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The Forger's Masterclass - Ep. 1 - Edward Hopper

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A Hopper landscape may look simple to copy, but the biggest challenge for the students is to bring a soulless landscape to life.
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Anne Saffer (1 day ago)
Shirley's picture reminds me of 'Christina's World'
richard ebbole (3 days ago)
moron...typical low being slug...
Reid Sheftall (1 month ago)
The third girl nailed it. First, she chose the most artistically interesting house.. It reminded me of the wizard of OZ. A house gets picked up in a tornado and gets set down in the wrong place miles away cattywampus to the perspective.. Abandoned... Very disturbing... Hopper to the Nth. She nailed it.
Shawnkells (2 months ago)
This show is pretty bogus and I love art.
Laura (2 months ago)
2:49 is that graham coxon
Hughie Davies (3 months ago)
I don't know how he got away with the fakes he did? The people who passed them as originals must have been blind! I haven't seen a single painting by him that looks anything like the original art he's forged. He's probably the worst forger I've seen! But he's made a good living out of doing a few months inside . If he hadn't been caught nobody would ever have heard of him and he'd just be another unknown painter.
PHOTOM42 (3 months ago)
I saw in another video that he had a partner that forged all the labels and documents for the paintings. So the fake paper trail made the paintings appear genuine.
Pj Lewis (3 months ago)
I love to hear John speak. The girls were nice but the guy was the best artist even though I agree with John's choice of which was the most Hopper-ish. What a memorable day for all of these young artists.
Bradley Thorne (3 months ago)
shirley is dumb as a rock
friederike mlr (3 months ago)
Neal Caffrey
moncorp1 Inc (4 months ago)
Scott needs to become friends with a set of clippers.
Mary Cahill (5 months ago)
I agree Mel's was best. She captured the spirit of alienated place, and the horizon error can be fixed. Interesting show.
14 Watecolor & More (5 months ago)
I love his show.
Brian Mcgee (5 months ago)
Royal collage of Art graduate who cant do perspective she should be ashamed
Pascal Frenchie music (7 months ago)
John Myatt is great! I’ve learnt how composition is important. Staging a character or a house in a frame is already telling us a story and emotions. ... Really impressed with the cameraman’s work, here. All his frames are great compositions, even with the group of artists, we really have the feeling of loneliness, wideness and beauty of the place. Such a great episode and beautiful art serie! Thank you so much!
Arbaayah Zain (7 months ago)
a very inspiring journey of an artist and a teacher ...
lots to learn......amazing video....
jay sullivan (7 months ago)
The white girl's landscape is so much better than her portrait. It sounds like she is going to give up on landscapes and go back to painting cartoonish portraits.
five stars....lots to learn.....thanks for posting...on youtube for free....Forger's Masterclass - Ep. 1 - Edward Hopper.
Ryan B (9 months ago)
It's been established that art forgeries used to be more prevalent and they caused a lot of problems. But if I'm being honest, I can't help but say they make the art world itself more exciting. It will be people's first instincts to argue that point and I know people have strong opinions on the subject but I'm not an expert, nor an authority, I'm just saying an honest point of view. It's similar to how people are fascinated by movies that involve professional art heists, as portrayed in Oceans 12 or Entrapment. I know real life heists are not as romantic as portrayed in the movies, but the idea is what captures the imagination. The art forger himself has to be extremely cunning to pull off his deception and the idea that there is some person with this kind of skill working in some hidden location is an image that is intriguing. Another reason it catches the imagination is that many forgeries are sold for hundreds of thousands. It's the cunning of the mastermind that attracts people. The man always at risk. If people are honest they would be excited to hear a story about how some master forger tricked all the experts and made millions of dollars.
arunashamal (11 months ago)
Woah! what a set of bwebs!
Diane Cox (11 months ago)
I would liked for John to do his version of Hopper with the three other artist.
Damian L (1 year ago)
10:32 Who tooted?
Jefri auster (1 year ago)
whats wrong with their voices
Darkcustom xxx (1 year ago)
Didnt know Tommy Lee Jones knew so much about art.....!!
Adrian Henry (1 year ago)
I could do this peace of cake!
Robert Palmer (1 year ago)
17:05 how does she draw a line that straight! I appreciate that craft.
Georgana Davis (1 year ago)
I love Edward Hopper's style. I am a self-taught art student and I am trying to learn to paint like him because I like the clean lines and his subject matter is simple.
