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800 Hour Sea Doo Review

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Review of my 2013 Seadoo wake 155. original owner, original engine.
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boandjill (4 days ago)
How do you find the time to ride that much in Canada where the riding season is more limited?
vwgoober (3 days ago)
Seems like a lot of people like to ride July-till labor day which I think is ridiculously short haha. I ride april/may till end of october, I just make the time to ride I guess.
Birdman (5 days ago)
How often are the super chargers supposed to be rebuilt?
vwgoober (3 days ago)
depends on the seadoo in question 100-200 hours or 2 years which ever comes first. The 2013's were 200 hours. The new 300 ACE engine charger is maintenance free.

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