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What is Your Zone?

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Everyone creates. And in the creations when all systems are go and you let go you go into the zone. How do YOU get to the zone? SEE MORE OF MEG'S ART @ http://artgirlsreality.com http://society6.com/meggraham https://www.etsy.com/shop/ArtGirlsREALITY
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Micah Buzan (4 years ago)
awesome! being in the zone is to be alive!
artgirlsreality (6 years ago)
cool. :D thanks!!!
Cynthia95ish (6 years ago)
I have to work the stop button a lot whenever I watch Meg's work.
artgirlsreality (6 years ago)
Thanks tagzee! I see you are in your zone!! :D
artgirlsreality (6 years ago)
@TheMinstrelSpirit :D HEY YOU. thanks!!!
artgirlsreality (6 years ago)
@createalifeyoulove :D
@artgirlsreality "Co-creator Chick" - I like that!
Daligoddess (6 years ago)
@artgirlsreality Yes it really is. Very coolsome!
artgirlsreality (6 years ago)
@Ottawarocket I have glass of the Zone Rob, pass it over would ya HUGGS. :D
artgirlsreality (6 years ago)
@daligoddess2006 YES forgettging time and space. It 's like we are transported to another world Kim!
artgirlsreality (6 years ago)
@Cameragirl803 YES when we allow the spirit to flow it ROCKS Janie.no worries. let go and let God girrrrl.. HUGGIES
artgirlsreality (6 years ago)
@hermitwalker I love the line...".I just disappear". I think that is what we do when create. We let go of ourselves and let that other dimension in. it's fun to let it flow in. Much LOVE and LIGHT Babe!
artgirlsreality (6 years ago)
@bowlingballout the best darlin. the best OX
artgirlsreality (6 years ago)
@carrolly2k feeling is where it is at!! hope you are good. I had a conversation about creating last night and thought I'd pull this out of the archives. much love and light. BIG HUG meg.
artgirlsreality (6 years ago)
@createalifeyoulove HEY co-creator chick!! thank YOU. the zone is the best place I know. I like the rush. much love and light.meg
The music makes it! Loved the video, thank you. For me, it's a timeless, peaceful place - and I'm never hungry!
Jim Carroll (6 years ago)
Great video Meg. Finding "the zone" for me is getting out of my head and allowing the senses to take over and feel!
bowlingballout (6 years ago)
It is indeed a great zone to be in. :)
Cameragirl803 (6 years ago)
It is like connecting with God:) Letting his intended blessings for us come through...Our own creativity, not holding back or worrying about this or that...but our soul zone...Very cool video Meggie! Gets us all thinking girl! Happy Sunday!!
Daligoddess (6 years ago)
When I am creating my art, I forget all space and time...until the phone rings or someone is knocking at the door and then I find myself agitated, because I have been pulled from my zone.
Ottawarocket (6 years ago)
Right on Meg you are in the ZONE bigtime : ) Rocket

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