Cheryl Millard (1 year ago)
Your comment made me think of Georgia O'Keefe's work, she had a simple subject matter and clean lines too
John Paul Brotherton (1 year ago)
One thing that i've learnt from this video...... Lots of clever and talented people go to prison. Seems the only crime is getting caught.
through my eyes (1 year ago)
"Hopperiness" lol
IrishBard (1 year ago)
That is the most depressing stuff i have ever seen, the Scott guy did a great painting but they were still miserable. Give me Monet, Blake or Picasso any day.
Ahmed Ahmed (1 year ago)
All such lovely artists, composing pieces far from their comfort zones, well done!
Alpha C (1 year ago)
What an interesting project!
The Kaiser (1 year ago)
What a great man.
June Mc (1 year ago)
John Myatt is just fantastic! Love him!
Orange (1 year ago)
Did they use oil paintings to complete this?
Jim Morrison (1 year ago)
Wonderful lesson by a master in his own right.
ramesh patel (2 years ago)
nice work
I actually liked her break of perspective tbh
Darkvine (1 year ago)
Cezanne in spé :D
Aunt Barbara (1 year ago)
Yes, a folk-art feel.
Karolina karo (1 year ago)
николай хомич
Y subtítulos en español?
tripoldina (2 years ago)
there are not enough words to describe all my love for this show and for john myatt <3 Thank you for uploading!
bugisami (2 years ago)
Paid the price? He served 4 months, was a hero in jail, the copper who arrested him commissioned a family portrait, a member of the prosecution commissioned a Giacometti, the Bar Council commissioned a Dufy, he has had sellout exhibitions, and his genuine fakes sell for sizable sums. That's one hell of a price.
Enrique Guillen (2 years ago)
i like the three just need more working, shadows, highlight area etc.
QuickQuickSlowSlow55 (2 years ago)
Dungeness is not a soulless place, unless you're soulless, of course.
Celtic Whisper (2 years ago)
I would like to see a Bacon masterclass.
fododude (3 months ago)
Mmmmm. Horror.
James Ash (5 months ago)
Mmmmm, bacon.
Stephen Zevon (2 years ago)
let her work how the fuck she wants to! god he doesn't half interrupt!
Adam Pierce (1 year ago)
UnbelievablyGauche she has a very strong and resistant personality which is difficult to teach new things so his job was incredibly difficult and required constant attention. Don't forget the point of the exercise.
bugisami (2 years ago)
A 6-hour session is condensed into 30 minutes, so it appears that he interrupts constantly.
faultfinder9 (2 years ago)
Me encanta este programa, ¿alguien sabe dónde puedo conseguir los subtítulos en castellano? Lo daban en film & arts
trentriver (2 years ago)
Love the Asian girl with the English twang -- she's a peach.
moncorp1 Inc (4 months ago)
that sexy belly showing from time to time while painting....mmmmmm
Eideric (5 months ago)
Doesn't sound English at all to me – can't quite place the accent, but could be Taiwanese or Chinese.
Damian L (1 year ago)
I love her jacket
Thorekk (1 year ago)
Yes the little cuntie sure impresses kids with her art
Aunt Barbara (1 year ago)
Yes, and I really like her "too warm/colorful/happy'" art lol
Jefferdaughter (2 years ago)
What is really sad it that the recently graduated art student had apparantly not been taught even the basics of painting - such as the importance of composition, and perspective in a realistic rendering (whether in paint or drawing). The lack of training in how to handle different mediums has long been the fashion in art schools, but it seems like turning out carpenters who don't know how to use a hammer. Artists who know how to use their chosen medium are then more free to use it how they choose, 'breaking the rules' even, if they first master that medium.
Péter Kiss (1 year ago)
Criticize Jefferdaughter all you like, but someone who graduated from art school should really know what perspective is. One look at Hopper and you can tell that her painting's all off (though she did get the desolate atmosphere). It really is a basic thing.
communistjesus (2 years ago)
What is really sad it that the recently graduated art student had apparantly not been taught even the basics of paintin <<< Thanks a lot CAMERON...!!!CAMERON!!!!... Welcome Madame Prime Minister Theresa May.. !!!MAY!!! .. May you NOT be like THATCHER.. !!!THATCHER!!!!
Jefferdaughter (2 years ago)
+Minuscolo Chao - The intent seems to have been to not interfere with the artist's ability to innovate, or the individuality of their personal expression through their art. While these seem to be valid concerns, not teaching the basics of how to work with the students' chosen medium does not seem like it would help the developing artist to express himself, does it?
