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My new Camera Obscura

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A brief film demonstrating a camera obscura I built recently
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Karen Karen (1 month ago)
After 20 minutes you will get hot in that inside !
Jon Legge (1 month ago)
True, but in the UK where I live it usually doesn't get that hot!
lua liarts (1 year ago)
draw !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Tina Holt (22 days ago)
lua liarts z
Great i for a easy camera obscura! I built one last weekend but out of a large box, this seams much easier!
Isabelle S. (1 year ago)
he could do same sketch just directly looking at his model
Ifiyenia Spiliotopoulou (2 months ago)
Isabelle S. It’s not the same at all!
irit tam (1 year ago)
זה מושלם
Lindsey Newman (3 years ago)
a flagpole mount (like on olde people's houses) works perfect for securing the 1" square pipe to the baseboard,and even has a set screw to tighten or transport (no welding!). also if you get your own 1" square pipe without any bends then its there's more room for focusing,and if you mount it forward a little then leftys can still draw with it
Rex Mundi (4 years ago)
If you don't have the genius and patience of Vermeer to create realistic paintings then it looks like the camera obscura would be just as effective an aid at producing abstract and expressionistic art. I suspect a LOT of modern artists use variations of this technique but just don't let on about it.
Jon Legge (4 years ago)
Thats true, but most art historians believe that Vermeer DID use a camera obscura. Check out David Hockney's book 'Secret Knowledge'.
Lauren Leveque (4 years ago)
Oops, never mind - a bit more tinkering and I've got it now!  Thanks for the idea!  Had this projector kicking around for quite a while - good to put it to use.
Judith Holzl (2 years ago)
Jon Legge
國華王 (2 years ago)
ɷɷɷ I Have Watchedddd Thisss Movieee Leakedddd Versionnnn Hereeee : - https://t.co/EQMyZQlo5e
Jon Legge (4 years ago)
Good Show! Quite easy isn't it? Hope your C.O. works out well, and check out my other videos. J
Lauren Leveque (4 years ago)
I have an old OHP and am ready to turn it into a camera obscura.  Do I need to change the lens / mirror assembly in any way?  I tried a quick mockup with heavy black plastic before I sew any fabric and I couldn't see anything on the table.
Rita Geraghty (5 years ago)
Have you seen Camera Lucida app for iPad. See it in YouTube. You won't believe your eyes. I bought it a minute ago.
Jon Legge (5 years ago)
Glad to be of help! Check out my other C.O videos.... Jon
Simon Larsen (5 years ago)
Whoa! Thanks for the video! I was reading about some photography stuff for some school-work and I found this video and now I totally understand how it works! :)
Jon Legge (5 years ago)
Hi- I don't know if that programme was ever shown on British TV, but I remember watching 'The twilight Zone' repeats when I was a boy. Some of them were quite scary!
Jon Legge (5 years ago)
Thanks! I'll have to look out for it. Are you from the US? J
Jon Legge (5 years ago)
Thanks for your message- I've never heard of Night Gallery- is it a TV programme? The only films I have ever seen that feature a CO are 'Girl with a Pearl Earring', and 'A matter of Life and Death'
lynz45 (8 months ago)
Jon, I believe this is the Night Gallery episode mentioned: http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x5brzzn
art254 (5 years ago)
so is jhon, I saw an old projector in a store, I will purchase soon, and I'll tell you,
Jon Legge (5 years ago)
Yes, Exactly! They are quite common to find second hand here in the UK, as many where replaced by digital data projectors- is it the same in Venezuala? J
Jon Legge (5 years ago)
Hi There, Thanks for your kind comments! A projector lens could be used to make a C.O., but I think the internal condensing lenses (the thick ones inside the projector) would have too small a focal length. The angle mirror is from the top of an Overhead Projector (OHP) and this has suitable lenses built into it. OHP's are the projectors they used to use in colleges, etc to project writing on acetate sheets onto a wall. Good luck! Jon
art254 (5 years ago)
another question jhon, not the same mechanism acetate projector? the one you use for your camera obscura?
art254 (5 years ago)
hi jhon, a question: I disassembled an old slide projector, I optenido 2 lenses, with these two lenses I can make a camera obscura?, the other question is: who takes the mirror angle. fabricarme want my own camera obscura, I live in Venezuela and I really congratulate you, you've done something beautiful. you have inspired me to make my own camera obscura, help me please, thank you. my email is: [email protected]
Jon Legge (5 years ago)
Hiya, If you could find a another way of securing the metal bracket to the baseboard, you wouldn't need to weld. I don't sell, these, I think you'd need a steady supply of knackered OHP's! Check out my other CO films. J
Squatelbasher (5 years ago)
Hey so do you sell those? How can you build this on your own without an old projector thing and welding stuff?
Peter Gašperan (5 years ago)
amazing feat i mean :))))) or something like that
Peter Gašperan (5 years ago)
thanks. actually, i got this to work last night. my 'room' wasn't 'obscure' enough. but cheers for an amazing feet. made some 'experiments' with this..... you could make a pc projector out of this {using a monitor} :) basically for free but it would need something to make the image brighter and sharper.... but anyways..... optics fun!
