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Sea-Doo RXP-X 260: T3 Hull

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www.sea-doo.com Discover the next generation of ultimate performance handling on a personal watercraft with the new T3 Hull. This bi level design allows for incredible wave penetration and tighter turning than any PWC like it before. The new hull design was cited by the NMMA and was awarded their annual Innovation Award for forward thinking.
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Врр 001 (13 days ago)
Sea doo GTX limited 💪 https://youtu.be/kQx0Vq_1k50 https://youtu.be/4ELDLWzPD_U https://youtu.be/aCy8vAOlsdg https://youtu.be/IcuNam_PraI Посмотри благодарю
Trevor Kennemer (4 years ago)
I have a 2012 GTI SE 130 and it still slides and spins just like your 2006 GTI. The RXP-X 260 is not meant for spins and sliding around, it is high performance machine designed for a more serious rider, where performance and handling is a must for what their intended use of the craft is for.
bajenman15 (5 years ago)
Stil likes my RXP-X -09 more.
Thomas Johnson 2020 (5 years ago)
I do not like Seadoo's that carve. I like to slide and spin which you can't do with this one. The hull on my 2006 Gti is such that you can do a fun 360 bottom spin after some practice. Meanwhile it is very good at normal turning. You will be thrown off this new machine if you try that. My wife has a newer Seadoo hull that carves and will not hardly slide. Not sure what to do when my 2006 gets too old....
John Riggs (6 years ago)
TotalLifeVictoryTV (7 years ago)
Awesome! Inspired all the more to own the RXP! Nothing compares!

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