Arbiter (2 years ago)
+Jefferdaughter: What is really, REALLY sad . . . is that you think you know what you are talking about.
Douglas Genuske (3 years ago)
You lost me at acrylic.
moncorp1 Inc (4 months ago)
I'll paint some things with acrylics that will make your nose hairs fall out oil boy douglas genuske
jay sullivan (7 months ago)
I'm pretty sure drying times had little to do with the choice of a binding agent. Perhaps, they didn't want to get oil on the frames, but I have a feeling it's more about cost, and acrylics are cheaper. It's also easier to clean acrylic and easier to transport items which have come in contact with it. There are plenty of people that paint the dark areas first and use oil paint. Oil paint is capable of making a much better painting.
telecasterbear (1 year ago)
I am early on at painting at age 56. I use acrylic now. Someday the mess of oils may be used here.
Ann Nee (1 year ago)
Cheryl Millard I would think it was used precisely for that reason. I don't get the snobbery against acrylics, it's ridiculous
Cheryl Millard (1 year ago)
Douglas Genuske, Wouldn't you think acrylic was used for its quick drying time, which would be perfect for the show and subject matter. He also said Hopper painted from dark to light, this would be almost impossible given the time constraint and oils lengthy drying time.
Kathy'sFineArt (3 years ago)
Really impressed with what these artists can accomplish in one day. It takes a lot of courage to step outside the box and attempt the style of a master--master of his/her own technique and materials. How would Hopper have done if presented with a Chagall for example and asked to do the same? Wonderful job by all three. Great program.
ArcturusGold (3 years ago)
If he was discovered as a forger then he was no 'Master' surely? :-)
GoldStar Heaven (2 years ago)
+trentriver - it's a well known fact that disclosure by museums, collectors and galleries is very damaging to credibility as a 'buyer'. The fake Rothko paintings is a good example - Glafira Rosales and the Knoedler and Company Gallery.
TheZombieJC (2 years ago)
+ArcturusGold It depends on how he was caught.
trentriver (2 years ago)
+ArcturusGold Likely about 150 of his works are still sitting in museums and private collections as originals ... so, he must be pretty darn good.
John K. Lindgren (3 years ago)
8:45 a delightful Chinese-Cockney accent!
Paulo Constantino (3 years ago)
They always choose stupid painters for this program
William Martin (1 year ago)
Are they stupid or not very verbal? I rarely have heard a musician SAY anything interesting, no matter how well they play music, for example.
Yatukih001 (3 years ago)
+Paulo Constantino The painter is not stupid because in the art business it´s never the artist´s fault that he fails to produce something - something about the way it was being produced is the reason. A pigment has gone out of production, the student is too close to the canvas, etc.
misternylon (3 years ago)
muskndusk (3 years ago)
19:46 Silly woman! That's the whole point. Why is she on the programme if she doesn't want to paint in another style? I noticed they are given my fave paint: Daler Rowney System 3. It's inexpensive and good, but I alway use artist quality white.
trentriver (2 years ago)
+muskndusk I do not believe they know who they are going to have to try and emulate before they apply to be on the program. But, I also see your point as well... once there, do whatever you are given as bet you can and be quiet about it.
muskndusk (3 years ago)
+unamor The woman in the video is saying "I don't want to restrict myself in a certain style...." meaning that she doesn't want to restrict herself to the style of Hopper, she'd rather paint it her own way. The point of the challenge is to paint in the style of Hopper.
unamor (3 years ago)
+muskndusk favourite3725 may have asked that because she says pretty much the opposite of what made you call her silly. Watch with more attention and you'll see she is actually embracing the challenge. Cheers
muskndusk (3 years ago)
+favourite3725 It's my native tongue, as you would know if you watched any of my vids. I don't see how your comment is relevant.
favourite3725 (3 years ago)
+muskndusk do you understand English at all?
Nicholas Fanzo (3 years ago)
Tv needs more art like this.
Elvia Martinez (3 years ago)
I enjoy seeing this makes me want to start painting. 😃
Jefferdaughter (2 years ago)
+Elvia Martinez - Hope you go for it!! (If you havn't already.) And enjoy every minute of painting, and enjoy the paintings YOU make!
Rob Padley (3 years ago)
Mel is cute. Also, does anyone know the location used in this show?
J0eman49p (3 years ago)
+Rob Padley dungeness, kent
CUMBICA1970 (3 years ago)
I was so expecting to see John's version in the end...
