doo SPARK

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Your dream of fun days just came true! The fun to ride, easy to tow 2017 Sea-Doo SPARK is the most affordable, lightest, compact, and most fuel-efficient watercraft in the industry. And now you also have a new way to play, with our all-new SPARK TRIXX! For 2017, we are taking fun for an epic ride. Visit http://sea-doo.com/ ___________________________________________ Follow us Facebook: https://facebook.com/SeaDoo Twitter: https://twitter.com/BRPSeaDoo Instagram: http://instagram.com/BRPSeaDoo
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Hasen Hase (1 year ago)
what is the exact technical differece between models 2015 vs 2016 vs 2017? should I buy a 2015 for a good price or go for newer model and why?
I have it for 2 years, the dealer experience is a nightmare: more than a week for an oil change, which is over $250 for a 3 cylinder engine! Plus, they never help me pull in the trailer, and at the last service, they ask a total of $477 for the oil and to "diagnose that there is something like a plastic bag stuck in the impeller" which is what I told them initially. Impossible to clean it out of there without the dealer, the reverse bucket closes automatically when you shut off the engine. Otherwise you loose a finger.... Sea doo has to improve customer service. I also own a Yamaha, and they are on top of their dealers and their performance. Sea doo never bothered to check how my service experience was....
emin m (2 years ago)
I just love sea doo and that they made a dream come true for thousands of people with the spark
montel colebrook (2 years ago)
I just love you all jet ski i can not what to get one

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