Jon Legge (5 years ago)
Very little modification is needed. I took the lens assembly from an OHP and cut a bit off the end of the support arm. I cut a wooden MDF board, and made a metal peg for the support arm to slot into (I have friend who can weld!) There is a black cloth with a hole cut in it for the lens assembly to poke through. Thats it. Instead of projecting light, the OHP lens gathers light, and projects it onto the board. No need for an external light source.
Peter Gašperan (5 years ago)
also, do you use some kind of external light source?
Peter Gašperan (5 years ago)
Hey man could you preattty please explain how does your design work, or maybe could you share some of those 18th century designs? I tried to put a piece of black paper with a tiny pinhole on my OHP doesn't project anything, other than the shape of the lightbulb coil when I place it in front of the OHP.
Peter Gašperan (5 years ago)
I've got an OHP just like that, do you have a tutorial somewhere on how to make camera obscura like that?
Andrew Magee (5 years ago)
Hi Jon, Great film. I have an old OHP that im thinking of converting into a camera obscura. I was told that I would need to flip the lens inside to make it work. Is this right? Also have you ever tried exposing light sensitive film inside the camera obscura? Exposing straight onto photographic paper would make a negative image. Is there a way of making this positive? Thanks for any response... great work!.. very inspiring.. thankyou
Jon Legge (5 years ago)
In that case, a small version of a simple CO may work- have a look at my film of my Camera Obscura workshop to see what I mean. Only drawback is the image is inverted and back to front, but this can be fixed at the editing stage.
GelenosOak (5 years ago)
.....Of art! damned iPhone.
GelenosOak (5 years ago)
I was reading your previous comments to another tuber.... If you type David Hockney secrets if art there is wicked documentary on artists and the obscura!
GelenosOak (5 years ago)
That's it exactly I love the dreamy almost super8 cine quality of the images.
Jon Legge (5 years ago)
Thanks for your comment! This CO is fairly portable- do you mean something that would attach to the front of a video camera? J
Jon Legge (5 years ago)
Hi there, thanks for your comment! This is fairly portable- do you mean one which you can attached to the front of a video camera? J
GelenosOak (5 years ago)
Would it be possible to make a portable version for film work??? Very good utilisation of OHP though!
Jon Legge (6 years ago)
Hello, and thanks for your comments! The C.O. is made from an old overhead projector, MDF and bits of scrap steel. I was lucky enough to find someone who could sew to make the dark cloth. If you are after a more portable drawing aid, you may want to look up 'Camera Lucida', I believe there are a couple of companies who still make them.
geekqueen2010 (6 years ago)
cool, how did you make it? i could really use one of those for drawing! I acutally came across your video while searching for a real life "Camera Obscura" because of the game Spirit Camera The Cursed Memoir. I didn't expect to find a video about a cool device that can be used for tracing what I see in real life. I love drawing, but tracing gives it a better quality than I could achieve when drawing free-hand. bravo!
richardd2063 (6 years ago)
Cool vid, well done!
Jon Legge (6 years ago)
Hi, Yes, it is partly a modified OHP. I cut down the square support bracket so as to enable the camera to focus closer, it is fixed on the wooden base with a metal peg I made by welding a piece of square section steel to a piece of sheet, then drilling and screwing this down. Hope this helps!
Erdem Çetintaş (6 years ago)
hi, thank you for sharing. May I ask if it is the top part of an overhead projector that you attach on the wood base or not? If yes, did you make any modification on it? Thanks in advance.
Arthur Vasey (6 years ago)
Camera lucid a
desdelcabo (6 years ago)
¡Esta es una cámara lúcida!
Alan Nikolai Stratmann (6 years ago)
Vermeer used them and so did other guys
Jon Legge (6 years ago)
You're very welcome!- Check out my other camera obscura videos : )
georgia graham (6 years ago)
I just learned something beautiful today...Thank you!
Jon Legge (6 years ago)
Thanks! Check out my other videos about Camera Obscuras...
Analog is Different (6 years ago)
pretty cool. I never hear of camera obscura till now.
Jon Legge (6 years ago)
I'd be the first to admit I'm not good at drawing! However, the C.O. gives a level of accuracy to perspective and foreshortening which is almost impossible to even a skilled artist. David Hockney has written an interesting book on the subject called 'Secret Knowledge'. Thanks for your comments!
jetsonjoe (6 years ago)
definitely interesting take on the idea...but why not just learn to draw...seems overly complicated just to draw a simple picture. Learning perspective helps too. Just my thoughts....but i would love to obtain one...as there are makers on both sides of the pond now...and a variety of pricing. Keep inventing P.S. Myself...I just use my laptop and a pico projector...works even with my ipad 2....
Jon Legge (7 years ago)
Thanks- Not done a Camera Lucida yet, though I have conducted a few experiments...
ghlyall (7 years ago)
Well done! Have you tried making a camera lucida as well?

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