Enrique Guillen (2 years ago)
i think the hopper painting was a fake made by him.
Mick Everly (3 years ago)
great show!
Dorrisday22 (3 years ago)
Completely missed the point these young fools just had to listen to the exercise the they would have got it. Art mmmmm funny game
Y Wei (3 years ago)
So much negitivity....
Slap Stick (4 years ago)
Looked like Shirley painted a freaking life guard station. 
James Bond (4 years ago)
Hopper lived and painted, for a period,  near where I live.  His realism catches the eye. I have seen some of his works. The simplicity leaves room for one's imagination to " finish" the painting.
jay sullivan (7 months ago)
Hopper never lived in Scotland, you liar!
James Bond (2 years ago)
+Jefferdaughter   His art employs straight lines, geometry, figures, simplicity and large spaces of one color. That means realism to me. 
Jefferdaughter (2 years ago)
+Harri Lee - Well, others would say Caraviaggio was a bit... overdone. Hopper's work was also a bit theatrical, but not operatic, if you know what I mean. Viewing works by different artists from different areas and eras, comparibng and contrasting and finding which 'speak' to us - surely this adds much to the enjoyment of art.
Harr Lee (2 years ago)
+James Bond when ppl say Hopper s realism...isnt that a bit wrong? i mean caraviaggio was a realsit (never mind the subject matter here) I love Hopper s non realism a bit like de Chirico Mysterious and all so beautiful Both of them And ............... caravaggio, of course
Philip Jones (4 years ago)
I would like to see more of Hoppers work before i remark but i think it is no mean task to show simplicity. A great program by the way. Thank you.  
turtlewings (4 years ago)
Remarkable show!  Although the dude at 4:35 should just bite the bullet and shave his head.  There's no going back from that.
Benitra Fair (1 year ago)
turtlewings NN.,M.,b,b.nMn.,.,!.n,,.m,m.m.m,?Mm,n!m,b,,,..,,,mm,M,MmmnnBBNm.mN!bmm,mm,nMm!,mm n,M.m,m,.mM.m,,N.m..,n,mC,,mm.
Harr Lee (2 years ago)
+turtlewings wel thanx for your Barber sAdvice funny bit like missing the point was Da Vinci beautiful? That what made him FAMOUS???????????
OpaSann0 (3 years ago)
Haha I was thinking the same thing. Poor guy, must suck pretty bad tho have a hairline like that at such an age.
kineticpsi (4 years ago)
It doesn't seem right to compare the landscape of the original painting with where they are - maybe there is nothing weird for them to showcase at this particular scene as there was in Hopper's.
Enrique Guillen (2 years ago)
yes there is dont you see
SUBHASH 9723505887 (3 years ago)
1978ajax (4 years ago)
Mel got my vote too.  Perspective 'error' easily resolvable - though not the drama it was made out to be, IMO.  She got near that elusive Hopper texture.  Have painted several Hoppers myself, and I agree that it's nowhere as easy as it seems to be.  Hope this inspires more people to try it.  Thanks for posting.
jay sullivan (7 months ago)
If by 'easily resolvable', you mean she would have to paint over a considerable amount of what she's done, then, yes. She was using 2-point perspective, and neither of the points was on her horizon line, and they didn't align horizontally.
Harr Lee (2 years ago)
Matthew Ford Studios (4 years ago)
I painted like Hopper even before knowing who he was or seeing his paintings.. is it normal? D:
Hispanosuiza1 (5 years ago)
I think the guy was the one to nail it.. the asiatic girl's painting, to me, had more an air to a Dali, without his exquisite technique... the other Girl really captured the essence of Hopper, but then again her composition was lacking big way... as far as I'm concerned the best end product came from the guy.
Lowellady (5 years ago)
to Jefferdaughter, Portrait is vertical and landscape is horizonal.  They are used this way even in computer printers...you can select Portrait or landscape printing.  It is most certainly a format, as will as a subject.  As a painter I love this video, it was great.
emomagica (5 years ago)
Why do they use acrylics in every episode? I'm no snob, I'm too new and an awful painter to be a snob. I just want to know. Also, is he using household paint for white?
DistantDeadWorlds (4 years ago)
There is artist acrylics paint and the reason they would use that, is because of the fast drying time. Acrylics are known for fast drying time and layering. You can in theory use the latex paint, but actually wouldn't that dry slower then regular acrylic paint? Its not wrong, but I have used latex acrylic paint, and its not the same buttery texture as Acrylics. Its very droopy, and watery more then the acrylic paints. For me personally, if your an artist, just go and experiement different things. You can just always make another painting.
emomagica (5 years ago)
+Hispanosuiza1 So I can get away with using water based acrylic household paint? I doubt they have colors like burnt umber but I would be interesting in buying a huge can of white paint.   
Hispanosuiza1 (5 years ago)
Most household paints have basically thev same characteristics of regular artist's acrylic paint, but it's much cheaper.. so yes, you can use regular water based house paint. Why acrylics?.. for one thing this people have to be quick, and acrylic dryes much faster than oil based colours, so you are able to apply more layers and overlaps in a shorter period of time... believe me, if the old masters have had acrylic based colours at hand, none of them would have used oils.
great great. thank you.
Jefferdaughter (5 years ago)
"...in portrait rather than landscape format." ! One would think that an artist, even a forger, would understand that 'portrait' and 'landscape' are subjects, not formats. Nor the orientation of a canvas. Just because some computer programer awhile back didn't know the words 'vertical' and 'horizontal', a whole generation has become confused? 'The purpose of language is to facilitate clarity in communication.' Or do we just grunt and wave our arms about?
Rhonda C (5 years ago)
carlottablanca (5 years ago)
Good job, everyone! How scary would that be? Trying to create something worthwhile while being filmed. Talk about stress. Art is not for sissies. And Wyatt is a really great teacher—he criticizes and encourages in a direct, kind way. I love all of his shows.
gaarasabure (5 years ago)
Lovely show. Thanks.
Jon Focker (5 years ago)
what an amazing idea for a show! so cool.
Robert Morris (5 years ago)
Hopper creates scenes for Tarantino to write the script, I think. I love the tension of shadow and light.
Robert Harrington (5 years ago)
Exactly. Early Sunday Morning, a painting I have copied in its origianl 60x36 format, is full of shadows that don't match.
BiologicalClock (5 years ago)
I wasn't aware about the composition or scale, so thanks so much for pointing that out! I didn't even think about it, but yeah, usually when I've seen people working on paintings, they're using much smaller canvases and studying larger pieces.
Slow Burn Studio (5 years ago)
They usually must also make it obviously different, such as changing scale or composition in some way. Usually scale is what's changed. I've seen this in places like the Louvre and other European museums - painters get special permission to "study" great artists' work.
BiologicalClock (5 years ago)
Artists are welcome to reproduce paintings, and in fact it's often an exercise used in art schools. Some museums allow painters to bring supplies inside so they can try and copy them by studying the original in person. As long as an artist is honest about the work being a copy and titles it accordingly (i.e. making sure to note the artist of the original), rather than trying to pass it off as the original, it's perfectly legal.
Arbiter (5 years ago)
25:13 What an egregiously IGNORANT fool this bloke is (!) In actual fact . . . most of Hopper's paintings have GOT errors of linear perspective . . . and it is precisely those errors that contribute to the characterstic Hopper effect.
Dagarvs (6 years ago)
..but if they try to pass off their recording as, say, a real led zep recording and sell/price it accordingly, that's fraud. artists remake paintings of the masters all the time, in their own style, as exercises-- they aren't jailed for it.
ObasStan (6 years ago)
Starting to love this show.
ILoveArt333 (6 years ago)
He reminds me of Chef Ramsay! they are both awesome awesome!! :)
mtb416 (6 years ago)
Funny how he does make the idea of prison time romantic, especially when we're routinely told that this romantic idea of prison is, um, romanticized. I suppose it depends on the crime and the mind.
Enrique Guillen (2 years ago)
its called taking the good and learning from the bad.
Indy Janssens (6 years ago)
In the music business, a band or artist's record label has to get permission from the record label of the original artist or the copyright holder to cover a song or pay royalties to the original artist.
mxkxylplk (6 years ago)
this is what i don't get....how come today's "musicians"--lmao-- are free to cover a song done by another musician from the 60s, 70s and 80s and can produce it and sell to the public, current film makers are also given that freedom to re-do a movie from years past and also sell to the public, yet artists are threatened with jail time if they "cover" a piece from a historical artist?....
grondak (6 years ago)
go forge yourself to economic freedom!
Li-Sa Choi (6 years ago)
Thank-you for posting Forger's Masterclass! Been looking for these for a few years too!
Dudi Santiago (6 years ago)
Thanks for posting this series, it is very pleasent to see a great artist as John Myatt sharing his knowledge in those masterclasses.

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